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John Rutherford Jerry Douglas
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Andrew Rubio , , Brad Benton , Chris Wide , Dave Angelo , Dean Phoenix , Diego De La Hoya , Edu Boxer , Hank Locklear , Jake Andrews , Jason Kennedy , Josh Hardman , Marcus Irons , Mike Dasher , , Ricky Martinez , Sam Shadon , Sammy Case , Timmy Thomas , Todd Maxwell , Ty Hudson , Zak Spears
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Dean Phoenix and Marcus Iron star in a romantic Western

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Looking for a porn that acts like a full fledged film, complete with story, dialogue, character development and humor? Tired of the all-sex flicks, and wish to see something that provokes some interest as well as entertain?

Straight from the heartland, Buckleroos tells the enjoyable story of two guys who after ten years of being shoulder-to-shoulder buddies, realize that they are destined for each other. The script, authored by industry veteran producer Jerry Douglas, is very funny. Solid dialogue completes the full story, the sets are ambitious, and there is extensive, very pretty, location shooting.

Buckleroos is at its heart a cowboy flick. Many people will appreciate its slower-paced style, its appreciation for natural flow; this is different from an MTV-quick series of loops and rapid cuts with sparkle and flash.

Ricky Martinez Self Suck Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Ricky Martinez Self Sucks
The film is in two parts. The first disc introduces us to Kick Johnson (Dean Phoenix) and Jed Tucker (Marcus Iron), who live happily together as bachelors on the fruitful Beefland Ranch. They don't sleep together, however this does not stop them from beating off to their hefty porn collection, or venture together to the bars at night to rustle up some ass.

Wearing dark Weastrn wear, the movie follows The Man in Black, played nicely by Zak Spears (Wide Strokes). A non-sexual role, he is a mystical character, who carries a magical Colt beltbuckle. Whenever the belt is worn, the fellow always gets lucky.

In the first sexual scene, the boys are cruising the local kicker bar one night when The Man in Black works his magic on Phoenix. Giving him the buckle for a silver dollar, Phoenix ends up taking Josh Hardman to his attic to screw his beefy ass. Out comes Phoenix's uncut cock, which after several years in retirement still maintains that wonderful downward curved shape. Hardeman sucks it eagerly. After a round of as eating, he tops Hardman standing doggie against the walls of the wood floored attic.

The shoot their money shots with the bottom riding atop Phoenix leaving the star covered in cum.

The second scene begins with Iron's smooth bubble butt sticking in the camera. Later while driving on the road, Iron is pulled over by a state trooper (Todd Maxwell). Sporting sunglasses and facial hair, Maxwell frisks Iron, making innuendos that devil weed is being smuggled through the area.

With some waves on the hand by Spears, the two end up smoking out and having sex in the cab of Iron's Chevy truck. Maxwell starts out getting reamed with his own nightstick. Then their outdoor romp continues with the moaning Maxwell hanging off the open door of the truck, getting pounded by Iron.

The Man in Black watches approvingly from inside the bed of the truck.

Later that night, Phoenix and Iron are jerking off in their living room to a porn, in preparation for going out later that evening. Their wank is interrupted by the uninvited arrival of Phoenix's nephew Jimmy Joe, played with verve by Owen Hawk. It should be noted that the three main actors, Phoenix, Iron and Hawk, all turn in inpressive jobs with their parts.

Hawk relates his personal sob story of getting kicked out of his house, forcing him to hitchhike his way to his uncle's, the original black sheep of the family. Hawk's vim and spunky enthusiasm breathes new life into the staid ways of the household. "Do you know how tired your dick gets hitchhiking?" quips Hawk, launching us into this part's best scene, a road side threeway.

Swarthy hispanic Diego de la Hoya picks up Hawk plus another hitchhiker named Freckles (Brad Benton). Their red convertible pulls off to a side road where they enthusiastically suck each other in an open field. This turns into three way sandwich - they screw each other in line, with the middle guy both taking and receiving.

Zak Spears and Dean Phoenix Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Zak Spears and Dean Phoenix
All three systematically switch off so that all three spend some time in the middle pivot position. To heighten the viewer's interest more, the sex footage is filmed as the traffic off the interstate highway roars visibly in the distance. Benton and Hawk rain their money shots down on de la Hoya.

Next, ranch hands Will (Ricky Martinez) and Joe (Owen Hawk) end up saving money on their Saturday night by staying home and masturbating. In what could be described as a solo scene that charts all-new territory, these two mammoth tops make love to their reflections in the mirror all to the rousing sexual music of dueling solos. Intoxicated by their own visages, these hunks turn in some good solo performances.

A top of the hat goes to Martinez, who gets on the bed to auto-fellate his twelve inch cock, where he shows impressive skill. Miklos also licks his own dick, but not with the ease and depth of his companion. One problem here is that these two guys really would have spiced up a subsequent scene of all-out sex. Maybe they could have screwed Hawk's little lights out.

