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Brian's Boys

Robert Walters
Nova Studios  
Aaron Gage , Brian Hawks , Curt Hansen , Doug Phillips , Eric Brandon , Greg Phillips , Greg Torgeson , Mark Davis , Ron Kenney , Ted West , Vince Rossi
OrgyPre-CondomTwinks, American

Brian's Boys

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Brian Hawks' Classic Pre Condom Movie

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Brian's Boys is a classic twink lovers, pre-condom film that looks just as hot today as when it was first released in 1983. The movie has become one of the legendary Nova Studio's most enduring productions.

It was the studio's first feature-length, live sound film. With Brian Hawks in the central role, it instantly draws attention. Unfortunately this movie posseses a complicated controversy of legal issues, so today it is impossible to purchase the complete 103 minute 1983 version. This is also why some versions out there are called Brian's Men. However truncated versions are for sale, and even those are worth it.

Viewers can also watch the current edited release distributed by Midnight Men right now online.

In any form, Brian's Boys is worth finding. The simple story focuses on a gang of naive neighborhood buddies who pool their cash to buy a flashy baby blue convertible. The 1959 Chrysler doesn't run. The rest of the film is devoted to their attempts to find parts and expertise to get the vehicle operational.

Brian Hawks
Brain Hawks holds his gearshift
Of course they do, just in time to take a joy ride into the countryside for an exuberant celebratory orgy that ends the film. The movie oozes with innocence and bubbles with pheromonal intoxication. Contemporary viewers actually see this work from an earlier period as a fairy tale out of time, like watching an episode of Our Gang.

The tale begins with Hawks slowly raising the garage door, taking us to another time and place. We are quickly introduced to his buddies Doug Phillips, Ron Kinney, Eric Brandon and Ted West. They all work on their prized acquisition.

Frustrated by the car's mechanical problems, they turn their attention from their car work to crotch work.

Hawks is in the driver's seat. He is the first to open his fly. Out comes his bulbous erection. One by one each of his buddies follows. How natural and normal --- a circle jerk! Their results, which play to a zippy musical track, is most arousing.

The guys pleasure themselves, but not touching each other. They discuss being hit on by others fags, and they exile one member's younger brother (Gary Phillips) from their spontaneous matinee. However, Phillips does sneak back for the final moments.

This scene ends in a blizzard of jism.

After this are three one on one scenes as the guys depart to solve their automotive woes. First, Hawks calls a top truck. The mechanic, curly haired Mark Davis, arrives and considers seducing him.

his crotch is getting bigger...wonder if he knows what to do with it...hope he isn't wasting it on girls

Instead he goes to his boyfriend Aaron Gage for an oral trade off in the shower. They finish with a heated flip flop in their bed.

Next another of the guys (Vince Rossi) sneaks into an auto parts storeroom to steal a muffler. Clerk Curt Hansen catches him, who offers him a deal. I'd hate to call the cops. - I'll do anything! - Maybe we can work something out....

The two run the gamut of oral and anal work. Hanson plays strictly top here, delivering a nice money shot. In the third one-on-one, Hawks gets more parts at another garage. Here he accepts the offer from the garageman Greg Torgeson to pay with cock.

The entire situation is rather charming. Enough actually to swallow the notion that Hawks has never sucked cock before. Enough to buy the idea that this big mechanic desperately wants the mop-haired blonde to top him. Ever fuck a guy? - How do you do that?

The scene sizzles, and produces the movie's profound image - the two screwing doggie style on a car lift as it rises into the air, finally descending just in time for the money shots. Book this scene into the Hall of Fame.

Brian Hawks is behind the wheel tonight

The final scene of Brian's Boys has the vehicle all souped up and roaring into the country. Hawks is behind the wheel, and West's face is in his crotch. Practically by the time the car gets off the road, and the keys are out of the ignition, everyone is at each other in all kinds of combinations.

All this works perfectly off course, since this is a convertible. Of course, little brother Phillips has stowed away in the truck, so he can join in. Ultimately, this finale produces so many ejaculations the viewer will lose count.

This lusty movie from the 80s is an embarrassment of riches. Try to get your paws on any version, or watch it running now online.

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