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Camp Out

Derek Kent
Studio 2000  
Bobby Brennan , Chip Noll , D.C. Chandler , Eric Hunter , Lee Walters , Mike Harrell , Tim Atwood , Tommy Deluca ,
Twinks, AmericanUniformsOutdoor SexCamping / Scouts

Camp Out

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Trevor Knight leads scouts on a camp out

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

A light-hearted, puckish look at a fun camping trip, Camp Out chronicles the sexcapades and humpy goings-on of a scout troop of cuties. With the scouts played by boyish beauties like Chip Noll, Bobby Brennan and Lee Walters, it's definately going to be a boyfeast.

The movie is a follow-up to Studio 2000's earlier scout themed Scout Club, also directed by Derek Kent.

The troop is headed up by Studio 2000 Exclusives DC Chandler and Trevor Knight Grand Opening). Chandler isn't feeling well, so he turns the leadership reins over to Knight, who has to take the scouts out on the field trip alone. This is okay, because Knight clearly shows who is riding the saddle here.

After preparing the scouts for their next day's tasks, he sends them off to bed. In his tent, Bobby Brennan shows up for a late lesson of Knight's leadership skills. Brennan's hair is cutely messed up. Knight, who plays his first main role in a film here, is a very handsome, smooth moving top.

Brennan soon has his ass up, and Knight gives him a nice, rhythmic screw in several positions. The dirty blond has a very nice sized cock, and he squeezes Brennan's smooth cheeks together with his big hands.

Erik Hunter fucks Chip KnollWatch Now
Erik Hunter behind Chip Knoll
Brennan's money shot sprays like a fire hydrant.

Chip Knoll's Rope Lessons

In the next scene, Chip Knoll (Ace In The Hole) and Erik Hunter leave camp early to practice rope lessons. Knoll gets flustered with the things, causing Hunter ties the blond up to a tree. The two are charming. They wear their scout uniforms and light blue caps. Pulling down Knoll's shorts, Hunter leisurely sucks on his buddy's pretty dick.

Knoll also has a smile that is worth a million bucks. He grins from ear to ear at their foreplay. The two make do by banging each other over and on a wooden bench. Knoll's smooth twink butt is an absolute winner for twink lovers, and Hunter's equipment works him over well.

At one point, Knoll squats down on his scout buddy, to their mutual moaning and pumping. Their chemistry hums right along as Knoll gets up, lays Hunter out on the bench, and starts pulling the guy's own smooth hole. It only takes seconds after Knoll's wet money shot to start shooting his own.

Tommy DeLuca administers first aid

Scene three continues the puppy-heat. Here the hunky Eric Hunter is leading a first aid session with scouts Tommy DeLuca, Mike Harrell and Tim Atwood. Harrell is the supine patient, and Hunter is reading directions from the scout manual. Hunter looks like an ambitious mormon-boy eager to teach his friends some useful lessons. (Hunter gets seriously banged in Stiff As A Board)

The scouts give Harrell a passionate mouth-to-mouth. Afterwards they pull his shorts down to inspect his erection, which appears to work perfectly. If the patient gets an erection, every effort must be made to relieve aid, states Hunter.

DeLuca and Atwood quickly start running their tongues all over the patient's body. DeLuca pays special focused attention on Atwood's now stiff tool. Atwood turns and starts chowing down on Hunter as he starts undoing his scout shirt.

The guys are all soon naked and working though a very hot fourgy. Hunter plays the boss by slamming his own wood into Harrell. Deluca keeps the patient's mouth occupied with his cock and balls. Then the two boys flip-flop. Harrell gives his own lesson to Hunter.

DeLuca and Atwood don't partake in anal action, but they suck and squeeze out nice loads. Harrell shoots his own cream onto Hunter's smooth butt cheeks.

Trevor Knight wasn't told the troops always initiated their new leader. In a cute note, Knight leads the troop on a rigorous march through the trails of the woods. As the guys follow him, their clothes disappear. Reaching their destination spot, Knight turns around to see his naked scout troop totally nude and ready. They rush him, pileing onto each other in a mound of giggles.

Knight wasn't told that the custom of the troop was to initiate the leader at the end. Unfortunately we do not get to see this fun-sounding process.

Horny Scout Leaders

In the final scene, Knight returns to Chandler gushing about all the fun camping stories from the weekend. The erotic news makes Chandler stiff as a board. They make out on the couch, pulling out their stiff cocks.

Chandler goes down on Knight's well-sized tool. The two go to the shower, where Knight gets on his knees to jawbone Chandler's huge uncut dick. Chandler is a towering figure over Knight, tall and long. Knight works it all over like a champ.

They move to the bed where they engage in a hot flip-flop butt banging. Chandler rims and fingers Knight, soon gliding his big dong inside the troop leader. Chandler humps him in several positions until he casually states I want you to fuck me.

Knight doesn't have to think long on that announcement. He hops up, erection wagging, turning Chandler's legs up into the air. He slams in his cock, giving Chandler a very nice, steady screw. Both Knight and Chandler are full-fledged romantic tops (as opposed to hard-driving tops).

The whole cast shines with Studio 2000's consistently good eye for handsome, cute guys. Nicely scrubbed and all-American wholesome looks, this movie will definitely titillate any viewer. Fans of the scout uniform look will also enjoy the slightly more edgy Hot On The Trail.

This 1980s pre-condom film from Jean-Daniel Cadinot shows a scout troop where the guys are clearly a lot meaner and sly.

With showboats DC Chandler and Trevor Knight, Camp Out is a hot little firecracker.

DVD Extras: These guys are cute to watch, and the DVD's bloopers show them in some fun, impromptu moments. There are also nice cast bios and a great set of photos.

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Camp Out Photos:

Tommy DeLuca and Eric HunterWatch Now
Tommy DeLuca looks up at Eric Hunter
DC Chandler and Trevor KnightWatch Now
DC Chandler standing before Trevor Knight

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