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Brutal Tops

Ben Baird
SX Video  
Angel Valentino , Christian Rock , Gabriel D'Alessandro , J.J. Rossi , Kirby Thomas , Max Middleman , , Sebastian Leon
Bareback SexInterracial SexDaddy / Boy

Brutal Tops

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Miguel Temon Wags the Top

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

What did it take for SX Video to persuade their supreme bareback stallion Miguel Temon to officially flip over? It was a lot of money, explains the model in the DVD's interesting Behind the Scenes segment. Keep in mind that gay porn is littered with highly hyped videos where a famous total top get taken down, bottoms on screen for the first time - often with disappointing results. (Perhaps the best example of a disappointing on-screen bust was when Falcon's Jeremy Penn "bottomed" for Roland Dane in Defined.)

Whatever Mr. Temon earned for his scene getting fucked by Gabriel D'Alessandro in Brutal Tops -- it is worth every penny! This scene, actually, this entire movie stands out from the entire SX Video line. The video shakes the bedposts with rollicking man sex. Per the film's title, the tops let the bottoms know, gently, firmly, that there's no such thing as a free ride.

Temon emits a detectable air of ignominy with his ass raised high in the air, lubed, letting D'Alessandro explore it. Then, Temon must sit on it. Drawing us in, the models taunt each other with back and forth jib jab, transfixing us in suspense while watching Temon slowly get used to D'Alessandro huge cock. D'Anessandro does a masterful job letting Temon slowly melt onto it.

Director Ben Baird doesn't rush anything - which is typically a problem with these type of "tops turned bottom" scenes. Once Temon's on his fours, he's opened enough for the top to prod him good. It's completely riveting. Then they blow the lid off everything by turning things around - Temon throws a blistering fuck into D'Alessandro. These two are an amazing match together in action. The barebacking makes it looks even more real.

The guys blow their loads one after the other, first D'Alessandro, followed by Temon pumping faster, pulling out and spurting. It's one of the hottest flip-flops of the year. Hands down. (Both Temon and D'Allessandro put in more hot performances in SX Video's The Bareback Boys)

Miguel Temon and Gabriel DAlessandroWatch on or Watch VOD
Migueal Timon bottoms for Gabriel D'Alessandro

Sebastian Leon's Primed for Pumping

I can't get fucked right now, I just shot a load in your hole. The following episodes in Brutal Tops don't rise to the level of the first episode, but on their own, they are all excellent. First up comes the filmed manhandling of the doe-eyed, fair Sebastian Leon. He's totally dominated by the aggressive Max Middleman, a strong top who clearly delights in lording over this kid.

As an ode to joy, Middleman facefucks him, all the while digging his long finges into Leon's hole. Soon he's poised the bottom doggie style, receiving every inch of his hard dick. A chorus of "that's a good boy", light slapping and spitting accompanies their fucking.

This kid gets slammed, his lovely flowing locks tussled, and his sweaty little pulled around like a German pretzel. Middleman eats him up, leaving his pretty little ass bred with milky love.

Next up is a white hot interracial sex scene. White top Christian Rock takes his aggressions out on Angel Valentino (aka Angyl Valentino). Why's he so upset? Allegedly, it's because Valentino is lounging in his bed, stuffed with a butt plug. Of course that's silly, since we all run across Black men doing this in all of our beds at least once a week.

Still it's a great way to start the fantasy, Valentino's ass probably feels like a heavenly chocolate pudding. Mr. Rock is another one of the film's great tops, clearly a turn on to Valentino whose dick stiffens to full mast as soon as Rock starts pumping him bareback.

Sebastian Leon gets Brutal Top love from Max Middleman
Watch on HotBarebacking

Rock proceeds to fuck the bottom in every imaginable position, taking his time, not rushing. This scene is arguably as hot as the Temon / D'Alessandro scene at the beginning, if not, it's off by just a hair. By the time they get to the money shots, sweat's pouring off their bodies and pre-cum out of Valentine's ass. Rock leaves Valentino's hole white and creamy, followed by the bottom's own impressive money shot.

The Porn Star Always Cums Twice

The final scene brings together two models who we've until now never seen - a manly dishwater blond named Kirby Thomas and J.J. Rossi, a passive bottom who's simultaneously on the brink of busting his nut the whole time he's getting fucked. Thomas stays in full control, fucking him hard all over the bedroom.

Rossi rises to Heaven when the top announces that he's going to cum in his ass. What comes next is even better: Thomas pulls his cock out and unloads two orgasms in a row on Rossi's hole. He proceeds to push the pool of white cum that settled on his anus inside, fucking the bottom some more for a perfect finish.

Hats off to Thomas delivering two back to back money shots. Does that mean he got paid double? In any case, make doubly sure that you do not miss SX Video's Brutal Tops.

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Brutal Tops Photos:

Max Middleman and Sebastian LeonWatch on or Watch VOD
Max Middleman tops Sebastian Leon
Christian Rock and Angel VanentinoWatch on or Watch VOD
Angel Vanentino above Christian Rock
Kirby Thomas and JJ RossiWatch on HotBarebacking or Watch VOD
Kirby Thomas above JJ Rossi
Kirby Thomas tops JJ RossiWatch on HotBarebacking or Watch VOD
Kirby Thomas fucks JJ Rossi

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