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Casting Couch (Brad Patton)

Roland Dane
Olympus Studio  
Brad Patton , Brian Hansen , Jose Ganetti , , , Mickey , Rod Stevens , Roland Dane , Zoltan Gondor
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Casting Couch (Brad Patton)

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Brad Patton films a soap opera

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

A wide angle shot shows Roland Dane leisurely walking up from the sea, his bronzed, Olympian body shimmering under the warm sun. Is he Daniel Craig from Casino Royale? Or Ursula Andress from Doctor No?

This is Roland Dane, the gay film director who in this movie plays the role of a gay adult film director. Casting Couch tells a complete story about the filming of a Hungarian soap opera, which hires a controversial American star as its lead, "Jake Farmer," nicely played by Brad Patton.

The show's producer is Brian Hansen, the Buckshot Man who clearly dominates the entire movie with his quiet, strong sexuality. Hanson, who just came away from the box cover of Manly Heat: Quenched, really takes the lead for this film.

Two of the Hungarian models who shine in the film, breaking out of the usual quick and dirty roles assigned to them by European studios are the Latin stallion Jose Ganetti and the lean, tattooed Mickey, better known as Marco Campbell.

The film's first sexual scene begins with four of the soup's writers celebrating the completion of their work with a hot fourgy. Campbell's writing team includes Hungarian mega-tops Julian Vincenzo and Lucio Maverick, as well as mega muscle-bottom Rod Stevens.

Now, Vincenzo as a free-lance writer? Who would have thunk?

He and Maverick begins with some very intense smooching and dick sucking. After that, all three stick their tongue into Stevens' hairy hole, and Vincenzo is the first to screw it, doing so in his trademark rapid fire style.

After the guys all get a piece of Stevens, things move to some really hot visuals. At one point, Campbell sits atop Stevens, who sits atop Maverick. They enjoy some well coordinated sliding and riding.

Roland Dane in Casting Couch Watch on COLT
Roland Dane
Marco Campbell in Casting Couch Watch on COLT
Marco Campbell bottoms
Watching Campbell bottom on-screen, a never before seen treat, is very hot. (Campbell and other models appear in this year's excellent Knockout, too.) His versatility in this and the subsequent scene are one of Casting Couch's high points.

The episode ends with Campbell spread wide curled up against his back. All three guys plow him, and pull out, dilating his freshly rammed hole for the camera.

Brian Hanson's Press Conference

After this, series producer Hansen holds a press conference on the subject of their controversial new star for the soap opera. Hanson adjourns the event, sending everyone to the adjacent room for tea and cookies. Meanwhile, Hansen and writer Campbell move to disspell any bad press from journalist Jose Ganetti by pulling him into a hot three-way.

On his knees, the Hungarians stuff Hansen's face with their cocks. And in a surprise move, Ganetti bends over for the now naked Hansen, who slides his thick cock deep inside. The Australian throws him a fantastic fuck. After this, Campbell rides Ganetti.

The high point here features an impressive double penetration of Hansen, which may be his on-screen first. In any case, the great chemistry between all three guys turn this scene into one wild ride. To finish, they produce hot money shots.

After this, Patton appears in a grand entrance, followed by the successful filming of their first episode. After the wrap, Ganetti interviews Patton along with co star Zontan Gondor, a veteran model Hungarian movie know all know as Jack Laurel.

Roland Dane tops Brian Hansen Watch on COLT or Naked Sword
Roland Dane splits Brian Hansen
Patton's cock is big and hard. He buries it nicely up Laurel's bum. Ganetti looks fabulous as well. Unfortunately, Laurel turns in the least enthusiastic performance of the entire cast. We've not seen him in several years, so who knows who he came on board for this project. His body looks pretty good, but he's quite the passive bottom.

After both work Laurel's hole, sparks fly when Patton splits Ganetti up the middle with his fat stick. Ganetti also covers the black leather couch in a pool of white jizz.

Roland Dane returns Brian Hanson's compliment

Despite the dragging of the third scene, everything is redeemed for the final sexual episode. In his sunny office, Hansen congratulates Dane on the successful conclusion of their soap opera project. Dane returns the compliment by getting into his boss' pants.

We've not seen Dane perform on-screen in several years. Naked and hard, he unleashes years of pent-up energy on Hansen's hole. Dane spends a good amount of time licking it, fingering it and prying it apart. Dane fucks like an enthusiastic rabbit, giving to him in several hot positions.

Their riveting one-on-one also not only features ample amounts of Hansen bottoming, but the guys sixty-nining as well. Congratulations to Dane for really throwing himself into this ending scene, and to Hansen who matches the top point for point.

Overall, Casting Couch is Hansen's movie, clearly one of the sexiest performers in the industry. A real Buckshot Man, he is one of the reasons anything from the COLT Studio Group is always dynamite.

It's nice seeing American countries mining the rich vein of talent over in Central Europe. Michael Lucas' Cruising Budapest series successfully accomplishes this as well. It is interesting to watch the center of gravity in gay adult films moving across the world.

Casting Couch (Brad Patton) Photos:

Jose Ganetti tops Brian Hansen Watch on COLT
Jose Ganetti tops Brian Hansen
Marco Campbell standing left
Brian Hansen rides Roland Dane Watch on COLT
Brian Hansen rides Roland Dane
Brad Patton tops Jose Ganetti Watch on COLT or Naked Sword
Brad Patton inside Jose Ganetti, Zoltan Gondor (right)

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