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Card Tricks

Derek Kent
Studio 2000  
, Brad Benton , Brad Slater , Chad Farrell , Franco Santoro , , Jake Havoc , Jason Ridge

Card Tricks

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Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Director, Derek Kent, assembles an all star cast for the film Card Tricks, whose scenes work nicely in part because of complementary talent. Kent's casting of models like Jacob Ridge and the now retired Jacob Slader to excellent use.

Newly minted Studio 2000 stars Franco Santoro (Flesh) and Jake Havoc (Lust Resort) plan to liven up an evening card game by setting up one of their sexually boring friends with a paid escort. As the game progresses and the escort never shows, each guy accounts a sexual conquest that they wish to share. The arguable highight is Santoro revealing his scene with the punkish tattooed Jacob Slader.

Ridge, who wears a hot buzz haircut for the film, remembers a hotel room encounter when Brad Slater (In the Jeans) attempts to enter the wrong room. Ridge, wearing Calvin Klein briefs that accentuate the bulkiness of his tool, invites Slater into his room.

Their heavy petting and kissing session seems to overwhelms Slater. The dirty-minded latino pulls out Ridge's rigid tool. Both Ridge and Slater demonstrate mastery of oral manipulation that develops into all possible positions imaginable. Ridge lubricates Slater with a tongue lashing prepping him with deep penetrations in missionary fashion. The action continues doggy style as Ridge pounds Slater into ecstatic submission. To finish off the scene, Ridge side-straddles later until he shoots his load.

Jacob Slader and Franco SantoroWatch Now
Jacob Slader tops
Franco Santoro
Bartender Franco Santoro closes the bar, unwittingly locking the doors with Jacob Slater inside. Katy, bar the door!

J. Slater sneaks up and bumps his crotch into Santoro's ass. Slater immediately signals to Santoro who is the happy go lucky dominent type. After a short make out session Santoro lowers to his knees and helps Slater remove his jeans. Slater with his beautifully toned and punkishly tattooed body receives mastery manipulation by Santoro's mouth.

Although Slater shows his own expertise while blowing Santoro's uncut dick the viewer never forgets the master of this show. Kent's camera angles highlight the beauty of Slater's body art, filming from above as he blows Santoro then from behind while enthusiastically rimming him. Slater penetrates Santoro as he lies on a bale of hay. Then he flips Santoro over and plows him doggy style. Slater once more flips Santoro and continues to penetrate in an aggressive fashion that accentuates Santoro's bottom prowess. After both models climax Slater closes the scene by double fisting Santoro's chest.

Jake Havoc's Successful Manhunt

Next, Jake Havoc unveils his encounter with an online hook-up. The story retells the old adage to not judge a book by its cover. Havoc's bottom persona fools the viewer up to the point of where his topman skills burst out. And Williams is the kind of bottom who can draw just about anything out of his partner.

It begins with Havoc in bed as Bobby Williams starts to orally tease. A little foreplay goes a long way, but the actual meat of the scene is in the penetration. Williams rides Havoc, having little problem saddling that pony. Williams' sweaty brow shows that he makes it look easy and yet he rides it good.

Williams' hungry appetite keeps Havoc feeding him the meat. Havoc, to complete the climax, reverses roles sits atop Williams and oozes the juices from his heavy balls all over his oversized penis. Aaarghh!!!

For the final scene, Chad Farrell's escort date finally appears. The lucky match: Brad Benton.

The co-conspirators excuse themselves quickly as Farrell's face fills with fright. Benton takes Farrell to the living room couch, turning their duet into a romantic setting with a lot of petting and caressing. Surprises abound as Farrell leads into a top position. Benton plays his role exquisitely. Enjoy the double take as the camera pans out and catches a mirror view of the ensuing action. Both Farrell and Benton unload their signature heavy juice money shots.

Nobody can tell a good story like Studio 2000.

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Card Tricks Photos:

Bobby Williams and Jake HavocWatch Now
Bobby Williams rides Jake Havoc
Jason Ridge fucks Brad SlaterWatch Now
Jason Ridge behind Brad Slater

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