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Real & Raw Las Vegas

Gage Powers
Citi Boyz  
Blaine Prescott , , Brandon Baker , , Nathan Leon , Sabastian Nohart , Trae Spencer
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Real & Raw Las Vegas

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Citi Boyz Reality Porn

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Out of the CitiBoyz Fun Factory pops this fun two part reality show, Real & Raw Las Vegas, which follows the movie making schedule of six very cute models on a one week trip to Sin City. (Note: This is a two part, purchased seperately duet of DVDs... not a two disc set.) Perhaps the greatest strength of this film are the good looks of all performers. These nineteen and twenty year olds are all cute as buttons and seem eager to please.

Each of the two DVDs contain three solos, three action scenes plus lengthy interviews with the models, each model giving a sometimes rambling synopsis of their day's events. The combined total viewing time of both discs is about five hours. Many viewers will probably forward past the chit chat, however we found watching the guys endearing. Everyone shows enthusiasm in doing a good job, their youthful insouciance spilling out before the camera.

Part one, titled The First Days, shows everyone arriving and getting acquainted. In the second part, the models appear more relaxed, their on-screen personas are more developed and the overall DVD is more focused. Viewers who found part one boring should give the second DVD a try.

Blu Kennedy in Citi Boys Las VegasWatch on CitiBoyz or Watch VOD
Blu Thompson (Blu Kennedy)
tops Trae Spencer

Reel & Raw Las Vegas: The First Days

After introductions, and a lengthy trip down the Las Vegas strip, the movie begins naked activity with a solo from buoyant blond Brenden Michael. Michael looks a little older and cuter here then in Every Poolboy's Dream. He steps into a sudsy bathtub with his wonderful erection. CitiBoyz always does enticing boy solos and this one is no exception. He spills his teencum all over his stomach and hands.

The viewer is left eagerly awaiting seeing more of Michael's action scenes, which are in part two.

Meet Sebastian Nohart

Next is a solo for nineteen year old latino Sabastian Nohart, who is a hot little chulito. He stretches out on a pool table for some moments of self pleasure. His solo ends with him shooting a surprising amount of cum out of his petite body. Finally there is a solo from another arousing hispanic: Nathan Leon, a lanky, smooth skinned boy with a hot uncut dick. His money shot is also impressive.

The film's first action scene pairs Nohart with Dallas-based brunet Blaine Prescott. Prescott has a big dick, and he gives it to Nohart good. The lithe latino has no problem taking it up his ass in several positions. This first action scene of the movie begins one hour and twenty five minutes into the DVD, so as mentioned earlier, be prepared to expect a full round of interviews, clowning around and solos first.

These two twinks are hot to watch. Nohart's uncut cock gets really big and red when he shoots his cum onto Prescott's face.

The DVDs hottest scene appears next: redhead Blu Thompson (aka Blu Kennedy) and blondboy Trae Spencer stroll through the Paladin Video store in Vegas when they suddenly turn frisky. On his knees, Spencer gives an enthusiastic blowjob to Thompson's hefty, thick dick.

Spencer also has a large cock. These two big dicked twinks turn their attention to anal. In a high moment, Thompson slams Spencer's ass bent over doggie style, in and amongst the racks of video merchandise. To finish, Spencer rains his spooge down over the redhead, causing him to blow his own load.

The movie finishes with Nathan Leon getting his ass drilled by Dallasite Blaine Prescott. (apparently there really are a few tops in Dallas). They rut like puppies in heat, grunting and breathing heavy. Leon's cock drips pre-cum when Prescott screws him. This arousing finale ends with Prescott firing arcs of hot seed over onto Leon's cock and belly, causing him to shoot his own in rapid succession.

Porn Star Sabastian Nohart Watch on CitiBoyz or Watch VOD
Porn Star Sabastian Nohart

Reel & Raw Las Vegas: The Final Days

The second part begins with the cast discussing life on the third day of their big adventure. Afterwards, redhead Blu Thompson goes to the kitchen, where after eating some ice cream, he produces the biggest penis of the entire cast. Crowned by bright red public hair, he plays with himself atop the kitchen counter, waving it all around.

He finishes with a splattery money shot that glistens as it runs down all over his hands.

Next up is a fiery humping of Trae Spencer in the back of an SUV. His partner is the grinning Brenden Michael. Michael is an energetic fireplug, and watching him give it to Spencer is very hot. They try to leave everything cum coated by the time they exit.

After this the film directly cuts to hispanics Leon and Nohart making out on the couch. After a round of dicksucking, Nohart gets screwed on his side. They continue their hot boysex with the bottom getting Leon's thick penga on his fours. After getting his own hairless hole drilled, Nohart fires out his own gusher.

After this, it is Spencer's turn to solo. He plops down on a couch to watch a video. Gripping his big dick, he pulls on it, with the other hand playing with his nipple. The final solo has Blaine Prescott finding a quiet moment on the stairs so that he can enjoy his own personal time. His dick is memorable, as is his money shot, which shoots up his torso, running back down in big drops.

Next, Michael and Thompson play some pool. They quickly adjourn to the couch to enjoy a fun game of hide the salami. Michael blows Thompson's impressive cock before plugging the redhead from underneath. Both models are hot to watch, and hopefully will go on to appear in more films. The movie industry can always use more spunky blonds and hung redheads.

All good things must come to an end, as does this Las Vegas visit. At the end of the DVD there is a cast party where everyone gets presents, and we wish our heros au revoir at the airport.

Citiboyz Real & Raw Las Vegas is a very entertaining "reality show" style production with a hot set of twink models and very good sex. The additonal interviews and sideshows may bore the viewer, but in that case just forward to the next clip. After watching, at least of the models will grow on you.

You can watch both movies right now online. Members of BoyzParty can watch this as well as other Citi Boyz flicks as much as often as the like. Visit BOYZ PARTY

Real & Raw Las Vegas Photos:

Blaine Prescott fucks Nathan Leon Watch on CitiBoyz or Watch VOD
Blaine Prescott tops Nathan Leon
Blaine Prescott fucks Sebastian Nohart Watch on CitiBoyz or Watch VOD
Blaine Prescott tops Sabastian Nohart

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