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Class of 84, Part 1 The Boys of Venice

William Higgins
Laguna Pacific  
Derrick Stanton , Geoff Gordon , Greg Dale , Guido Barbata , Jeremy Scott , Justin Cox , Mike Harris , Shawn Victors , Steve Savage , Todd Price , Troy Richards
Pre-CondomTwinks, AmericanCamping / Scouts

Class of 84, Part 1 The Boys of Venice

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William Higgins Looks at the Class of '84

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Class of '84, Part 1 contains all the classic California boy-watcher traits that William Higgins built into his early movies. A lighthearted look at college life, the film opens with the camera tracking curly-haired Jeremy Scott walking around the UCLA campus.

The camera itself here is cruising, turning and staring at all the cute guys who happen by. This introduces the viewer to Scott, who Higgins aspired to build into another super-star like Kip Knoll.

Sex in the Dorm Showers

Scott gets to his dorm room, where he is caught off guard by his roommate's casual nudity en route to the showers. The shower room is where we are treated to the first sex scene, a menage with three brunet - Guido Barbata, Mike Harris and Justin Cox. The three guys soap, kiss, jack, suck, rim and screw, while Derrick Stanton (Brothers Should Do It) hovers on the sidelines watching.

The action works him up to fully hard, but he decides to hold off getting off. The shower threeway is a great opener. It uses several of Higgins' patents, including askew angles and the mirror undershot.

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Derrick Stanton sucks Jeremy Scott
Stanton returns to his room, carrying his erection from earlier with him. The unnerved Scott excuses himself to the gym. Sadly, there is no escape. He is confronted with two perspiring young wrestlers tussling on a mat, and quickly stripping down to their jocks, and ultimately into sexual action. Scott watches as the two go at it, and their money shots are captured by two cameras.

Our Iowa farmboy hero is turned on here, but doesn't get off either. The following scene is one people still talk about: the roommates jack-off silently in bunk beds (Stanton beneath Scott) while pretending to sleep, taking careful pain to not disturb the other. The next scene occurs some time later. They are now more comfortable with each other. The two are looking at a photo album which chronicles the past year. One snapshot triggers Scott to tell of a part-time job he had selling flowers on the street.

Troy Richards drives by offering to buy more than flowers. Scott agrees, and they have a hot scene where neither can completely swallow each other's large erection.

Greg Dale and Shawn Victors

The movie ends with a outdoor scene where Stanton and Scott go camping, and they observe Greg Dale topping Shawn Victors. The two stars couple together, and finish this part of Class of 84 with another set of copious, splashy money shots.

This movie is classic early William Higgins, and a worthy addition to the early 80's porn collection.

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