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Brent Corrigan's The Big Easy

Brent Corrigan
Dirty Bird Pictures  
Aiden Tyler , , Jake Green , Jeremy Lange , Johnny Rocket , , Ryan Buckley
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Brent Corrigan's The Big Easy

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Brent Corrigan lets the good times roll

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Brent Corrigan has never had it particularly easy.

Working as America's most notorious porn star since a very tender age, he has lived as one of society's easiest targets right up there with Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. Fame and notoriety often does not lead to a very happy, easy or fulfilling life, just ask Marilyn Monroe or Sal Mineo. Well, okay, we can't.

The charming and very handsome twenty-two year old has been channeling these multiple psychosis onto his blog for several years now, and, increasingly, into the movies that he helms for Dirty Bird Pictures. There is an awful lot to like about Brent Corrigan's The Big Easy. However, we should warn up front that watching the entire DVD set, it vacillates frequently from a hot twink production into an episode of Tyra Banks.

Of course, there is certainly a huge audience out there who will eagerly consume all of it. If anyone reading this ever wanted to personally invite the world's "most notorious porn star" into their house for an extended visit, just buy this two disc DVD. You're going to see and hear the entire package.

Running seemingly completely unedited at four hours, this complete film is a gonzo reality feature depicting Corrigan and his team arriving in New Orleans, familiarizing themselves in a rented house, venturing out to the French Quarter, oh and also fucking themselves in a variety of scenes.

This kind of project was first done with good success by Citi Boyz in their two part 2005 feature Real and Raw Las Vegas. Whereas, that film was produced in a rather laid back manner, Corrigan's fingerprints here are visible and audible from beginning to end of both discs, raising events and scenes to manic levels.

Jake Green and Brent Corrigan in The Big EasyWatch Now
Ryan Buckley and Aidyn Tyler (left)
Jake Green and Brent Corrigan (right)

Ryan Buckley Starts The Fucking

After lengthy sequences showing the guys' first night together, including interviews with each model, which we found for the most part not particularly illuminating, the film hits the sweet spot when Boston sparkplug Ryan Buckley gets to explore Corrigan in bed.

Ryan Buckley is ordered to ride Brent Corrigan's cock. Just when he thinks he's about to go for the gold, Corrigan directs Buckley to ride his cock. Their sexual flip-flop is rather tender and soft, a very nice sexual opening to the movie. Watching Buckley's thick dick slide in and out of Corrigan's tight hole may be enough to take the viewer over the top. The surprise flip-flop with the strong, tattooed Buckley carries the two to gooey climaxes that leave Corrigan's belly wet and sticky.

After this comes a very lengthy intermission where the cast venture out into the French Quarter. They fool around with alligator meat and other New Orleans delicacies, giggling. After that, the crew ends up at Oz on Bourbon Street for this really long stage show where they are interviewed by a drag queen. Here viewers will basically learn that the drag queens in New Orleans use essentially the exact same stock quips and throw-aways that the ones in your own home town probably have.

Things perk up significantly when back at the Love Pad, blond Ohio kid MJ Taylor gets frisky with a Mississippi newcomer bottom named Aiden Tyler. Tyler essentially was the closet thing to local talent Corrigan found in his model search, and he turns out to be a pretty nice find. He's certainly an easy going bottom, who most of the guys end up getting a piece of by the end of the film.

Taylor, with his long bangs over his forehead, ends up being a very good top who knows how to use his dick. He eats out Tyler's smooth butthole before he fucks it, drilling the lithe, pliable bottom on a dark orange couch. After pounding the cum out of him, the blond shoots a gusher of a money shot, coating Tyler's face and filling his mouth.

Brent Corrigan sells Flash Jacks Discount Prices
Taylor, who has admirably proved his top man abilities, returns for a three-way episode. This time he and admittedly bisexual California guy Jeremy Lange (Cream Filled Twinkeys) dip their poles into Jake Green's ass. Like Tyler in the first scene, Green is a lithe and skinny bottom whose ass handles cocks no muss no fuss. See a role pattern with the models emerging here?

The tops make a tasty Jake Green sandwich, fucking him silly all over the bed. Lange is an interesting figure to watch fuck, since he has a tight set of balls. All in all, the guys turn out a textbook level threesome, complete with attentive interaction and a mutual fun culminating in sweaty bodies and breathless orgasms.

The next sex scene is the flattest of the bunch simply because it's between the models who we have all just seen in the previous two episodes. M.J. Taylor appears for his third time, to top for his third time. He rams Lange, from the previous episode, up his ass, who is interesting to watch bottom.

Kudos to Lange for being not only bisexual but also versatile. He gets fucked in the full set of position, many times showing off his "Oh!" face.

Jokes Trigger Massive Big Eay Four-Way

This is followed by an unending sequence of the guys telling dirty jokes to each other. Guys, don't quit your porn job. After this, The Big Easy reaches its big climax - an intense four-way, which is absolutely one of the best fourgys we have seen in years. It should be a strong contender for the record books, and awards shows.

Brent Corrigan leads the boys into a frenzied four-way - the tops swap off the bottoms. The scene works well because the two magic bottoms of the film, Aiden Tyler and Jake Green return for great encores. And this time they are topped and swapped by Ryan Buckey and Corrigan, who seems more eager than ever to strut his top man stuff. On his back, Green keeps his keep pointed directly up to the ceiling, which Buckley grabs onto using as a gearshift, turbo fucking him.

Meanwhile Corrigan is burying himself into Tyler in an adjacent couch. The two couples powerfuck like an intense and X-rated Doublemint Gum commercial: Double your pleasure, double your fun! The cameraman gets numerous great wide-angle shots showing the two couples doing it.

The top finally swap bottoms, Corrigan so into his boy that he at first seems reluctant to give him up. The guys race to a photo finish when in a three man train (Buckley, Corrigan and Green), Green literally gets the cum fucked out of him. He pours out a hands-free money shot. Not to be outdone, Corrigan decides to let Buckley bang the same stuff out of him.

Ryan Buckley and Brent CorriganWatch Now
Ryan Buckley explores Brent Corrigan

Brent Corrigan's The Big Easy: Disc Two

The second disc contains a long sequence showing what happened when the guys all sit down together in the living room for a game of Truth or Dare. By this time in the filming, the guys had all bonded pretty well, and this game seals the deal. Stunts from fucking melons to taking ice cubes up the ass, there's also some additional fucking of Tyler and additional naked antics.

Of course if you want to see this, plus the interviews and bonding bits, purchasing the DVD is best. Disc Two also contains a set of final interviews, including a lengthy monologue from the film's star.

As mentioned earlier, here is where many of the neuroses and insecurities all flood out, at one point bursting into tears in an on-screen emotional moment that Merryl Streep would envy. It's just like inviting Brent Corrigan right into your house.

One last note: This reviewer was also slightly disappointed by the fact that the guy who we found most adorable in the movie, Johnny Rocket, the film's crafty make-up artist and cheerleader, never gets naked in the film. One unexpected lesson from The Big Easy: Sometimes the teasing feels better then actual fullfillment.

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Brent Corrigan's The Big Easy Photos:

MJ Taylor, Jake Green, Jeremy Strong Three WayWatch Now
MJ Taylor, Jake Green, Jeremy Strong
Brent Corrigans The Big Easy Four WayWatch Now
The Final Four-Way
Brent Corrigans The Big Easy OrgyWatch Now
The Big Easy Orgy: Aidyn Tyler, Jake Green, Ryan Buckley, Brent Corrigan
Jeremy Lange rides MJ TaylorWatch Now
Jeremy Lange rides MJ Taylor

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