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Caesars Hardhat Gang Bang

Chi Chi LaRue
Men of Odyssey  
Allan Sunn , , Dave Casino , , Mason Flynt , Richard Bangs , Ryan Block , Shahan , Stonie
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Caesars Hardhat Gang Bang

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I came here not to bury Caesar, but fuck him!

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

I Came Here Not to Bury Caesar, But Fuck Him!

The premise of Caesar's Hardhat Gang Bang is fairly simple: Caesar gets his brains fucked out by a bunch of sexed-up Latinos. This is behavior us at the Frisky Fans World Headquarters ardently approves.

Chi Chi LaRue casts some really hot looking models. (Sometimes I wonder why there are so few hispanic pornstars, although that is changing).

At the film's beginning, Caesar, the famous gym-built musclebottom, walks up to a construction warehouse looking for a phone. Loudly cursing the unfortune of his car breaking down nearby, he telephones for assistance. Then, Caesar receives more bad news -- the tow will not arrive for three hours. However, before Caesar can leave, he is swept into an ongoing sex-gang initiation.

The initiate is the long and lean Stonie, one of the construction workers. Stonie is informed that his tome has come to grow up and take it like a man. Stonie first gets on his knees and sucks the surrounding crew, all guys who are dripping with machismo.

However after circling Stonie and talking dirty, the group turns its sights instead to the white piece of ass in the room.

Dave Casino in Caesars Hardhat Gang BangWatch Now
Dave Casino positions to enter Caesar

Caesar takes the grenade for Stonie!

On his knees, Caesar sucks all 8 hard cocks. The group consists of younger guys, built guys and older daddy types. There is something for everyone among these tops. Then, Caesar is on his back, and all the guys take turns gang-banging the blonde for a full 45 minutes. Nothing matters now to except intense focus on cock to cock slurping, uncut dick worship and other forms of sexual displays. Soon Caesar's clothes are removed, and they zero in on his ass. Stripped and flipped, they go to town on his hole, intensely working over his anal canal. To continue the now-altered initiation, Stonie (Latin Heat Inn Exile) gets first crack at the barebutt. The musclebottom doesn't seem phased at all either, able to take all dicks presented, any length and width.

Chi Chi LaRue includes lots of good actors for this one. Caesar is one hot bottom, who stays hard the entire time his hole is gang-banged. We also have stud-puppy Jeremy Tucker, who wears a pull-over hat the entire time. I also haven't seen Ryan Block in several years. (Block appeared in earlier Gino Colbert films) But Block is looking as good as ever.

There are also some additional guys who are particularly tasty, which I didn't recognize. Let's hope that they move on to more films.

You will especially be turned on by this film if you like well-choreographed gang-bang movies, or watching a bunch of Latinos taking on Caesar's amazing Ass of Death.

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Caesar in Caesars Hardhat Gang BangWatch Now
Hands on Caesar

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