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Breeding Season 2

Paul Morris
Treasure Island Media  
Brad McGuire , Christian , Calvin , Jerry Stearns , Jessy Karson , , Joe Rocco , Ray Dalton , , Mike Mexitop , Curtis , Mark , Craig , Lucca Mazza , , Gavin Strong , Haleem , Allen Undor , Tober Brandt , Mike Smith , John Sullivan , J.C. Woof , Armando Cortez , Chad , Josh , Amir , Matias , Jasper Adams , Jake Phillips , Daxx Maxxon , Derek , Jake Wood , , Jonny
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Breeding Season 2

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Love is in the air over at Treasure Island Media.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Breeding Season 2 just might be the ultimate porn package.

Holding the deluxe double DVD set in hand, you can literally feel the care, attention, and value that has gone into producing this fresh set of sin from reigning kings of bareback kink, Treasure Island Media. And it's not only the packaging that's special. If you're prepared to dive in deep with these pirates, you will uncover some truly priceless gems glittering in their treasure chest of uninhibited sexuality

There are nine hot and varied scenes on Disc One, featuring studio exclusives such as Treasure Island exclusive Christian and the ultimate pig bottom's fantasy man, Brad McGuire. There are also a number of fresher than fresh fuckable faces (boyhole, anyone?), and then a whole disc of delightfully decadent extras to feast your greedy eyes on, in the unlikely event you get bored with the two and a half hours of non-stop action that makes up this superb sequel to 2006's cock climaxing blockbuster Breeding Season.

"Vaseline" smoothes us right into the action with Bad Boy McGuire (Brad McGuire's 20 Hole Weekend) , returning from the first movie who has already got his fat cock stuffed down the throat of hairy sub slut Ray Dalton before we even start. Dalton pulls on his own pierced cock while servicing McGuire, licking his armpits, getting manhandled, and when the precum is dripping between McGuire's uncut fattie and his hungry mouth, getting his furry ass frigged in preparation for a vigorous and raw anal assault.

It's all about testosterone here as Dalton shows how hard and deep he can take it, 'till his ass is gaping from the excesses of the fucking. McGuire shoots, and shoves his cock back inside, giving the first bottom a taste of this years' breeding season. And for the extra nasty among you, there's even a wet sticky close up of Dalton's hole, post cum, throbbing open and closed, and oozing out McGuire's seedy deposit.

Christian starts Breeding Season 2Watch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Christian's open for breeding season
"What Happened To Nice" will certainly please fans of our favorite bottomslut Christian, and satisfy viewers of his headlining movie 24 Cocks in 24 Hours. A gangbang movie in its own right squeezed into 32 minutes, we find cumbucket Christian pushed to his anal limits with five tops for the day - Calvin, a skinhead who also loves to suck cock, handsome dark haired Craig, Mark, a bearded stud with a nice curved dick, Curtis, a black guy packing inches in his jockstrap, and Mike Mexitop, a long haired goateed Hispanic stud with an impressive rock hard member.

Craig is the first to mount the submissive bottom, and from there on in Christian gets used, screwed royally in both ends, cum in multiple times, and absolutely fucked to the limits. One cock pops out, another swiftly replaces it, and on and on until his spunk hole is positively fucked WIDE open (see it to believe it), and absolutely overflowing with the 5 guys man juices.

"Cabin Fuck" is a one on one fuckfest between the hot bandana wearing Jerry Stearns (Plantin' Seed 3), who has shown off his huge ebony cock in many a TIM picture, and his bottom for the day, the furry masculine tattooed Lucca Mazza. Stearns lives up to his name with his sexy moody cold facial expressions, as he wordlessly spanks his manly partner's ass. A little cocksucking, and soon he's got Mazza bent over and taking his truly majestic shaft until Mazza is screaming with pleasure and pain, and getting a load of hot spunk shot deep inside his man pussy. Hot fucker Stearns gradually slides out his glistening juiced-up knob just in time for a nice close up.

"How It's Done" pits perfect cocked top SX Video crossover star Lito Cruz (Monster Cock 2) with Seth, a pierced dicked bottom with a nice goatee-framed mouth for Cruz to slide his thick picture book prick between before fucking the bejesus out of him, and some cum deep into him. Nasty Cruz wraps up by feeding Seth his freshly shot cum straight from Seth's own ass.

Middle Eastern Boyfucking

There's ample Middle Eastern promise for silver fox top and fearless TIM exclusive Derek Anthony, as Haleem, a handsome sparkly eyed 19 year old Egyptian with youthful stubble and curly hair, offers his ass to the well hung daddy. The duo perform quietly and sensually, and you can actually see the moment when Anthony's uncovered meat pops right past Haleem's sphincter and pushes up inside, causing the lad to jump, but relax into the resulting filling.

Anthony grabs his hair, grips his shoulders, pounds away rhythmically with sure steady thrusts, and gives the boy a fuck he won't forget in a hurry. When Anthony is ready to cum you see his already greased-up cock in erotic close-up, pulling out, shooting all over Haleem's hole and ass, and then pushing his cock back inside his cum dripping asshole. There's something extra hot about the chemistry between young and old, and this scene should not be missed. We hope to see more of Haleem in future releases.

