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Cock Tease

Chris Steele
Jet Set Men  
Aaron King , Andrew Justice , Brad Star , Brant Moore , , Cam Kurtz , , , , Ryan Thompson ,
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Cock Tease

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Brad Star and Sebatian Young like pussy, but love ass.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

With a nudge nudge and a wink wink director Chris Steele lays out a quintet of episodes exploring the frustrations experienced when straight guys act as cock teases. Sure, they know they are hot, and clearly get turned on because someone, even gay guys, want their bodies.

In Cock Tease, the film uses an interview documentary style, where Braxton Bond and the rest of the cast explain their frustrations. Then the straight guys, curious guys and gay guys all ultimately succumb to their urges and passions.

First up, blondie porn star Mason Wyler works diligently when co-worker Andrew Justice suddenly appears, teasing him by dry humping his ass. Wyler calls his bluff - "put up or shut up" he says. Wyler's bossy bottom attitude works! Justice soon pops his big, upturned cock out of his pants ready for service.

Brad Star teases Aaron King
Brad Star cock teases Aaron King
Mutual blowjobs leads to Justice sliding his cock into Wyler's inviting ass. Nothing beats watching a moaning blond boy bent over furnituire and getting reamed, which is probably why Wyler has become so popular in the past year.

After a smooch on the lips, Justice flips Wyler on his back. Holding the bottom's legs up in the air, Justice hammers him until he shoots a splashy multi-spurt load that covers the bottom's smooth torso.

Justice truly fucks Wyler's brains out here. Since they teased each other for so long, it looks like it was worth the wait.

Next, Aaron King finds Ryan Thompson undressing in the locker room. King brazenly convinces his friend to sniff each other's underwear, causing Thompson's big dick to stiffen. Thompson, who was last seen playing a prostitute renting evangelical minister in Oliver Twink, has buffed up a bit, and he's still an energetic top.

Derrick Vinyard interrupts their oral interaction. At the behest of Thompson, Vinyard tops the bent over King. Vinyard seems to lack the energy from his Falcon days, and we missed his non-stop "Vinyardisms" that streamed out of his mouth in in first porn movie Driver.

Thompson gets behind King for some sloppy seconds, putting on a good show that culminates with him shooting a hot wad all over himself.

In the next episode, Cam Kurtz and Brant Moore enjoy a hot one-on-one. A hung young bottom, Kurtz was hot morsel to watch in No Folks at Home from All Worlds.

Moore, just coming out of the sex initiation in Jet Set Fraternity Gangbang 2, catches Kurtz with a dildo, which he claims is for a "bachelor's party."

Who catches Cam Kurtz with a dildo? Whatever the reason is, who cares? Moore is soon holding Kurtz's ass cheeks apart, lathering his pink hole. Soon, Moore is driving his big shaft inside. The footage of Moore's heavy hanging balls slapping against the bottom's skin is one of the film's high points.

Moaning loudly, Kurtz cums all over himself while Moore tops him. Moore then fires his own money shot, adding to the heavy, sticky mess.

Sebastian Young and Brad Star Love Pussy

The film's three way is another high point. It contains two of the hottest "straight" commodities performing in gay porn right now: Brad Star and porn star Sebastian Young. Both guys announce to the camera at the beginning the thing the love the most, and that's pussy.

The returning Aaron King finds himself in bed with both guys, sleeping naked. Star may be asleep, but he's rock hard. King gets the ball rolling by sucking on it. Young eventually awakens, and plays along.

Their unspoken collusion leads to Star and Young taking turns on King's ass. Star plows him doggie style, and Young screws him missionary. In a hot finish, Star gets off looking at Young's moving backside. As Young has one of the hottest asses in the entire universe, who couldn't?

Young finishes one of his signature powerfucks out of breath and with sweat running down his face.

The films closes with Bond finishing his documentary commentary, who was filmed by Eric Blaine. What to do after whining about cock teases for ninety-minutes? Blaine decides to throw down the gauntlet, by sticking his cock in Bond's mouth.

Blaine is essentially a trade top here, letting Bond do almost all the work.

With Wyler and Kurtz, Jet Set seems to have found a good stable of hung, young bottom boys with long, uncut dicks. But all the Jet Set Men put in a good show here. The filmed dialogue setup is corny, but their hook-ups all do the trick. Straight guys may all be cock teases, but ultimately everyone is horny.

Perhaps this fable can be applied to all the guys who perform sex in front of the camera, safely out of reach from the aroused viewer? In reality, are not all the porn stars cock teases anyway? Nudge nudge. Wink wink. Say no more.

Cock Tease Photos:

Ryan Thompson, Aaron King, Derrick Vinyard
Ryan Thompson, Aaron King, Derrick Vinyard
Brad Star, Aaron King, Sebastian Young
Brad Star, Aaron King, Sebastian Young
Brad Star, Aaron King, Sebastian Young

Andrew Justice and Mason Wyler
Andrew Justice tops Mason Wyler
Andrew Justice tops Mason Wyler

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