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Burning Desires

John Bruno
Falcon Studios   FVP191
, Leo Giamani , Aden Jaric , Jordan Jaric , , Nash Lawler , Spencer Stone ,
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Burning Desires

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Leo Giamani shoots his burning arrow through Roman Heart

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Warm candles, soft light and romantic interludes form the set-ups to Falcon's Burning Desires, an attempt at showing the amorous, passionate side of gay sex. The result is a pretty good sex flick, despite the fact that the "romance" concepts seem to go over the head of director John Bruno, and the producers.

Fortunately, the movie works in the end, thanks to the high caliber of model talent. Arguably, Roman Heart could sit quietly writing his grocery list and inspire raging erections. And the others are equally as good, including an impressive duet from the Jarics.

Before going into that however, we must note that considering Burning Desires as a romantic sex film is quite challenging. The movie was filmed in a ridiculously ostentatious mansion, and furnished with the stark, austere tastes of home life a la Stanley Kubrick depicted in the Jupiter spacecraft in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Even the lighting of the candles, the inspiration for the film's title, is done with a long, plastic mechanical lighter. And some may find the movie to be equally as plastic and mechanical.

Roman Hart and Leo GiamaniWatch on or Watch VOD
Roman Hart & Leo Giamani

It seems strange that a major California film producer has so much trouble capturing anything that looks natural, but perhaps this is all that is left of life in the Golden State.

The movie starts on a promising note: the always happy bottom Tory Mason enjoys a glass of white wine with boyfriend Luke Hass. Now, keep in mind that Luke Haas has effortlessly burned his way through every single sex scene since his very first casting in Raging Stallion's Trouser Trout.

In his first Falcon foray, he does a very good job at satisfying Mason's prodigious man desires. Beginning with a cute first wink as he pours some California Chardonnay, he gets stripped down to his Calvin Klein underwear, bulging big with his long schlong stretched around to the side of his hip. Despite the fact that they have to perform their lovemaking atop an extraordinarily uncomfortable looking, wooden dining table and the accompanying chair set the guys pull it off.

Mason gets on his knees to jawbone Hass' cock, which actually bears much the same texture and shape as Rafael Alencar's infamous erection. Hass pushes Mason's button hole open with a lollipop-looking ball atop a stick, paving the way for his own massive meat to slide on in.

The scene's hottest visual shows Hass' backside gyrating in and out of Mason's spread-apart body. At one point they decide things would be more comfortable if they stand atop the dining table, which actually provides some enhanced sexual views. After riding atop his partner in a chair, Mason gets himself off, followed by Haas squirting his own heavy load onto the bottom's hairless torso.

After this comes a romantic interlude with the studio's own in-house love couple - Aden and Jordan Jaric (Winter Heat). The two ascend the top of the home's spiral staircase looking dapper in suits. Perhaps the two have finally added some handsome maturity to their bodies, or perhaps they have relaxed into a well established groove. Both guys are extremely easy on the eyes, watching them fuck each other.

Many will enjoy the film's next scene, a rousing display of hot property Nash Lawler's top man skills. After playing a game of cards in front of a lit fireplace, he's undressed by lanky newcomer brunet Spencer Stone.

Lawler lays back receiving a blowjob from Stone, while sipping brandy out of a snifter. The two begin trading blowjobs. Lawler proceeds to fuck Stone in several positions over some well-positioned oversized pillows, which culminates in the broad-shouldered brute shooting his load down onto the bottom's chest.

Desiring Leo Giamani

The final episode of the movie is an arousing scene between Roman Heart and beekcake Leo Giamani. Despite the seemingly weird placement of several completely random symbols of "romance.", the sex scene eventually works (Moet champagne, etc.) Why is Heart intent on toasting with Giamani? Who knows, but it does get the Italian naked and into the sudsy bath water with him.

Hart's close cropped haircut looks very cute. He gives the most enthusiastic blowjob of the entire movie, slurping on Giamani's long staff.

Giamani carries with him all of the prerequisite trade topman skill: a muscular body of death that easily overpowers the smaller bottomboy. Adjourning to the bedroom (Finally we get to see this house's master suite!) Giamani slides his sausage into Heart's fantastic ass.

Here, the guys end up standing on the bed doing it doggie style, Giamani's big, heavy balls swinging low and slapping against the bottom's backside. He douses Heart with a geyser of semen at the scene's climax.

The talented cast of Burning Desires make the film worth watching, culminating with Heart and Giamani putting on a nice show for the film's satisfying dessert. Bananas foster anyone?

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Burning Desires Photos:

Nash Lawler and Spencer StoneWatch on or Watch VOD
Nash Lawler and Spencer Stone
Tory Mason and Luke HaasWatch on or Watch VOD
Tory Mason inhales Luke Haas
Roman Heart and Leo GamaniWatch on or Watch VOD
Roman Heart sucks Leo Gamani
Aden and Jordan JaricWatch on or Watch VOD
Aden & Jordan Jaric

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