Haleem in Breeding Season 2Watch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Haleem enjoys the breeding season
Tobacco aficionados and smoking fetishists should be at the ready. "Smokin' Fuckhole" finds a trio of barebacking whores ready to play out quite a unique scene for the cameras. The first Breeding Season brought us cummy ice cubes up the ass; this one brings us smoke in the hole.

Brad McGuire gets his stogie going, his cock hard, and starts playing with newcomer TIM exclusive Joe Rocco (who is pictured spread out on the DVD cover). Rocco is handsome, and his hot willing hairless ass is wrapped in a flimsy white jockstrap.

What might be a fairly normal decadent raw barebacking breeding buggery session takes an extra Dionysian turn when oral bottom and king felcher Allen Undor - most likely named "Undor" because he literally likes to be under and beneath a raw cock and ass - gets in on the action.

Undor lights up a cigar too, and when Rocco's tasty ass had been stretched wide open by McGuire's famous fuckstick, Undor takes drags from his cigar, and exhales the smoke deep into Rocco's ass. You can literally see his butt doing smoke signals, and you really got to see the scene to fully appreciate it.

Let's just say blowing smoke up the ass takes on a new and literal meaning with these guys. And Rocco's well used orifice takes in more than just a heap load of spunk by the scene's end too. Treasure Island Media are nothing if not innovative (and they are plenty more besides.) "Calvin And Tober" depicts a craven twosome between hot as shit skinhead Calvin, last seen fucking Christian in the second lengthy vignette, and Tober Brandt, that denim clad well tatted pierced bottom previously matched with Brad McGuire in Plantin' Seed 3.

Brandt is all man, and that makes it all the more appealing when he takes an intense raw fucking from bald skin Calvin.

Boyfucking Mike SmithWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Mike Smith enjoys the breeding season

Boyfucking Mike Smith

"Boyfucking 2" happens to be our personal favorite on the disc, which has everything to do with Mike Smith, an incredibly handsome twinkish dark haired young thing, who, when we first meet him, has bearish BJ Slater's' rock hard curved cock sliding in and out of his willingly open mouth, while Derek Anthony looks on.

Anthony is a lucky motherfucker on this disc - he has his pick of the two youngest initiates to the TIM stable, only this time he's sharing a 20 year old bare butt boy with burly furry manly daddy Slater.

We defy anyone not to get off on this scene - even before they go near his ass your precum will be dribbling out for the sheer beauty of the juxtaposition of these older guys with this youthful nubile fawn. He is the ultimate in submissive masculine cute young raw ass. (Tumblr: Boyfucking Mike Smith)

And yes, of course they abuse him in every way imaginable, snog the fuck out of his mouth, screw the hell out of his throat, and breed him seven ways till Sunday. Superb.

The final chapter of disc one is "Used And Abused", a vicious violent raw sexual attack from Brad McGuire on spiky haired all American bottom John Sullivan. Sullivan is a barebacking bottom-bunny caught in McGuire's piston-fucking headlights, who rams him with an all out force that is downright despicably erotic. (See lower photo)

Sullivan's eyes are so wide open, when McGuire spits in his face while fucking him so hard he's moving feet up and down the bed, he gets it in the eye balls as well, but doesn't flinch - he's totally controlled by fear, and the relentless raw rod inside his guts. Another "see it to believe it" scene that we're not going to ruin with words, but suffice to say he truly looks scared as shit the whole time its happening.

Who's Treasure Island Media?

Ultimately, though, Treasure Island Media studios have never been scared of shit, and that's what makes their movies so fucking excellent. They are more than a movie studio - they possess a post-porn-punk ideology that fingers a huge "FUCK YOU" to an industry that has largely rejected their ilk, and they will be around far longer than the "safer" studios that will get old and shrivel away into nothingness.

So bravo to Treasure Island Media, and a HUGE bravo to the indispensible double disc set that is Breeding Season 2. If you only own one porn, let it be this one. It's worth its pirate weight in gold.

Breeding Season 2 Disc 2

Disc two contains completely different, longer edits of "Vaseline", "Whatever Happened To Nice" and "Boyfucking 2". In a pleasant surprise, there are five entirely new scenes. BJ Slater and JC Woof tag team hot muscle man Armando Cortez. There's an orgy with Mathias at its center and Jessy Karson, Chad, Josh and Amir providing the cock.

We see a jerk off solo with hugely hung hippy boy Jasper Adams. There's a gang bang with Daxx Maxxon at the center, and tops Stearns, hot dark daddy Derek, Jake Phillips and Jake Wood (Deeper). And finally, there's a scorching twosome between Jonny and Caedon Chase. And even just the lengthy cumshot edit and preview reels are enough to keep you going for days.

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Breeding Season 2 Photos:

Matias in Breeding Season 2Watch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Matias enjoys the breeding season
Matias in the Breeding Season 2 orgyWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Matias in the disc 2 orgy
Brad Mcguire in Breeding Season 2Watch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Is Brad Mcguire happy that it's breeding season?

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