The final sequence of Part One is an orgy at the cowboy bar. Bartenders Jake Andrews, Edu Boxer, Mike Dasher, Chris Wide and Sam Shadon get it on after hours around the pool table. This clutch of big chested, hairy guys suck dick and eat ass while Phoenix and Iron watch form the side.

Andrews and Shadon end up bottoming for everybody. The group blows their loads onto Shadon, and in a final moment, Phoenix and Iron, who are swept up in the passion of the moment, ravenously kiss as they cum. This sudden display of effection breaks their long standing agreement to not cross over into serious emotional bonds.

The fade out shows the two leads with stunned looks on their faces, realizing what just happened.

Part II: Can they settle down?

Will these two wild cowboys learn to settle down? Part two continues the story of Kick and Jed, and the Man in Black seems to have the destiny already planned for them. Throw in more exuberance from nephew Owen Hawk, and some hot three ways, the second part is actually better then the first.

The first scene has Phoenix and Iron stopping at a garage for service. The mechanic (Hank Locklear) ends up blowing Phoenix's cock as musclebound leather biker Dave Angelo busts in smoking a huge cigar. Angelo, a bad ass French Canadian, wants some service. Phoenix and Angelo get to hammer Lockler's ass on home, while Iron takes a respite in the cab of the truck.

Buckleroo recruits: Timmy Thomas and Sammy Case

Next comes the film's most popular conversation piece: two Mormon missionary boys (Timmy Thomas and Sammy Case) show up at the door. Aptly named Jacob and Gabriel, the two want to discuss Marcus Iron's soul. Instead the elder man takes them under his wing to show them new meanings of life that they have not yet seen. Going out to the back yard, they go to the picnic bench for some naked lessons. Here Iron patiently takes them through the paces of discovery, getting them to suck his big dick, and then show the boys how to suck each others. "How you doin' down there, sport?" asks Iron to Case at one point, who is down on his knees.
Marcus Iron, Timmy Thomas and Sammy Case Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Marcus Iron, Timmy Thomas and Sammy Case
With the boys wrapped in sixty-nine, Iron tops Case. Then he talks Case through the process of sitting down and riding Thomas's dick. Iron wants to show both the light, so he tops Thomas doggie style, essentially opening him up for Case to screw him. This scene is really hot, and little wonder why it has generated so much excitement. Plus, Thomas and Case do well at playing virgin bottoms.

After this Phoenix and Iron have to sober up two of their ranch hands, Andrew Rubio and Ty Hudson. Rubio is getting married, so Hudson breaks out his wedding present: a box of remarkable black dildos. These two proceed to ram each other's ass in a session of country butt play, all in the back of Phoenix's truck.

This is the movie's assplay scene. It contains no conventional sex.

The next scene is a hot number: nephew Jimmy Joe (Owen Hawk) seduces the school quarterback (Jason Kennedy) in the locker room after practice. (He apparently is an expert at this) Both suck each other's uncut dicks, followed by a hot flip-flop session. Hawk rides the quarterback on top, then Kennedy gets Hawk's rod up his own ass.

The movie finishes with a tender love scene between Iron and Phoenix, who are obviously the last people in the whole world to figure out their obvious special attraction toward each other. The story wraps up nicely, all the while poking fun at many guys' difficulty in handling committment.

Their versatile sexplay also marks the on-screen deflowering of Dean Phoenix (Paradise Found), who until now always played the total top. Maybe now these guys can settle down.

With it's expert cast, crew and story, Buckleroos is a bonanza of riches. There has clearly never been a movie like it. Viewers will develop interest in the characters, and, who knows, somewhere over the next horizon will come another story about the Man In Black.

Buckleroos Extras

The special edition DVD Combo, which is what everyone should buy, contains a fifty-four minute bonus sex scene of Zak Spears at a bar hooking up with furry Italian bodybuilder Carlo Masi (Muscle Up). These two prime pieces of grade A beef have a hot session highlighted with Masi taking it up the ass from Spears over a barstool. Spears visibly breaks a sweat while screwing Masi. A Colt Man Exclusive, Masi is very verbal, a hot property to watch.

There is also a detailed, interesting documentary on the making of Buckleroos. On its own, this forty-five minute piece is a well-made, fully-concieved film that one might expect to see on the Sundance Channel or HBO (except for the hardcore footage obviously). Anyone interested in what goes into making a functioning porn movie will want to watch.

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Buckleroos Photos:

Owen Hawk and Brad Benton kiss Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Owen Hawk and Brad Benton kiss,
Diego de la Hoya below
Sammy Case, Timmy Thomas and Marcus Iron Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Sammy Case and Timmy Thomas
suck Marcus Iron

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