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Candy Ass Bareback 3

Keith Miller
Helix Studios   HS31
Alex , Alex Dade , Brad Coleman , Dillon Samuels , Grant Alexander , Jessie Ryder , Jon , Kaler Biggs , Myles Turner , Seth Matthews
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Candy Ass Bareback 3

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Fortune Smile on Dillon Samuels

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Well - It seems fortune smiles upon us sweet-toothed fans every two years, thanks, that is, to Keith Miller and his ultra-tasty twink series Candy Ass Bareback which first pop-rocked the back of our deep throats in 2004, and then returned with saccharine vengeance in '06. Well, amazingly two more years have again passed, and here is the king of confectionary once again serving up a compendium of bite-sized boys whose Candy Ass cocks and smooth sugary butts make up for any fillings that might be needed later. Scene Four of Candy Ass Bareback 3 is a masterpiece in itself, and well worthy of Miller's Wonka-sized line of delights.

The first fresh faced newbies gracing our screens are Jon and Alex. Jon has a bleached blond curly mane of hair, and he kisses his handsomely boy-pal Alex with craven passion. Shaggy brunette Alex writhes underneath his friend, doing his best to undo a thick studded post-punk belt that holds up his lustful friend's blue jeans which contain a smooth tightly fitting pair of black briefs and the all important tasty prizes held within.

But Jon beats him to the punch, pulling out a nice thick cut hard-on which the wiry-haired lust-monster Alex consumes with wanton abandon.

Kaler Biggs barebacks Jessie RyderWatch on Helix Studios
Kaler Biggs tops Jessie Ryder
Director Miller treats us to a beautiful mise-en-scene next with the couple in switched positions, Jon now fully naked, exposing his “come get me” hole at the bottom of the screen, while Alex lips wrap around his candy cane, sucking his little heart out as he bobs up and down.

After some more making out Alex is ready to try out his friend's twink twat, and he gets his legs up over his head and slowly pushes his raw cock up his hole. Jon smiles with slutty satisfaction and gently spanks his tops' equally smooth and welcoming ass.

Alex fucks at a gentle but steady pace, and there's tenderness to their bareback fuckery that jumps right off the screen.

But then it gets naughty. Just a small break of film shows another switch around, with Jon jerking his cock off onto his hairless friend's hole, and shoving it up inside… Next his cock is in his hungry pal's mouth and he jerks off with the head of his cock on Alex tongue, who in turn shoots a lappable load all over his chest. Jon spooges some sweet nectar of his own, from his cute twink-boy hard-on.

Dillon Samuels' Bareback Frolic

More familiar to twink aficionados will be Dillon Samuels, star of Oliver Twink, who Miller deems fit to star on the cover of this third Candy Ass outing. And for good reason. His pixie-like upturning button-nose, blondish Caesar cut and smooth dreamy body guarantee a rise out of anybody in possibly his first bareback role.

Undressing his plaid-panted pal Turner Lake it's like he's unwrapping some extremely good candy indeed, and he leans in for a kiss, and to caress his friend's still covered penis. Lake wears some notably cute undies which are too soon stripped away to reveal a swelling that Samuels can't resist a lean in and kiss on before letting Lake reveal his own hardened package. Lake goes down on him fiercely and admirably.

Slurping on Samuels' tasty hard shaft and using his tongue on the bulbous head gets Lake's meat ready for a sucking. It may not be quite as thick as Samuels, but it's just as long and delectable.

And then it's a shot from behind as Lake positions himself over Samuels, and slowly but surely slides his tight smooth ass down the shaft.

Samuels shows himself to be a pro at raw fuckery and Lake, likewise, proves himself a bouncy little bottom boy if ever there was one. Certianly, he's not afraid of a piece of bare meat up his ass.

From the front it looks equally appealing, as Lake works up a precummy lather. But Samuels gets back in the driver seat, spreading Lake's legs wide apart and getting in between. With no distracting music, it's just the sounds of two barely legal boys making gay while the sun shines.

Samuels' knob positively glistens with juices as he gets in deep and wide, bending his friend now for a doggy style fuck.

After extended copulation, Lake is a slave to Samuels' snake. He pants as he laps at his balls, while his partner shoots a huge lickable mess all over himself for Lake to slurp up. Samuels sucks his pal's cum right off the shaft. Score.

Dillon Samuels barebacks Turner LakeWatch on Helix Studios
Dillon Samuels behind Turner Lake

Seth Matthews' Candy Ass

Some slightly older guys are thrown into the pick and mix, older, at least by these boy toy standards. Well, one of them has stubble, anyway. We're talking here about the 26 o'clock shadowed Grant Alexander, teamed up with Seth Matthews here, who was spanked silly in the edgy flick Fallen Angels.

This pair settle down to a hot sixty-nine session, Matthews happily deep throats Alexander's curved member while his friend takes a gentler approach up the other end. Both guys are exquisitely content, and lick and suck their happy way for quite some time.

Until, that is, Alexander's skinny fingers probe at Matthew's rear end, and up slides that hotly curved dick without the hint of a rubber between them. Here the moans become a little more intense, until Matthews peachy ass is fucked deep and tasty till he's ready to roll on his side for some more.

