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Andre Adair
Big Blue Productions  
Andreas , Ben Campezi , Jason Hawke , Jay Poison , Jeremy Jordan , Jim Slade , Lola Laywell , Rocco Bossi , Sara Diaz , Tony Cage
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Tony Cage is Blue Blake's Brute

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The latest feature from Blue Blake's production company is a nice film spotlighting wrestling. Unlike other films from the studio, Brute is directed by Andre Adair, who typically handles much of the production side of Big Blue Productions. This time Adair's able talents are given a shot from the director's chair.

The result is a hot film that musclelovers will want to see. Brute tells the thought-provoking story of straight guys who turn to the world of wrestling, ending up gay. The film begins with Jim Slade and his dreamy Italian friend (Ben Campezi from Muscle Penitentiary) sitting around the pool with their girlfriends (Lola Laywell and Sara Diaz), discussing making the leap into this new exercise regimen.

Porn Star Jason HawkeWatch Now
Porn Star Jason Hawke
They go to a gym, where they immediately sense something different in the air. It doesn't take long for Slade to get the picture. He observes German ¨berjunge Jason Hawke mugging down with Tony Cage, a much bigger piece of beefcake. Cage is pretty straight looking and acting. His dick, on the other hand, says yes when Hawke gives him an enthusiastic blowjob.

And Hawke takes it up his perfect, meaty butt like a pro. In the corner of the wrestling ring, Hawke perches on his fours as Cage pumps him from behind. They switch positions so Hawke can sit down on it. He finishes by shooting hot high flying jizz up onto himself, running down his smooth chest.

Cage, with his Superman tattoo, amongst others, lays back and coaxes his own nut out of his balls.

The next scene is probably one of those people will either love or hate. First of all, one cannot think of two greater contrasts then the slim, youthful blond Jeremy Jordan versus the big, burly dark Jay Poison from Cowboy Rides Again. Jordan really does well here, thrown into this cauldron cast of bodybuilders. Jordan stops by the gym, looking for basic wrestling lessons.

Gym manager Poison seems all too happy to show the kid the ropes. Their twenty minute session begins with Poison going through quite a number of basic positions and falls with Jordan. Poison does well as the role of teacher here. All this intimate action gets Jordan excited, so Poison directs him right out of his uniform.

Naked, they play around with their stiff cocks. Poison's is big and thick. His pubes are shaved. They have an engaging all-oral suck session that is captivating. The entire daddy/boy lesson grips the viewer, and they both finish by whacking out their hot money shots. Some viewers though will only see this as an oral-only scene, and forward right past it.

We found it a nice addition to the movie.

After this is a solo session with an intriguing new face, Rocco Bossi. Outside, leaning against some kind of wall, Bossi poses shirtless. His smooth pecs look great. He pulls off his jeans to reveal an enormously proportioned uncut cock. The head of this beast curves sharply down when erect. He works it over until he shoots what looks like a gallon of hot milk out of it.

It is obvious why this was inserted into the movie.

Jim Slade wrestles

Jim Slade: "God, you got a big cock!" Meanwhile, Campezi's straight sensibilities are melting for Hawke. Hawke sets up a match between Slade and Andreas. Whoever loses has to take it up the ass. The two wrestle and, unsurprisingly, Slade comes out on bottom. Apparently Slade's straight sensibilities are melting at a quicker rate then Campezi's.

Pulling down his underwear, Andreas presents his thick upturned tool to Slade, who is down on his knees worshiping it in no time. Slade lets the victor slam his meat into his mouth, who gags, slurps and moans happily. God, you got a big cock! mutters Slade.

Slade stands up in the wrestling ring so Andreas can plant long, luscious tongue licks into his ass. This tasty buttfeast goes on until Andreas feels that it is time to claim his prize. He drills Slade standing over a bench. He thrusts hard into Slade, who urges him to hit it harder. Andreas has nice big balls that slap around against Slade's skin.

Slade then grinds up and down over Andreas. Andreas finishes by standing over Slade, where he pops out a powerful arc all over Slade's face and hair. Slade then dumps his juice without changing his position, lots of it landing on Andreas' big foot.

Ben Campezi Wins The Match

The movie's final scene ends up as the movie's best. Campezi and Hawke wrestle, and the Italian ends up winning. Hawke relishes the loss. Both models are a perfect form here and have never looked better. Campezi, who usually bottoms, shows that he is a very sexy top, and he still has some of the best legs ever to grace the screen.

While they are blowing each other's uncut stiffies, Campezi cannot keep his hands off Hawke's bubblebutt. After a hot sixty-nine and some mouthwatering rimming, Campezzi goes for a wild ride in Hawke's saddle. Hawke rocks his body to Campezi's thrusts from behind. As said earlier, Campezi is a very sexy top who really knows how to use his dick. They finish with hot ball blasts that leave Hawke-boy wet and sticky.

Is this what always goes down in the wrestling world? Brute is definitely one of the best wrestling flicks to come out since Titan's Tag Team. There are lots of high moments, fine direction from Adair and the sweet topman skills of Ben Campezi will win the viewer's heart.

Note: The DVD includes an interesting Behind The Scenes sequence showing the models practicing wrestling moves.

Brute Photos:

Ben Campezi and Jim SladeWatch Now
Ben Campezi opens for Jim Slade
Andreas in BruteWatch Now
Topman Andreas
Jay Poison and Jeremy JordanWatch Now
Jay Poison over Jeremy Jordan

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