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The Caracas Adventure

Kristen Bjorn
Sarava Productions (Kristen Bjorn)
Sylvio Ferreira, Gaspar Moreno, Roberto Machado, Valerio Fernandes, Reinaldo Medeiros, Fernando Leite, Claudio Marino, Alfonso Ribeiro, Felipe Santos, Airton Silveira, Glaucio Costa

Sylvio Ferreira leaves to country to see the big city.

Latinos Brazilians

The Caracas Adventure

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Sylvio Ferreira's Caracas Adventure

A classic story about city boy meets country boy, The Caracas Adventure starts with a young man (played by Sylvio Ferreira of Mystery Men) decides to leave his lover (Gaspar Moreno) as well as their great home on the Amazon River for a visit to the big city of Caracas, Venezuela.

Ferreira hikes up the road while recalling the lovemaking between him and Morano. Naturally, Ferriera plays the eager bottom in the relationship, and Bjorn expertly captures their intense action together. An enthralling bottom, it is easy to see why Bjorn cast Ferriera so prominently in several movies.

On the highway, Ferreira is teased by two young guys as the drive by in a truck (Valero Fernandes and Roberto Machado) After their taunting, they grow bored, with nothing to do so they make passionate love with each other. Their fucking is highlighted with multiple money shots and passionate photography. Once in Caracas, Ferreira is robbed of all of his possessions by two masked men.

Fortunately he is rescued from his situation by Claudio Marino, who invited him home. They arrive at a luxurious apartment where Reinaldo Medeiras and Fernando Leite (Jungle Heat) are present making love. This starts a first-rate four-way that fires with latin love and multiple money shots.

All four entwine in outstanding oral and anal action.

Arrested by Alfonzo Ribeiro

The fourth episode returns to the two thieves, who are arrested by two policemen, Alfonzo Ribeiro and Airton Silveira. During their action, the thieves turn the tables on the cops both orally and anally.

In the fifth episode, Ferreira returns to the jungle, where Gaspar Moreno waits, and they re-consummate their passions for each other. Once again, Ferreira stays on bottom.

This film appeared after Bjorn's Mystery Men, and it includes many of the same models. Many viewers will be happy to get a second opportunity to see these models.

Not as intense or inspired as Mystery Men, The Caracas Adventure stands on its own with intense action, glorious photography and a sexually potent cast.

Kristen Bjorn's new relaunched website,, now offers rotating movie scenes to members, as well as discounted DVDs and new web videos. It's very nice. Fans can also download the movie and watch it on demand.

Sylvio Ferreira in Caracas Adventure
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Fernando Leite, Sylvio Ferreira, Claudio Marino and Reinaldo Medeiros
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