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Caribbean Beat

Kristen Bjorn
Kristen Bjorn (Sarava Productions)  
Arturo Ramirez , Carlos Luis Mendez , Enrique Rodriguez , Flavio Ortiz , Franco Baptista , Jorge Reyes , Jose Carrera , Luis Carlos Mendez , Pedro Contreras , Rafael Sanchez , Ramon Garcia
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Caribbean Beat

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Kristen Bjorn's Presents Some Bananas

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

First, Bjorn immortalized the boys of Brazil in Carnival in Rio, then he moved his focus to the men of the Dominican Republic. The 1990 film Caribbean Beat will not disappoint Bjorn fans.

The movie's performers, sexplay and camerawork are all working at full strength.

His personal style is clearly apparent here. The bevy of bronze beauties are not found anywhere else. He also coxes out of these men the infamous no-handed money shots out of the indefatigable, uncircumcised performers.

Bjorn, who first started as a photographer, clearly shows that influence here. The movies have no characters or plot, just sexual animals that appear and move throughout. From this the film takes its shape.

Kristen Bjorns Caribbean Beat
Composed of five episodes, all but one if named after a major crop of the Dominican Republic.

The first scene, Coffee, features two natives (Arturo Ramirez and Jorge Rayes), who rest after a day of backbreaking work harvesting coffee beans. The two swim naked in a beautiful mountain stream. These two are hung, versatile and multi-orgasmic.

Bananas features a lengthy three-way played out by baby-faced bottom Estaban Perez. He is joined by a pair of amazing black bodybuilders, Luis Carlos Mendez and Carlos Luis Mendez, who happen to be identical twins.

The child-like innocence of the scene makes it even hotter. There is kissing, sucking, screwing and a torrent of money shots.

The Well also captures a three-way.

Cocoa stars a quarter of workers in the forest. Bjorn's camerawork easily moves to and fro, intimately capturing the extensive rimming and topping action.

Sugar Cane is the movie's only indoor scene. On the more traditional ground, it is still one of the movie's hottest. Enrique Rodriguez and Jose Carrera are sexually versatile, topping and bottoming with equal verve. Both produce Bjorn-famous non-hands orgasms.

Not as widely seen as his more recent films, Caribbean Beat began a remarkable set of films featuring the men of the Dominican Republic.

Kristen Bjorn's new relaunched website,, now offers rotating movie scenes to members, as well as discounted DVDs and new web videos. It's very nice. Fans can also download the movie and watch it on demand.

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The Mendez twins in Caribbean Beat
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The Mendez Twins and Estaban Perez

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