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Candy Ass Bareback 2

Keith Miller
Helix Studios   HS22
Aaron Tyler , Alex Lynn , Cameron Phillips , Cohen Jennings , Devon Ford , Jamie Blade , Prince Mykel , Tyler Lance , Zack Tanner
Amateurs / First TimersBareback SexTwinks, AmericanHorsehung

Candy Ass Bareback 2

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Devon Ford Shows His Sweet Tooth

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Sweet-toothed fans of 2004's Helix hit Candy Ass Bareback will gobble up this new sugar rush of a sequel in droves.

Returning again to direct the second box of delights is Keith Miller, who betrays an eye for fresh faced American twinks. The models in Candy Ass Bareback 2 sport innocent faces yet possess a playful naughtiness for hot raw sex, hard young cock, and boyhole. Standouts in this second of the series include Devon Ford, with his smooth boyish features hiding a massive weapon between his legs, and he certainly knows how to use it. Fans of hairless creamy asses will certainly enjoy a variety of models here, but most worthy of note is watching Helix exclusive Aaron Tyler bareback. His barely legal looks will have many a top man reaching for the Kleenex.

Devon FordWatch on Helix Studios
Devon Ford
The first scene opens with smooth bottomed Tyler Lance swimming over to hottie Zach Tanner who floats atop a large blue dingy. After some gentle making out, these spunked up boys waste no time in climbing on the raft together, pulling off their wet trunks and revealing two already hard cocks. Some hot 69 action follows, as close up shots reveal two eager handsome mouths pleasuring each other as the raft idles around the pool.

Youthful lust is a powerful thing and Lance's perfect ass is soon cramming Tanner's cock inside him, and he rides him raw and deep like a pro. Tanner's dreamy face is not to be missed here, and is worth the price of admission alone. The pair make hot use of the rhythmic tide afforded by sex in the water, playing in a variety positions. Lance gets back on top and Tanner tells him, “Shoot all over me”, and he does just that, making a pool of cum in Tanner's pierced navel. Now it's Tanner's turn to orgasm, and he shoots a large creamy load over Lance's face and open mouth, hungry tongue outstretched and splattered.

A change of scene next and we cut to Alex Lynn (Hot Bods Hard Rods Citiboyz Vol. 38) and Cohen Jennings making out on a couch. Lynn has a sexy punkish style to him, while Jennings chiseled looks and facial hair (the only sported in this movie) make for a perfect combination.

Erotic foreplay ensues, ripped jeans are popped open, and these guys are soon exchanging blow jobs. Sensing Jennings lust, Lynn bends him over the arm of the couch and stuffs him full of bare cock. Jennings hot wet hole next gets pinned on the floor and pummeled in another priceless close-up. Finally riding, Jennings shoots onto Lynn's metal adorned belly-button and chest, before Lynn squirts out his own sticky load which runs down his cock in a tasty conclusion.

Cover star Devon Ford is up next matched with hot bottom boy Prince Mykel. Ford's huge member enjoys some oral satisfaction, a compliment returned to Mykel's hairless hole which begs to be tasted and barebacked. Luckily, he can take it deep and hard, and that's just how Ford gives it to him. Ford may have twink looks, but he uses his prick like a man. Mykel thick cock erupts involuntarily, and he's left with a well used ass and a mass of Ford's creamy spooge shot onto his chest from that fine fine cock.

We stay with the insatiable Mykel for scene four, now making out with Skater-boy Jamie Blade, bleached blonde bangs, pieced ears, and another impressive package between his legs. Mykel's cock doesn't take long to grow as he sucks on Blade's rod, and Blade returns the favor before plugging this twink where he needs it. And how he needs it – Blade fucks from beneath, behind, wide open with Mykel's legs pinned back, hard and relentless. Mykel shoots on his own chest, but he's not satisfied yet, until Blade has returned him to doggy and rewards him with cum that he then rubs over this twink's ass and lower back with his ample dick.

Candy Ass Bareback Aaron Tyler

The final scene showcases Helix' own baby-faced Aaron Tyler (Bareback Pick-Up), who reminds us how sweet candy can truly be. Kissing and trading blow jobs with cute young model Cameron Phillips, Tyler's small frame is soon laying on the floor, Phillips impaling himself on his twink cock. He then lets Tyler take him from behind, leg hotly raised on dresser. But this is Candy Ass Bareback 2 and the pair soon flip-flops, letting Phillips have at this sweet boyhole with his raw hard-on. The pair fuck with true twink passion, and in multiple ways, Tyler finally spilling out on Phillips as the latter looks into this cutie's face. Phillips cums soon after as Tyler lovingly caresses his balls and hole.

It's a pleasure to watch models truly enjoying their partners on screen, and this movie does not disappoint. Candy Ass Bareback 2 will satisfy the hungriest among us, and like all good candy it leaves the viewer wanting more.

The DVD extras include Cumshots, Oral Scenes, Anal Scenes, Online Ads, and five hot previews including the excellent first of the series, Candy Ass Bareback.

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Candy Ass Bareback 2 Photos:

Zach Tanner barebacks Tyler LanceWatch on Helix Studios
Zach Tanner behind Tyler Lance
Alex Lynn barebacks Cohen JenningsWatch on Helix Studios
Alex Lynn tops Cohen Jennings
Zach Tanner barebacks Tyler LanceWatch on Helix Studios
Zach Tanner behind Tyler Lance
Cameron Phillips barebacks Aaron TylerWatch on Helix Studios
Aaron Tyler atop Cameron Phillips

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