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Csaba Borbely
Pacific Sun Entertainment  
Brian Wels , Dean Edwards , Fabrice Felder , Fernando Nielsen , Fred Goldsmith , Giuseppe Piccoli , Jack Laurel , Ray Phillips , , Rick Perry , Sergio Foster
Euro-Muscle GuysKink / Sextoys


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Jack Laurel and Fabrice Felder confront counterfeiters

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

I am unapologetically not a plot guy. I tend to fast forward to the EBFSGNC (read Eat-Bite-Fuck-Suck-Gobble-Nibble-Chew) sequences. Its sweaty men preoccupied with other sweaty men that Im after. Those of you familiar with my reviews will surely agree. Im no plot guy. Gimme plenty of heated EBFSGNC stuff.

So it matters little to me that in Chiseled, the concluding flick in Csaba Borbelys Greek Isle trilogy, the master director wastes considerable time, energy and money setting up the plot. From what little I saw of the silliness, apparently great looking guys are prepared to spend BIG BUCKS to purchase from other great looking guys artifacts made of plaster of paris or plastic, held aloft on contemporary marble bases by brassy metal pieces.

Okay if the intent is to ingratiateto charm the boys to the extent that they will roll over, buns skyward, and spread em for a thorough drilling, why not just pay the boys the cash directly?

Brians Wels and Sergio FosterWatch VOD
Brian Wells & Sergio Foster

The Greek Island Trilogy
That Borbely can afford to let his camera so indulge his story-telling whims can only be construed as a testament to two things:
  1. What his productions lack in plot is more than offset by his imaginative use of gorgeous Euromuscle gods in the throws of steamy sexuality; and, as such
  2. The man is no doubt making $$$ by the boatload!

Borbely pitches some surprises in Chiseled. While returning to the island of Santorini to conclude the trilogy, he deemphasizes the use of toy play so prominently on display in the first two films, Santorini Heatwave and Island Daze. And theres only one orgasm per actor per scene, rather than the triple blows seen in the first two. No matter the anticipation he builds along the way is certainly worth the wait! And he gives us a fifth scene to boot!

Scene 1 throws the entire cast at us for a smorgasbord of oral and anal activity. In varying combinations, we see dark, swarthy-eyed, horse-hung tops like Rick Perry and Fabrice Felder enjoy the company of beautiful, buff bottoms like Jack Laurel and Rick Bauer (two of my personal favorites). Big-thighed, tight-assed muscle bottoms like Leslie Nielsen, Brian Wels and Fred Goldsmith take on the likes of ripped tops Ray Phillips, Guiseppi Piccoli and Sergio Foster.

Studly Dean Edwards is also featured along with his partner from Island Daze, the sweet Jim Danielson, who is mysteriously omitted from this productions credits. The omission may be intentional because, unlike the other actors who are seen in subsequent scenes, this first scene is Danielsons only appearance.

The EBFSGNG observed in Scene 2 is nothing short of Borbely at his very best. The first glimpse is of lovely Laurel atop bombshell Bauer, cleaning out Bauers asshole a la rim while Bauer completes the 69 segment sucking Laurels sweet meat. The camera pans back to display Felder working Perrys big stick with tongue and fist.

The scene then moves into what I call a carnival sequence. A carnival sequence is when one hunk squats squarely on the face of another hunk who uses the occasion to try and guess his weight! Borbely is brilliant here. Laurel is gobbling a standing Felders meat while Bauer goes down on Laurel, and as Perry tries to guess Laurels weight. Whoa!

Scene 3 serves up the incredible duo of would be Hungarian Olympic wrestler Sergio Foster (details found in the Island Daze review> and Brian Wels. These boyz clearly like each other, and the 69 segment is particularly noteworthy.

The Chiseled Fred Goldsmith

Scene 4 is too hot to handle. Although twinkish in his Sunstroke debut for Borbely, Ray Phillips has undeniably worked hard to pack pounds of muscle on his otherwise ectomorphic frame. He forcibly throws his weight around while topping Super Bottom Fred Goldsmith oh, he of the bubble butt, massive thighs and hungry bunghole.

Although only half his size, Dean Edwards screws the shit out of musclebound Fernando Nielsen in Scene 5. I got chills watching Edwards suck off Nielsen while thrusting a finger into Nielsen for a vigorous prostate massage.

Im not sure what the story is behind Giuseppi Piccoli. Piccoli, a real mans man, appears in both the first and last films of the trilogy, found here in Scene 5 aside Nielsen and Phillips. But as was the case in Santorini Heatwave, Piccoli doesnt seem to interact much with other actors and is relegated to a jack-off role. Maybe Borbely is breaking him in slowly.

For those of you who are men after my own heart yeah, the zoom and slow-motion freaks, the last four Scenes of Chiseled have far too many spots worthy of such manipulation to attempt a thorough delineation. However, the floor camera angles in Scenes 2 and 4 as Laurel rides Perry and Goldsmith rides Phillips, respectively, simply cannot be overlooked. See for yourself!

To each his own!

Chiseled Photos:

Dean Edwards tops Fernando NielsenWatch VOD
Dean Edwards tops Fernando Nielsen
Rick Perry sucks dickWatch VOD
Rick Perry chows down

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