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Cancun Cock Tales

Brandon Weber
Tribal Pulse Productions  
Brandon Weber , Erik Magno , Exon , Justin Ragatti , Kayden Scott , Tyson Figaro , Xavier Soria
Interracial SexLatinos

Cancun Cock Tales

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Brandon Weber's Cancun Cock Tales

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Cute porn star Brandon Weber travels with a few of his American friends down to Cancun to they can get humped by Mexicans. Cancun Cock Tales runs from start to finish with a very hot cast, muy grande pengas, and good old-fashioned interracial sex.

The first scene starts with American Kayden Adam Scott paired with a massively hung Hispanic named Xavier Soria. Soria, who is pretty tradey, buries his gigantic pole into Kaplan to the hilt. Kaplan looks cute as he takes Soria easily. In fact, Scott's ass gets pretty wet at one point, dribbling lube and possibly more. Scott submissively takes Soria until the top shoots his load onto the bottom's hole.

The next scene shows milky-white Brandon Weber (also director) happily giving it up to Tyson Figaro, a big black guy. Everything about Figaro is big - his dick is big, his ass and body is big - and he dominates the smaller Weber from start to finish. Figaro face-fucks Weber, who takes most of the giant sausage in his mouth. Weber obviously enjoys it, because while getting his mouth stuffed, he works himself up easily to a full erection.

Weber grunts as he takes the full force of Figaro doggie. They move through several positions, settling with Weber on his back, legs up. Figaro pumps the Americano, who easily works himself up to the point of shooting. Figaro fires an impressive money shot onto his partner's lower back.

Scene three is really hot, unfortunately the credit in the film and on the box are totally confusing as to the performers' identities. Starting in a blue-tiled shower, two smooth, well-built Hispanics service each other orally. Erik, who ends up bottoming, has a great-looking, round ass. Bent over in the shower, with water streaming, he gets rammed by the taller Hispanic. Good camera work shows off their naturally smooth bodies, and Erik turns out to be a great man hole.

The final scene stars the smooth wonder-twinks Justin Ragatti (sitting up on the box cover) and Exon. (See Friskynews blog Cancun Cock Tales Details Brandon Weber’s Mexico Soiree) These guys are tall and possess gigantic, uncut worktools. Exon, who sports an interesting chest tattoo, opens up his partner easily. Close-up camera work let's us see the gaping hole as he pushes in and out. Exon drives it long and hard, in several positions.

One note, Ragatti is a thin guy. It often looks like Exon is about to cleave the boy in two with his meat. As a great finish, Exon fires a big spurter across Ragatti's back.

Cancun Cock Tales is a nice departure from many of latin-themed films, in that it mixes up some familiar American faces with the locals. Looks like a vacation many of us admire.

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Justin Ragatti & Exon

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