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Broke Straight Boys (D and E Productions)
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W A T C H  Y O U R   F A V O R I T E    P O R N

Broke Straight Boys

David Adamson
D and E Productions  
Aiden , Billy Boy , Jaime , Jona , Maverick Strong , Sean Tyler , Taz , Tyler , Wes
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Broke Straight Boys

Broke Straight Boys Volume 2 features Taz

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

One of prime dilemmas facing straight boys today enjoys a full exploration in the popular film series titled Broke Straight Boys. One may at first ask: Are all of these models really straight dudes? Actually if you have spent time in the dancer bars around the Fort Lauderdale / Miami area of Florida, you may have encountered some of these same guys, who in person will tell you that they have girlfriends and are simply using their studly looks to make ends meet.

Fans of naked straight guys will enjoy the casting here. These dudes strut their masculinity in full force. Some have popped up in films for years, such as Taz, a tattooed, hung bull with American Indian blood. All in all it's fun watching the guys move through their economic choices that ultimately leaves them fucked, sucked and drained.

Broke Straight Boys #2 begins on a very hot note thanks to the appearance of Aiden, a dazzling straight acting dude with the hottest cock of the entire cast. Once paired with Jaime, another cutie who looks intellectual with his glasses, they burn up the screen.

Watching them play with their hard ons through their boxers is the first of many memorable moments. Aiden keeps wearing his dog tags while explaining his tattoos to the camera. (It's the busty pulp horror babe Vampirella)

Eventually, director David Adamson talks them up from doing solo scenes into Aiden topping Jaime. This is arguably the high point of the entire film. Jaime exclaims that he's never been fucked in his cute little butt, and his facial expressions during their tryst seem to prove it.

Hot cocksucking and a surprisingly hot fuck session make Aiden's and Jaime's episode a real treat.

Broke Straight Boy Taz tops Watch Now on BrokeStraightBoys
Taz tops Sean Tyler
Broke Straight Boys Wes and Maverick Strong Watch Now on BrokeStraightBoys
Wes sucks Maverick Strong
After this comes another hot coupling, this time between eighteen year old Wes and nineteen year old Maverick (aka Maverick Strong). Maverick has a very cute face, expressive eyes and a small goatee on the end of his chin.

They jack off sitting side by side, soon moving up to mutual masturbation. Ultimately, Wes gets talked into sucking Maverick's dick, and only after reassuring everyone present that he will not "use any teeth." After Maverick orally reciprocates, the hairy legged straight boys jack themselves off with nice money shots.

Taz works hard for the money

The final two episodes of the movie features boxcoverboy Taz, who a straight boy who looks like a bit of a con artist. [Taz fans can watch him perform from a Sammy Case-era movie from back in 2004 called Seducing Sammy. Also you want to see Taz and Sebastian Young strut their gay for pay stuff in the The Da Vinci Load.]

Taz looks great. He wants to perform, but he wants too much money. So he snags a guy who he think "likes him" from an Albertson's parking lot. The chosen bottom turns out to be Sean Tyler (College Boy Physicals 5). Tyler is cute, but we think he's much more into cock than pussy. Tyler has bounced around twink movies for awhile too, all from CitiBoyz movies to Tipo Sesso's hot potato bad boy film Barebacking Across America 2.

Of all the scenes the "story" looks the most rehearsed, but that's okay as both Taz and Tyler put in performances that earn them their day's pay. Both guys start out shoulder to shoulder on the couch displaying their big, hard erections.

Tyler proceeds to give a tasty looking blow job to Taz, who stretches back smiling, clearly enjoying it very much. More money gets offered, and soon Tyler is on his back with his legs in the air.

This is the first time we've seen Tyler bottom on screen, staying hard the entire time. He's a pretty hot bottom, and Taz fucks really good. He pulls out and shoots a really nice one.

Broke Straight Amish Boys

The movie ends on a different note. Some may get into the final episode, in which the scruffy faced Amish boy Jona needs a thousand dollars to help save the family farm. For this the perennially broke Taz reappears, this time with the hot Tyler and baby faced Billy Boy in tow.

Tyler has a great cock, which Jona switches off sucking from Taz. Unfortunately Billy Boy has wood problems. And Taz is the only guy who actually fucks Jona.

Some guys mau get into the Amish straight boy bottoming story, but the preceding scenes all have much hotter qualities. And we would watch the studly Aiden strut his big pussy pumping dick around any day.

Fans of straight guys should visit their hit website Broke Straight Boys. Members can also watch the fun dirty doctor episode series on www.collegeboyphysicals.com.

Broke Straight Boys Photos:

Broke Straight Boys Taz and Wes Watch Now on BrokeStraightBoys
Taz enjoys a blowjob from Wes
Broke Straight Boy Jaime Watch Now on BrokeStraightBoys
Broke Straight Jaime
Broke Straight Boys Watch Now on BrokeStraightBoys
Broke Straight Boys

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