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Brief Encounters: Real Men Volume 17

Walter Romero
Pantheon Productions  
Allen Silver , Conner Habib , , Massimo Forte , , Nick Moretti , , Tim Kelly , Tony Daniels
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Brief Encounters: Real Men Volume 17

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Meet The Real Matthew Rush?

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

During his tenure at Falcon Studio, Matthew Rush tangled with his share of muscle-bound beauties. But since being released from his contract, fans are getting to see a different side to this one-of-a-kind porn super-stud. Watching him in Brief Encounters, one gets the sneaking suspicion that these cross-generational kinds of films are ones that he's been wanting to make all along.

Rush opens the film in a vignette called "All Wet". Set in the locker room after a workout, Rush meets his scene partner, Tim Kelly, who is also photographed on the DVD boxcover. They soon find themselves indulging in spontaneous gym sex. Just as Rush is sliding his white briefs back on, he finds himself being slyly ogled by Kelly, one of those "hot older males" that Pantheon markets so well, particularly to daddy-boy fetishists.

Besides the age gap between the two men, the biggest differentiator here is Kelly's furry pelt, quite a contrast to Rush's creamy smoothness. Director Walter Romera keeps these guys in their crisp briefs for as long as possible; instead of pawing off Rush's undies before ravaging his asshole, Kelly just shoves the elastic band underneath the weighty curve of Rush's ample ass; instead of liberating Kelly's stiffie from his tighty-whities, Rush slobbers through the fabric, wetting until it's practically see-through. Their underwear stays on, even when the action moves into the locker room shower area.

Brief Encounters

Hairy Boyz Hairy
Like muscle bears? Wolves?
Eventually, their drawers are shucked to the side when it's time to fuck. Characteristically a top, here, Rush is all too eager to face the cold tile while Kelly bangs him from behind. It's only a matter of time, however, before Rush's top tendencies get the best of him. He gives his new gym daddy a good doggy style ass-fuckin' in the middle of the open shower room.

Nick Moretti's Brief Encounter with Conner Habib

Nick Moretti (Masterpiece) is a natural for Pantheon Productions, though hardcore hair fetishists may balk about all the trimming that Moretti does. Even more so than the film's opener, the second scene, "Daddy's Boy" really capitalizes on the youthfulness of one model (Conner Habib, in an early role) compared to his slightly older partner. In what looks to be his porn debut, Habib really comes off as a naïve newbie, relying on Moretti to show him the sexual ropes.

Hooking up on what looks to be a pool table inside a gay club that's closed up shop for the evening, this older/younger duo are doing their best to work around the awkward surroundings. (This scene would have worked much better at one or the other's fictional "home"). Moretti's a stunner (check him out in another, better daddy-boy scenario in Hot House's Headhunters Inc. ) but the weird "sex on a pool table" thing, paired with his scene partner's relative inexperience creates a somewhat lackluster encounter. "A Ripping Good Time" with Allen Silver (Daddy Hunt: Volue Two) and an unrecognizable Steve Parker puts the viewer back at the gym. Parker, a little heavier, head shaved, and without the goatee, makes a move on Silver. Pawing the stranger's ass, Parker finds the tiniest of holes in Silver's underwear, and seeing an advantage, uses his fingers to shred Silver's drawers, completely exposing Silver's furry rump. It's Parker's pig play - sniffing and slobbering at Silver's crack, spewing bits of dirty talk, and slurping on his buddy's cock - that finally helped me make the connection. This is Steve Parker!

Watching this filthy fucker in action is what it took to make the connection. Silver's also showing off nastier side; while certainly sexual in Titan's Barnstorm, here, Parker brings out a ferociousness in Silver that's surprising. Again, the briefs stay on where most of us would have wanted them out of the way. After Parker screws Silver through the trap door he's created, his own briefs get the same treatment.

Derrick Hanson Receives a Welcome Return Home

Derrick Hanson, a porn veteran who's worked for the major studios (Lucas Entertainment, Titan Media, Raging Stallion) seems to always find his way back to Pantheon Productions. Watching him here with Massimo Forte in a vignette called "Under the Tuscan Daddy" it seems as if Hanson is bringing a little bit of extra enthusiasm to the scene. Like so many of the scenarios in Brief Encounters, the spark here is Hanson in his underwear, casually rifling through his wardrobe while an appreciative Forte admires Hanson's backside from across the room.

Watching Forte aggressively put Hanson through his paces but me in mind of Chad Douglas (Remember Falcon's 80's classic In Your Wildest Dreams?); unlike a lot of tops who establish dominance with verbal bluster, Forte takes ownership of Hanson in the same way Douglas did, his face seemingly devoid of emotion. This is easily the most passionate of all the Brief Encounters where these two disparate energies come together – Hanson's daddy lust matched against Forte's command and control of the young dude he's fucking.

There's clear chemistry here and Forte fucks Hanson with the same kind of unscripted/undirected energy you might see in a Treasure Island Media offering. And could this be a bareback fuck? It sure seems so. When Forte can't control his orgasm, he pulls out of Hanson, and unloads without having to shuck a nasty rubber. Hot.

"Kickin' It Old School" features a returning Tim Kelly tangling with another porn first-timer, the very sultry Tony Daniels. Daniels, with his chrome dome, raven black goatee, and bodybuilder physique brings out a different vibe from Kelly, and as a result the sex seems less urgent, but more intimate. It's hard to tear attention away from Daniels – he is truly a stunner.

Here's hoping that Pantheon (or other studios) find some interesting ways to put this stud to work in front of the camera. No offense to Kelly, but how fantastic would it be to watch this modern day Mr. Clean get poked by somebody who's truly hung? My mind goes immediately to Lucas Entertainment's Ben Andrews, but feel free to fill Daniels's chute with the imaginary monster prick of your choice.

Bottom line? Pantheon Productions has found a niche, turning out well-made daddy-boy flicks for an appreciate audience.

The DVD also includes a behind the scenes featurette.

Brief Encounters: Real Men Volume 17 Photos:

Derrick Hanson and Massimo Forte
Derrick Hanson spreads for Massimo Forte
Tim Kelly and Tony Daniels
Tim Kelly behind Tony Daniels
Tim Kelly and Matthew Rush
Tim Kelly tops gym trick Matthew Rush

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