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Cock Tales

Herve Handsome
High Octane  
, Terence Kiadas , Tim Brensen , Tyrone Hecco , Tyson Naphal , Tyler Savas , , Agustin Agar , August Habarcs , Daniel Paxton , , Galen Maganos , Gary Zabal , Jack Mecs , Justin Stewart
Euro-Muscle Guys

Cock Tales

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Tales of Rick Bauer, Fred Fele

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Reviewing gay porn and referencing for the reader appearances by porn idols in other flicks is tough enough when a star's name changes from one production company to another. Take for example, my all time favorite porn god. In his earliest films for Bel Ami, and again more recently in a film done for Sarava Productions, he is known as Max Orloff.

In a Studio 2000 release and a couple of films done for William Higgins, they call him Pavel Novotny. In the last film he did for Higgins, and in all of his U.S. Male productions, he is identified as Jan Dvorak. The truth is, no matter what handle they hang on him, his every on-screen appearance is a sure bet to make my mouth water. The man is simply head to toe perfection.

Herve Handsome has added a new layer of complexity to my task. He has identified different boys in different movies with the same name. For those of you who have read my Deep Probe review, try to keep the following notes clear in your mind as you proceed through this review of Cock Tales.

Agustin Agar Watch on High Octane or Watch VOD
Agustin Agar
The Tim Brensen of Deep Probe fame appears in this movie as Daniel Paxton. Probe's superbottom Justin Stewart is identified as Brensen in Cock Tales and somehow Daniel Paxton picked up Stewart's name in this production. Whew!! Come on Herve, give us a break.

The confusion about just who is who notwithstanding, there is no mistaking the incredible Rick Bauer. For those of you among his growing legions of fans, or if you simply get as juiced as I do watching muscleboys bottom aggressively, Cock Tales is absolutely a must see!

Showcased in Scenes 1, 3, and 5, Bauer does it all. Handsome's lens catches Bauer from virtually every conceivable angle. Scene 1 pairs him with newcomer Jack Mecs. After the standard oral action opens the scene, Mecs backdoors Bauer before laying back to enable Bauer to ride Mecs' big stick with a vengeance. The floor angle, when observed in slow motion, is sheer artistry.

Fred Fele, Aggressive Bottom

Super hot Fred Fele, coupled with August Habarcs in Scene 2, is becoming one of the hungriest bottoms in gay porn. With a mammoth prod that is not as consistently stiff as one might hope for, this guy is truly a beauty to behold.

In Cock Tales, Fele is not as ripped as he has become in Diamond Pictures' new release, Temptation of the Gypsies, or as eager as he was in his debut, when screwed by Dalton Labda in Handsome's production of Male Watch. Yet, in spite of Habarcs' baseball bat meat, Fele steals the scene.

Scene 3 is an orgy parfait featuring (with names as found in this flick's credits) Brensen and Stewart, along with Gary Zabal, Tyson Naphal, Terence Kiadas, Isadore Nadas, Tyler Savas, and Bauer. Too much going on here to tell. You'll have to see for yourself. Of particular note, Bauer's topman technique is observed in this scene.

Sporting a new eyebrow piercing in Scene 4, Galen Maganos is looking much less twinkish and much more grown up than he did in Deep Probe. Both he and Daniel Paxton uh, Brensen?... have huge, bent boners. This is the first time we've seen Paxton/Brensen top exclusively, and he absolutely puts it to Maganos.

Bauer returns to aggressive bottom mode in Scene 5, and shows no mercy to Tyrone Heccel and georgeous Agustin Agar, nor do they to him. Agar's mysterious appeal may have something to do with the understated way he seems to approach his roles. I keep waiting for him to cut loose and let it all hang out! Bauer's facial expressions and the artistic musculature of his spead-eagle, as yielded to Agar in this scene, is pure slow-mo material.

Although still waiting for him to inspire the kind of deepthroating and intense rimming that Borbely coaxes from a number of these same boys in his Diamond Pictures releases, Herve Handsome is an incredible procurer of the kinds of males we want to see in unabashed action. With a lens that is as much about pure art as it is about raw entertainment, each of Handsome's releases are anticipated with excitement. Cock Tales is a classic example of just why that is the case.

To each his own!

Cock Tales Photos:

Rick Bauer bottoms Watch on High Octane or Watch VOD
Agustin Agar and Tyrone Heccel surround Rick Bauer
The Orgy Parfait Watch on High Octane or Watch VOD
The Orgy Parfait

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