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Brothers Should Do It

William Higgins
Brad Peters , Brad Scott , Derrick Stanton , Giorgio Canali , J.W. King , Jack Burke , Jamie Wingo , Jimmy Jagger , Jon King , Kip Noll
Oral SexPre-CondomTwinks, AmericanHunksCum EatingIncest / Brothers

Brothers Should Do It

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The First 'Gay Brothers' in Gay Porn

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

William Higgins went to the Reno, Nevada Gay Rodeo to film this pre-condom movie, which over the years continues to be one of the true early 80s classics.

Want to get a taste of gay sex during the time when Hall & Oates topped the charts and everyone wanted to get laid by blond Christopher Atkins from the movie The Blue Lagoon? The opening sequence and stilted speech scene set-ups make for a fun peek into gay stud cruising during that time. Since it was 1981, Brothers Should Do It is shot entirely on film. Also, there is a lot of rudimentary and poor quality camera work. (It was probably one of the films films with actual sound.)

Jamie Wingo and Jon KingWatch Now
Jamie Wingo sucks Jon King

All of this doesn't stop Brothers Should Do It from standing on its own as a classic gay porn movie with genuine, horny heat from guys who were the big porn stars of their time, enjoying the fruits of the worry-free, sexual revolution.

The special guest star lead billing goes to Kip Noll. Noll was the all-American, curly haired straight jock who happily fucked his buddies in the ass. (To indicate how famous Noll was, recall that special guest star billings at this time were reserved for such grand figures as Joan Collins in Dynasty) The opening sex scene features the famous fucker getting down with Derrick Stanton (Class of '84: The Boys of Venice) in the hot tub. Retiring to the bedroom, Noll drills his dick into the noisy Stanton, who verbally urges him on. Noll's own running commentary makes the viewer truly believe that his ass feels fucking amazing and that we want to get in there too.

After this, Giorgio Canali (Best Little Warehouse in L.A.) and Jack Burke retire inside from the rain. Once inside, they can't keep their hands off of each other. The boyish Burke gives Canali a great blow-job. Soon he's ass-up on all fours begging for that big cock in his ass. Burke gets to feel what it's like to be fucked by Giorgio Canali, and it looks great, his heavy balls lapping at Burke's backside. After doing him doggie, Canali swoops in missionary, going to town until they both shoot cum.

These scenes form the movie's meat threaded by Jon King describing to his brother, J.W., what life is like living in Southern California. J.W. King (A Night at Halsteds), who lives in Reno, seems amazzed at all the hot sex stories. Jon King continues on with an episode of his own where he hooks-up with boy toy Jamie Wingo on this hellacious 1970's era couch. [See Blog: Jon King Fucks Twinks Circa 1981]

Wingo starts blowing King, who has a great looking erection. Jon King stands while getting his dick sucked and round ass eaten, his eyes rolled back in his head- an amazing display of sensuality. Wingo stretches out on the carpet as King throws him a slow moving first-class fuck that still has to be seen to be believed. To top it all off, King in his unstoppable state bends himself over the couch to receive Wingo's wang.

King throws himself back to meet Wingo's thrusts in perfect rhythm. King shoots all over himself, while Wingo enjoys an earthquake of an orgasm stretched back on the couch blowing his own hot money shot.

In the next scene, which looks like Higgins filmed it and kept it on the shelf until needed, two guys (one is Brad Peters playing top) get it on al fresco near a jacuzzi. Peters looks like he's having a great time fucking here, culminating with him shooting a tasty cum shot into his buddy's open mouth. They jump into the pool to cool off.

Jon King bottoms in Brothers Should Do ItWatch Now
Jamie Wingo behind Jon King
After this we find Brad Scott wearing a bandana around his neck and skin tight shorts. He picks-up Jimmy Jagger, who is skateboarding around an empty park. The two go back to a very lived-in family room, right down to the brown paneled walls, Hi-Fi stereo system and Rod Stewart's Foolish Behavior album.

The tangle of electronic equipment quietly watches as the guys start sucking each other's dicks. Scott is a pouty faced blond bad boy, a familiar Higgins diversion, who talks loudly while Jagger sucks him. Scott decides that he's going to fuck his trick, which he does energetically on the spacious room's shag carpet. There's even a few moments showing the two showering off together. The boys look like they are ready to go eat some lunch at this point.

Brothers Jon King and J.W. King Do It

The best scene of the film is the final episode when Jon King comes out to J.W., and they decide to connsumate their revelation with incestuous applause. As mentioned earlier, Jon King's sensuality drips off the screen. In some amazing blow-job footage, he inhales his brother's cock in long deep gulps. This is followed them climbing together onto each other in a rousing sixty-nine.

J.W. fucks his little brother silly. Jon loves it so much he cums while getting fucked, and gives a telling glance over into the camera. No problem, the guys aren't anywhere finished. Jon gets drilled at length on his back, the two rocking back and forth in each other's arms, frequently kissing. There are some great views of J.W. drilling Jon's hairy ass in long, slow thrusts, very well lit.

It doesn't matter how long ago this was filmed. Two masculine men enjoying heated sexual passion together doesn't get any better.

Higgins' casting of King and King was the kind of inspired moves that made his movies so vibrant at the time, and even still very much so today. Brothers Should Do It is a time capsule, taking us back to the days of horny California boys armed with bleached hair, short shorts and plastic Aviator sunglasses.

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Brothers Should Do It Photos:

Jimmy Jagger and Brad ScottWatch Now
Jimmy Jagger sucks Brad Scott
Jack Burke and Giorgio CanaliWatch Now
Jack Burke waves his endowment at Giorgio Canali
J.W. King fucks Jon KingWatch Now
J.W. King behind Jon King
Brad Peters in Brothers Should Do ItWatch Now
Brad Peters plays top

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