Director Miller gives us another mouth watering treat as we watch Alexander's engorged cock-head slip back inside his nipple-pierced pal. He proves the old adage that it's nice to glide inside a bare hole from the side… And indeed from behind, as Matthews proves next, on all fours for a gentle deep bare fuck.

Finally straddled, Alexander spunks up a storm all over his pal's ass and the scene dissolves to the real life couple and co-stars of Twink Time, Kaler Biggs and Jessie Ryder who set out to prove that good sex doesn't have to be a one time thing.

Ryder now sports short cropped hair, while Biggs retains his long locks with a cum-and-get-it cock that TRULY proves there isn't always falsehood in advertising. And my god is it big – certainly gets the candy prize among these twinks for being the hugest pole in the jar.

But amazingly Ryder takes it all without a moment's gag, how he does it it's hard to say. This pair were clearly made for each other. Biggs proves himself quite the cock sucker as well, taking the more manageable Ryder down his throat. Don't get us wrong – Ryder packs an impressive penis as well, but Biggs, well he's just an unapproachable force to be reckoned with (watch this space).

Ryder has some cute little star tats on his stomach, leading down to the prize Biggs sucks on. But then with the swift cut of videotape we're reminded why this series is so special.

Cue an extreme close-up on Ryder's face moving in and out on that illustrious cock of Biggs. It has to be one of the knockout moments of this movie. This scene could end right there for all this reviewer cares. The veritable ace in the hole. But no. Ryder gets on top and takes that huge thick giant up his cute little smoothie twink hole. Showing the cameras exactly what his name means, and how he's earned it just as much as Biggs has earned his.

His own impressive meat slips up and down Biggs chest, as his ass muscles work that fella inside his raw asshole. It's a hot fucking scene and no mistake. Barely legal bare ass butt banging at its best.

Biggs gets Ryder's wide open hole up and on a couch cushion. He pummels away and we see every glorious millimeter slip in and out, precum and lube glistening under the camera lens. Ryder red with the exhaustion of a deep huge fuck.

Biggs pauses, plopping his cockhead against the hole with the slap slap slap of a man in charge before moving his partner on to his side.

Deep wide huge fat thick and relentless. And all the while the tattoed boy just Rydes. Until that is he shoots a truly Oscar worthy load all over himself as Biggs continues to work his greedy orifice, having used his fingers to rub precum all over his hole and now gripping his feet tightly. He's really juicing the lad up.

Ryder's cock lets rip coating himself in the whitest of spooge. Biggs pulls out tout-suit and adds to the spunk fest with a hearty earned sigh. This scene, gentlemen and ladies, would sell the DVD by itself. Amazingly hot stuff.

Alex Dade barebacks Brad Coleman

The final treace twinks in our bag of delights are Alex Dade and Brad Coleman. The pair are well suited together, both short-haired skinny smooth boys with an eye to developing their bodies, especially Dade it seems.

Dade unbutton's Coleman's plaid fly, and reveals a hot black thong. Coleman returns the compliment on Dade's well ripped blue jeans, and the duo kiss passionately.

Coleman has a thuggish face for a twink, a sexy masculine nose, and a bolt nipple. Coleman doesn't seem to notice, he's too busy trying to get his hardened cock wet with his mouth, as his own strains through his 21sters. Coleman proves he can suck a mean cock too. And us lucky viewers see every slurp in glorious close up.

But then Dade's probing tongue moves onto Coleman's rosebud, and it's only then you really notice most of the guys in this film aren't really into rimming. These boys are though, and they go at it like… hmm… kids in a candy shop. Reverse sixty-nining if you will.

Dade gets the better of Coleman with his mouth and assaults him from above. By now Coleman is ready and spreads as easy as peanut butter for Dade's hard bareback fuck.

They kiss with intensity and Coleman doesn't lose an inch of his straining hard-on as he's fucked like a hero. Again displaying the redness of a truly intense fuck across his facial cheeks (and a big bare cock between his others).

Dade moves him onto his front and gets right back in there, this fuck is not just for the cameras. It's hard and unforgiving. Luckily Coleman shows the resolve to take it all. His hairless ass meets with each thrust no matter which position Dade puts him in.

Dade is covered in sweat and his cock looks pretty damn sticky up that hole by the time he's ready to cum. In a fitting end, and with a fitting cock, Coleman, clearly in trance-state jerks his own cock to a huge spunky climax as Dade continues to unrelent.

He's almost tortuous in his pleasuring. He pulls out and spunks a line of cum right up to the mouth of his over-fucked twink pal. And that is the tastiest candy of all.

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Candy Ass Bareback 3 Photos:

Alex Dade barebacks Brad ColemanWatch on Helix Studios
Alex Dade enters Brad Coleman
Kaler Biggs explores Jessie RyderWatch on Helix Studios
Kaler Biggs explores Jessie Ryder
Grant Alexander barebacks Seth MatthewsWatch on Helix Studios
Grant Alexander behind Seth Matthews

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