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Jerry Douglas
Buckshot Productions  
Dallas Reeves , Danny Roddick , Dean Phoenix , Jan Fischer , , Justin Burkshire , Kevin Armstrong , , Sebastian Rivers , , Trey Casteel
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Danny Roddick Joins the Brotherhood

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Maybe if viewers rally together, we can convince Jerry Douglas to make more movies. Brotherhood is this Frisky Fan's pick for this year's GayVN best picture, though it regrettably didn't receive a best picture nomination. (It received nominations for Best Screenplay and Best Threesome).

Douglas nails all the elements here - an eclectic cast, expertly executed production elements, character development, sizzling sex, and a storyline that doesn't get in the way of what viewers are really tuning in for. The skilled director behind classics like Kiss Off and Dream Team has his thumb firmly on the pulse of gay desire, seeming to know exactly which fantasies generate the most heat.

Kurt Wild Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Frat Boy Kurt Wild
Where Kiss-Off explored the world of undercover cops and Family Values, the taboo subject of familial incest, Brotherhood enters the world of a frathouse.

At the top of the film, we learn that one of the brothers (Danny Roddick - Hostile) is receiving anonymous, threatening messages from someone else in the house. It happens that Roddick's character is moonlighting, making gay porn flicks to supplement his scholarship.

When he gets this latest threat, he mentally runs down the frat roster, trying to figure out who has it out for him. He comes up with a half-baked scheme to seduce each member of the house, photograph them having gay sex, and then use the photos to blackmail whomever is ultimately issuing the threats. This strategy, of course, wouldn't work in the real world, but in the world of porn, anything is possible.

Seducing Tory Mason

To ply his brothers, Roddick stocks up on alcohol and pussy porn, finding those moments when his buddies are most vulnerable to suggestion, and then pouncing. Tory Mason (In His Dreams) and Dallas Reeves (Bottom of the 9th: Little Big League 3) are the first of Roddick's mates to be seduced. With subtle female squeals from the television providing an aural undercurrent, the three men slowly but surely work themselves out of their clothes, all under the guise of jerking off to the film that's playing.

Solo jerking turns to a bit of voyeurism, which then turns to some harmless mutual stroking with a little finger fucking thrown in on the sly. The stroke party grows in number when two bespectacled blonde guys (Justin Berkshire/Kurt Wild) arrive. As explained in the opening montage, Berkshire and Wild (Just the Sex) enjoy a "special" relationship, and of all the characters in Brotherhood, they truly exemplify the word fraternal. Wild and Berkshire go whole hog, kissing and 69ing in plain view of the original three, joining but not joining the sexual energy in the room. During all, Roddick hops around the room, subtly snapping pix with a digital camera.

In another room, Trey Casteel prepares to shave his chest and crotch to please his girlfriend. Sensing an opening to take still more incriminating photos, Roddick volunteers to wield the razor. Hairy jock Sebastian Rivers, a model who delivers an uncannily accurate portrayal of a frat boy, and in fact also plays a frat in this year's excellent Jet Set Fraternity Gangbang 2. He hovers nearby, curious to watch, but not in any overtly sexual way.

Roddick shaves Casteel, then asks Rivers to shuck the jockstrap he's wearing so that he has something to mop up the shaving cream dripping between the cheeks of Casteel's hot ass. Then telling Rivers that an asshole tastes just like pussy (it doesn't, but I digress), he convinces Rivers to give Casteel an impromptu rim job, which turns into Rivers topping his more muscular buddy. More incriminating photos are snapped.

Brotherhood snapshot Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Justin Berkshire and Kurt Wild
Working the entire house, Roddick's next target is Dean Phoenix (Buckleroos), a heavy-hung beauty who freaks out most of the women he wants to fuck by sheer size alone. Can Roddick help relieve Phoenix's aching blue balls? Of course he can!

Unlike the women Phoenix dates, Roddick isn't the least bit shy about giving it the old college try, impressively sucking a very happy Phoenix. The encounter takes an almost comical detour, Phoenix self-sucking and blowing his spunk down his own throat while Roddick rims his hole from above.

Frat Boyfriends Kurt Wild and Justin Berkshire

Back in the frathouse lounge, the Berkshire/Wild pair are still deep into their private affections when the house's evangelical Christian (Jorden Michaels) returns home from a date . The ever present Roddick encourages Berkshire and Wild to "help a buddy out", which rusults in one of this year's GayVN nominated scenes for Best Threesome. All three are lean, unassuming blonds, looking decidedly geeky until they take off their glasses. They finish with a mind-blowing, multi-tiered fuck pyramid on the staircase.

A secondary plot that runs underneath concerns Roddick's secret frathouse lover (Jan Fischer). It's a bit superfluous and doesn't really advance the plot critically. Douglas inserts a one-on-one session between the two, infused with tenderness. Unless viewers have a hankering for Fischer, it's probably the only scene in the film that can be bypassed before the big orgy finale.

Sex Party Initiation

In the end, the only frat guy not accounted for is Kevin Armstrong (Trunks 3). Searching through his belongings, Roddick finds gay porn and weed, immediately figuring out that it's the closeted Armstrong, a Marine candidate, who made the threats. When Kevin Armstrong finally returns to the frathouse, all the members of the house except Casteel are in full-out orgy mode. Using the porn and pot, Roddick blackmails Armstrong into stripping down and joining the skin party. And even though there are better ways to give/receive an invitation to a sex party, the spectacular results are the same.

The orgy is a series of visual peaks and valleys, but the lovemaking between Dean Phoenix and Tory Mason, fucking that happens almost on the periphery, is among some of the best in the film.

Along with some galleries and previews for other Colt/Buckshot flicks, viewers have the option to watch the film with additional commentary by Douglas and Roddick. The late Danny Roddick's remarks ring especially high given that this was one of his last films.

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Brotherhood Photos:

Dallas Reeves fingers Tory Mason Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Dallas Reeves fingers Tory Mason
Kurt Wild, Jordan Michaels,<br> Justin Berkshire Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Kurt Wild, Jordan Michaels,
Justin Berkshire
Danny Roddick sucks Jan Fischer Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Danny Roddick sucks Jan Fischer

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