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Camp Hardwood

Alain Eclair
Bronco Studios  
Anthony Samdor , Chris Martin , Cory Ladd , Jerry Pinocha , Jordan Hill , Joseph Ther , Lucas Broz , Michael Roc , Randy Stone
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Camp Hardwood

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Joseph Ther enjoys Camp Hardwood

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Camp Hardwood is a deluxe oversized treat from Eastern Europe that is wonderfully pleasing. Filmed in the great outdoors, nine well groomed, strikingly handsome Czech guys horse around and explore each other's carnal delights in this special double DVD.

That means for the regular price, there are a whopping seven action scenes lasting almost 2 1/2 hours.

It begins on a rollicking note, as boxcover boy Anthony Samdor wanders through the woods with Jordan Hill. Handsome and easy on the eyes, it is no wonder that Samdor wants to get into this guy. They begin kissing next to a tree, and soon they are swallowing their elongated trunks.

Samdor bends his friend over and bangs him standing doggie. Their action is hot and, Samdor is one fine top. The two hunks - not really boyish like many Czech films - are a great pair to watch. They finish by jacking out hot money shots.

The next scene is a picture perfect pairing in a classic style: Tanned, toned brunet Joseph Ther (aka Samuel Dolce) takes on the smooth paler blond Lucas Broz. They get turned on while padding in a boat on the lake. The boat is rocking from the waves, but that does not stop Broz from giving head to Ther perfectly sized prick.

They leave the rocking boat to go start some rocking and pivoting of their own. On a deserted hilltop, they lick and kiss while undressing. Then, Broz has his beautiful smooth ass sticking up, while Ther slaps and nuzzles his hose in and around the hole.

This fine imagine breaks to actual penetration, as Ther starts slamming it in up to his tight round balls. Broz throws his head back, opening his mouth. They switch to a standing doggie position. At this point we can see all of Ther's toned, sleek body moving and pumping up into his blond friend's body.

In a nice style, this scene is not rushed, and fans will love watching their hilltop sex session many times. Ther even sucks Broz's own big dick before shooting his own multi-spurt load.

In the third scene, buzzcut Randy Stone and brunet Jerry Pinocha are wandering the woods until the happen across a snoozing Michael Roc. They kiss Roc, who awakens and easily stiffens up to a nice sized erection. Here however, it is his ass that becomes the center of attention.

Pinocha plugs the two others in several hot positions.

Their session also includes a tasty sequence of cock slurping. Stone's cock is very large, dominating Roc's smaller face as his mouth works it over. Pinocha also gives good head to Roc, who has a nice full set of balls underneath his rod.

After Pinocha tops Roc, he gets to screw his military friend Stone. Roc slams his cock into Stone's face as Pinocha works the bottom's great ass and thighs from behind. They finish with big money shots.

Stone fires his arc of seed across onto Roc's leg.

Camp Hardwood Disc Two

Disc two contains the next four scenes, all of which are stellar. First up, we meet Chris Martin, a grinning big dicked blond. His uncut fat one is accentuated by totally shaved pubes. His brunet friend Cory Ladd does a good job working the tool in and out of his mouth.

Martin pumps Ladd's face on a blanket in the campground. However, like all boyish blonds, they always seem to end up taking it up the ass. Ladd gets to throw a frenzied topping to his friend, who seems to just love every minute of it.

Their play is completed by squirts of lovejuice.

The next scene shows a hot switcheroo. Michael Roc (from earlier) is climbing some rocks, when he crosses paths with boxcoverboy Anthony Samdor. In their previous scenes, they were bottom and top respectfully. Now the built, brawny Samdor can't seem to wait to sit his ass down on Roc's dick.

Perched on a large rock, Samdor's fabulous legs and body are in full view as he slides up and down on Roc's erection. After lots of this kind of humping, Samdor only needs to lift right off for them to both unload.

For the final two scene sequence, Ther and Broz are horsing around the trails. They separate so they can individually take on separate sexual attractions playing around them. Broz walks up to Ladd, who is stroking it in a hammock.

Broz walks up on him, who greets him by giving the blond a mouth watering blowjob. Perhaps it wasn't as evident here, but Broz's cock is another blond torpedo. Ladd lathers it and swallows the big tool is a hot suck session.

To finish, Ladd gets to play bottom now. First pushes his pierced tongue into Broz's puckered hole. Then he works in his fingers. After that, he blonde launches his huge missile deep inside him. The brunet bottom takes a hot pounding from his big tooled friend.

Meanwhile, Ther has wandered back to the campground, only to discover buzzcut Stone and hyperhung blond Martin getting it on. Stone and Martin switch their attention to the new participant. They lather the beautiful brunet with attention.

Eager to please, Stone sits his muscular ass atop Ther's flagpole. After this Ther gets to drive into Martin's pale skinned, smooth butt.

Ther ejaculates a hot steady rain of spooge onto Martin's upturned buttocks. The others follow suit, capping off a incredibly erotic visit to Camp Hardwood. Director Eclair continues to find hot fine models for his well photographed and arousing productions.

Not as well publicized as other movies from the Czech Republic, these fit the bill just fine.

You can watch this film right now online, just click on the WATCH NOW buttons on this page.

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