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Christian 24 Cocks in 24 Hours

Max Sohl
Treasure Island Media  
Alex Martin , Brandon Aquilar , Christian , CumDumper , Devin Sawyer , Eddie Lopez , , Jay Scorpio , Justin , Ken Daniels , Kevin Slater , Kurt Wood , Ligee , Luke Thomas , Miles Johnson , Panther Mitchell , Peter , Rippedstudx , Ryan Foxx , , Wylie Todd , Zachary Backwell
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Christian 24 Cocks in 24 Hours

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Christian's Real Time 24 Hour Bareback Thriller

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Well it's nice to get a product that lives up to the claims on the packaging. Christian 24 Cocks In 24 Hours is exactly that. Rather than being an edit of various days of filming, this Treasure Island Media release was literally filmed within a 24 hour period at the beginning of October 2008, quite literally put together from one extra slutty day in the life of its cover star. There's even a little joke Jack Bauer fans will appreciate at the start.

For those who don't know of Treasure Island's Christian, you may well have been living in a cock pump. He's a TIM exclusive model, and he's a total bottom slut. (Fearless) Did we mention he's got the most beautiful fuckable ass? Ok, introductions over. As for Christian 24 Cocks In 24 Hours, I exists due to a rivalry Christian had with fellow TIM stable whore Dawson, whose 20 Load Weekend prompted the competitive Christian to want to better him in a shorter space of time. Ah, these warmongering bottoms!

The movie is structured around Christian's religious name, with each segment split up as we follow Christian from one step of his spiritual journey to the next, as he tallies up his loads for the good lord.


Christian's baptism into his 24 hour "hole-y" ritual begins with Kevin Slater (Plantin Seed 2) indoctrinating Christian's spread wide, up-ended ass. Slater's saliva substitutes for holy water as he gets deep into Christian's as-yet-unfucked hole, before sliding the first of many uncovered (hung) raw erections into his hungry slutboy orifice. Turning him over for some deep and unforgiving doggie-sex, Christian grins with dirty pig-lust. There's ass to mouth, noisy sloppy rear-rammery, and an extra hot moment when Christian is upended, his ass pointing towards the sky as buzz-cut Slater sticks it home to him with some cock-swelling choreography. Slater drips his jizz on Christian's hole, still open in this up-position and Slater uses his big cock to make sure the boy's insides are slick and wet.

Christian 24 Cocks in 24 HoursWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Christian competes for the record

Moving swiftly from the hot one-on-one opener, Christian finds himself the center of attraction in a sex club with six other hot guys all vying for his ass. Christian is already filled up with the load from some hot young black stud, swifty replaced by another meaty - goateed stud Ligee (Leatherpunks), before the handsome dark mammoth cock of Jay Scorpio works him open even wider while Ligee fills his oral cavity. Ligee plugs his ass again for an extra hot and memorable spunk shot (Christian has a messy nasty cumhole after this dicking). Wanting some of that juicy ass, Blatino Eddie Lopez climbs on board for some sensual soul fucking. Through all this action a couple of unnamed guys watch as the fun unfolds, jerking at their cocks. A hot scene, and not to be missed by any spunked-up ass lovers.


Fans of kinky toy play receive a nod next as Christian is taken to a sex den, with top Latino hunk Tony Serrano providing the nasty pleasures. SX Video fans will know Serrano's work quite well (Bodybuilders Bareback) but this appearance marks Serrano's first in a Treasure Island Media movie.

Serrano is verbal, forcing Christian to deep throat his ample prick, before greasing him up for a huge, you guessed it, CRUCIFIX shaped dildo. Those easily offended may want to leave the room now. But the nasty fucker that is our cover star takes it all with a sly little smile, and as we now know, he NEVER leaves the room. Serrano uses a variety of toys, including a tongue shaped piece of latex that makes for some interesting ass work, a metal probe and a HUGE AS FUCK dildo.


Of course Serrano has a huge erection having played with Christian with all those toys, and in the next scene break, he just can't resist sliding his raw cock in there either and now he now owns him with his prick, shooting a nice internal load that dribbles out from the sheer passion of the fuck. Serrano laps at Christian's hole, a contented owner of that res-erected ass. It's a hot tasty fuck, especially knowing what that lad has just endured.


And where do you go to confession should you be so inclined? To a booth of course, and this is where Christian bumps into the hung hottie that is Kurt Wood, last seen pounding away at that youthful Taylor Means in Fuck Holes 2. Well, it's more of a toilet than a sex booth, but it has that same sleazy feeling to it as Christian gets down on his knees and pulls out Wood's massive cut well, wood. God knows how Christian gets it all down his throat. But he does, and he's soon bent over the shitter filled to the guts with Wood's bare erection. Wood pounds away at his ass, grabbing him at the waist and jackrabbiting till he's ready to shoot, pulling out his cock ringed razzer to shower Christian with man-spit, and then shoving it back inside his well-jizzed butthole.

