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Camp Freshmen

Chi Chi LaRue
Unzipped Video  
Andy Hunter , Brad Benton , Brock Webster , Chad Thomas , , Damon DeMarco , Hunter James , Mick Angelo ,
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Camp Freshmen

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Who's the First to Get Laid at Camp Freshmen?

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Summer camp ain't what it used to be. At Camp Freshmen, the young twinks who land there for the summer are quickly bored with routine fishing, swimming and campfire stories. Owen Hawk, the always grimming, versatile sparkplug, hatches a plan to get one lucky camper out of his camp chores. The first camper of the five - Hawk, Brad Benton, Mick Angelo, Cory Koons and Damon Demarco - to get laid and bring back proof of his conquest will be relieved of all bed-making, wood-gathering and floor-scrubbing duties. Let the games begin!

Unwitting camp counselors Andy Hunter and Chad Thomas, both of whom look about as old as the young campers they're supposed to be supervising, have locked themselves away in a nearby cabin for a sex break. Cory Koons (Stoked), a tattoed twink with Asian looks, peeps on the two through the cabin window and comes up with a scheme to win the bet. Interrupting Hunter and Thomas before they get started, he begs for help with his "CPR training". This gives Koons an excuse to lie prone on the cabin couch pleading for assistance. The Asian is eager to prove that he's one of the hottest bottoms to watch today.

Thomas, tall and handsome, makes the first move, groping Koons' crotch while Hunter moves in at the other end. Hunter is even more ballsy than Thomas; he completely strips down and forces his beautiful cock down Koons' throat. Hunter is spectacular in nearly every film he does. Camp Freshmen is no different - you can immediately tell that Hunter likes his sex fast and nasty. Thomas scoots over on the couch and helps Koons' give head, switching back and forth until Hunter's cock is spit-shiny.

Brad Benton
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Brad Benton

While Hunter mounts the couch and stands over Koons' face, Thomas works over Koons' cock. The three naked guys go all out, sucking and blowing each other in an enthusiastic romp. They switch to some serious hole play when Koons' pretty pucker first gets exposed, Thomas slowly working a finger or two into the ring of muscle. Koons' gets inspired, diving between Thomas' legs for a thorough licking.

Hunter tops Koons forcefully while Koons lies back on Thomas' lap, turning his head to suck the top when he can. Hunter humps fast and furiously, only picking up speed with Koons' moans and groans. Thomas gets so turned on, he practically begs to take a turn on Hunter's dick. The three end up sandwich fucking, Hunter plugging Thomas while Thomas plugs Koons. All three unload on top of Koons, and while the two counselors doze after sweaty sex, Koons gathers proof of his conquest by snapping a picture.

Mick Angelo and Brad Benton use the contest as an excuse to screw, disregarding any need for conquest. They sneak off to a secluded corner of the campground and make out heavily. Backing Angelo against a tree, Benton frees his cock from his shorts and puts Angelo on his knees. Angelo embodies the term 'twink' and seems especially vulnerable to Benton's aggressive manhandling. After getting sucked, Benton drops to the ground, turns Angelo around, then eats and licks Angelo's ass with gusto. Angelo returns the favor as Benton lies atop a woodpile with his legs spread wide.

The two campers switch off on one another. First Benton opens up his hole for some pounding from Angelo. But Benton makes a much better top as he bangs away at his buddy's ass, both keeping their hiking boots on while they play outside. While being filmed from underneath, Angelo blows his load as he's cornholed, cum dripping down towards the camera lens. Benton delivers his money shot on Angelo's thin chest.

Owen Hawk Plays Possum

Meanwhile, Owen Hawk plays possum, limping through the forest until he gets the attention of black forest ranger Brock Webster. Webster is a beefy stud, decked out in his ranger outfit and wide-brimmed ranger hat, complete with chin strap. Hawk boldly asks for a thorough examination, taking Webster's paw and placing it directly on his crotch.

Brad Webster and Owen HawkWatch VOD
Brad Webster rims
Owen Hawk
Webster heartily sucks Hawk who leans back against the rough bark of a tree. Hawk lifts both arms in pleasure, exposing hot and furry armpits. When the ranger pulls out his thick dick, Hawk puts both of their cocks together for comparison. The sexual heat rises a notch when Hawk uses his pale white foreskin to dock over the top of Webster's dark black dong. Facing the tree and planting one hiking boot midway up the trunk, Owen exposes his ass for Webster to rim. Webster gets completely into eating it, even using the top of his kinky head of hair to grind into Owen's crack.

Like the young campers in the previous scene, these two take turns on each other, using the tree as support. Both have steely hard cocks while getting ass-banged. They both are excellent bottoms. The pair jerks off, each watching the other work his own cock. Cum flies everywhere, but most of it lands in their thick pubic bushes and on their stiff cocks. Hawk snaps his photo for proof and snuggles nude with his sleeping ranger.

Seducing Hunter James

Things take a tender turn when Damon Demarco seduces Hunter James, a camper from a neighboring camp, Camp Crystal Lite. Both guys have long scraggly locks of hair, Demarco's dark brown with bright streaks and James' dirty blond. Both have thin, smooth bodies and innocent faces. Exchanging only a few words, the two kiss sweetly while sitting on the forest floor.

Soon they're fishing in each others shorts, sucking each other in turn. Their shorts around their ankles, the boys continue kissing as their cocks bob and smack together. With one leg up on a wide flat boulder, James' puckerhole opens for Demarco's wet tongue. Demarco jacks his buddy off while eating ass. James tosses his long hair around with pleasure. James then lays his new fuck buddy back on the earth, coating Demarco's hole with spit.

The pair share a slow delicious fuck, Demarco impaling himself on James' thick sturdy cock, sliding up and down. The two lock eyes while they make love, punctuating their thrusts with kisses. As before, the two models switch off with James whimpering as Demarco impales him. This twink loves every moment of it. They finish by blowing their yummy loads.

The DVD version of Camp Freshmen has some nice extras including trailers for Dorm Days, [2] For the Taking and Be A Man. Chi Chi also adds a six-minute blooper/outtake reel. The models appear more adorable here than in the actual film. At close to two hours running time, it's a total twink fest.

Unzipped Video puts photsets and clips from its magazine, plus its other related publications like Freshmen into its website. If you like this look, and these guys check out MenMachine. All of their sexy movies and cute Freshmen models are immortalized online, and they run lots of movies that stream right into your computer.

Camp Freshmen Photos:

Camp FreshmenWatch VOD
Damon Demarco and Hunter James
Camp FreshmenWatch VOD
Hunter James tops Damon Demarco

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