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California Kings

John Rutherford
Falcon Studios   FVP113
Allen Ames , Brian Daniels , Dale Rhodes , Dean Edwards , Eric Hanson , Jeremy Penn , Marc Stewart , Matthew Anders , Mike Branson , Tom Chase , Troy Rider

California Kings

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Mike Branson coronates Tom Chase

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

California Kings is a relatively simple film. Its four scenes connect using a tried and true formula used often - an object getting passed around from one horny owner to another. The object in this instance is a mattress. Without question, the primary reason this movie is remembered is because it pairs two giant late 90's stars together in bed, Mike Branson from Current Affairs and Tom Chase.

Chase is one of the biggest guys to grace the picture tube - big in every aspect, that is. He has great muscles, displays his personality easily and carries one of the biggest cocks around. He also is noteworthy for carrying dialogue nicely. Branson goes down as one of Falcon's hottest exclusive hunks. The smile on his face reveals an intention that he is going to screw the hell out of you.

Mike Branson tops Tom ChaseWatch on or Watch VOD
Mike Branson tops Tom Chase
Charming and a ability to passionately kiss, Branson is a superb match to Chase. Together the two play out the fantasy of when two muscle top join together in hot passion.

California Kings opens with Chase calling Mattress World asking about an order to be delivered. His call is taken by a snappy blond named Marc Stewart, who strokes his thick snake while teasing Chase with double-edged chat. After Stewart coaxes out a thick load, the story begins.

The movie cuts to the kitchen where the svelte, handsome Eric Hanson from Hot Wheels is making a meal of Matthew Anders. This matchup of gorgeous brunet on gorgeous blond sizzles. Anders displays his jaw-dropping deep-throating abilities. As he gobbles up Hanson's bodyparts, the Mattress World guys interrupt them briefly. They are at the wrong address.

Getting back to the meal, Hanson blows Anders, fingering his winking hole. Then in missionary positions, he bangs Anders across the kitchen counter. This hot encounter ends with two hot money shots.

Meanwhile the delivery men, Troy Rider and Allen Ames, arrive at Chase's address. They present the furniture to Chase's roommate, the delectable Brian Daniels. Daniels has classic dark haired, bad boy looks that inspire instant hard-ons. Consequently, the three studs combust into a three-way.

They all suck each other. The scene's high point is when Daniels lowers his round ass onto Rider's rod for a joyride. Daniels is a signature bottom, however in a hot switch of roles, Ames rolls over to give Daniels a turn at topping. Then Ames displays his stretching skills by letting Daniels and Rider double penetrate his hole.

Tom Chase is unsatisfied

These two scenes are appetizers for the main course. Unhappy with his purchase, Chase telephones his buddy, Branson, to offer him the mattress. The movie cuts to the two men bouncing around clothed on the mattress like teens at a slumber party. Chase inquires how his friend likes the mattress. Branson replies I'd really like your ass.

Mike Branson, do you want my mattress?
The two superstar tops proceed to grapple with unbridled enthusiasm. Chase starts by taking Branson's bone in his mouth. They orally lick and suck each other, pawing like out of control animals. Branson then explores Chase's musclebutt with his fingers and tongue.

Then he starts sliding his big hose into Chase's bubblebutt. Chase groans and gives in. The two rock together in doggie style position. Then Chase flips on his back with his ass in the air. Bracing his legs against the headboard, Branson plants dick driving push ups into Chase. This all ends with voluminous volumes of jizz spraying everywhere.

Eventually, Branson throws the mattress out. It is later discovered by Jeremy Penn, Dale Rhodes and Dean Edwards, who happen to see it in their pickup truck. They travel to an open field where they explore the possibilities with this newfound acquisition. Penn here displays his model looks and mesmerizing skills. Their three way is hot as well, although coming after the Branson-Chase pairing, it is like having a great hamburger after a meal of filet mignon. Still this is another hot scene for Jeremy Penn fans.

California Kings is Falcon at its technical best. The direction from John Rutherford is flawless and the script from Jack Voorhies is nicely done. Falcon made a wise decision to break their topman rules allowing Chase to show what he can give. The Chase / Branson scene alone is well worth the price of admission.

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California Kings Photos:

Eric Hanson tops Matthew AndersWatch on or Watch VOD
Eric Hanson tops Matthew Anders
Allen Ames and Brian Daniels over Troy RiderWatch on or Watch VOD
Allen Ames and Brian Daniels over Troy Rider
Jeremy Penn tops Dean EdwardsWatch on or Watch VOD
Jeremy Penn tops Dean Edwards, Dale Rhodes watches

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