Gang Bang Buggary at Its Best

The next scene, Eucharist, has all the elements of classic Treasure Island Media gang-buggery. Sleazy pierced tops, a hotel room setting, and a hungry-for-cum piggy bottom. Within seconds of joining the action Christian has had two or three cocks in his mouth, and is already getting the one in his butt replaced by handsome top man Brandon Aquilar. A roomful of hunky varied guys wank on and as he pulls out and covers Christian's ass with cock spew. Re-entry and felching ensues.

Next it's a hot sloppy fuck from a semi-anonymous guy named Peter, before the bullet cock-headed mustachioed Dimitri Santiago takes the reigns. Santiago played a hot top in several New York City filmed movies a few years ago, more notably the very cute spoof Wet Dreamz of Genie. It's very hot to see him now doing bareback.

Santiago rams Christian from this way to the end of the earth and back. "You like Puerto Rican dick?" he asks as he drops his load inside him. This is followed up by a nameless white preppy guy with a huge cock, who upon cumming in Christian uses his fingers to squeeze some of his juice back out, as if to accentuate just how fucking slutty this man-whore is...

An extremely hot and sadly nameless well pierced and inked top daddy gets on board next, taking Christian to new depths of sloppiness, followed by the built lustful Ryan Foxx and with a few nameless guys in between, a white side burned dude named Justin, who wears a "nasty pig" jockstrap, living up to his name by spunking half inside and half out with a noisy climax.

Christian remounts Santiago from above, getting a double dose of dick from bearded skinny bear Ken Daniels who works his way inside Christian's soaked sluthole, double fucking to delight. While the studly Santiago works the scene (and Christians sorry ass) there's also Devyn Sawyer and Carl Filmore (who does) to add further to the ever increasing loads. This scene alone is worthy of a TIM release. Christian goes from a measly seven loads to something like fifteen by the time this scene fades to black. If your cock hasn't shot at least three times by now you need medical help.

Holy Order

The holy order makes a gentle(ish) break from the crazy gang bang of the last scene. In a darkly lit parking garage, an anxious (is that guilt catching up with you?) Christian is accosted by tops Luke Thomas (UK Beef Bangers) and Alex Martin. Thomas has a huge pierced cock, and he stands like a king, towering above with his Mohawk as the demeaned Christian sucks from down below.

Bent over some tires, he gives up his well used entrance for some raw cum. Load 18 is Alex Martin, who comes upon the boys, and comes on Christian's ass before even fucking him. But fuck him he does, and the lads have their way with him till Christian is as oily and slick as the asphalt they mated on.

Tony Serrano peers downWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Tony Serrano peers down

The Breeding Gang Bang Finale

The finale is named the Last Supper, and while there aren't quite 12 guys to give him his cum-uppance, there are 5 or 6 hung black guys to put him through his final paces. But who is feasting on who?

More Treasure Island Media gold here, and fans of chocolate cock will love the fact that EVERY top is a black dude. So, just to add to the mix, director Sohl has included another cocksucking white - the very hot stubbly blonde James Roscoe - to provide some additional suck fun just to make sure the guys are satisfied while not working Christian's hole.

Christian's ass is a hairless pucker just inches away from the camera as he sucks off some nameless black stud. Then, the onslaught begins. Taking the reigns on the ass first are the bearded hugely hung stud Wylie Todd, who provides load 19, followed closely by the ever hot thug god Rippedstudx (Sperm Bank). Panther Mitchell mounts up next, before some more trade outs until Cumdumper takes his well defined black ripple muscles to the table and fucks the life out of our queero.

The black dudes trade off back and forth and neither of Christian's openings are left alone for more than a few seconds. When the black quotient have cum and pretty much evaporated into thin air, white boy Roscoe has a go, giving Christian his 23rd load. He says his going to hurt his ass, and he doesn't fail, providing the penultimate spunk in a very hungry ass.

But the Kudos go to Miles Johnson, who steps out from a concealed corner, and who empties the final twenty-fourth nut into Christian. Johnson is a hot young stallion of a man; head wrapped tightly in a hot do rag, ready to fuck the world.

Roscoe watches as Johnson dumps the stickiest and thickest of loads up Christian, fucking it back in side (of course ) and leaving the two bottoms to wrestle in happiness at Christian's completed journey. He makes it. And so will you have done, multiple times, by the time this movie is over. Cleanup time (again).

Christian DVD Extras

Not hard to believe the always packed Treasure Island disc is not over yet. There's a friggin' hot bonus scene where Christian is taken back to a sex den, but this time with Ligee, Eddie Lopez and Jay Scorpio. Next there's a packed 15 minutes of cumshots from the movie. And if your cock is not red raw enough by then, there's even some hardcore promos to boot.

Congratulations, Christian, you have ascended.

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Christian 24 Cocks in 24 Hours Photos:

Dimitri Santiago, Christian, Brandon AquilarWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Dimitri Santiago, Christian, Brandon Aquilar
Christian 24 Cocks in 24 HoursWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Christian 24 Cocks in 24 HoursWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD

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