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Breeding Season

Paul Morris
Treasure Island Media  
, Alan Gregory , , Brad McGuire , Brad Stevens , , Carl Barnes , Christian , Dylan , Ethan Sexxtin , Jake Ryan , Jay Taylor , Jerry Stearns , Jon Eagle , Matt Walker , Nick Parker , , Pete Venturi , Spit ,
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Breeding Season

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Living in a Time of Ferment and High Passion

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Brad McGuire and Austin Shadow follow the mating signals

If you listen you can hear the sounds. If you inhale you can smell the pheramones.

It is the time when the heart beats faster, and there is only thing in your mind: It's Breeding Season. This movie chronicles how men come together instictively in simple, intense rituals of pure pleasure and passion.

Treasure Island's two disc, 180 minute blockbuster is a monument to man-to-man mating, showing a full cast of sexual animals giving and taking cock and cum, feeding on the fruits of their loins.

The movie is, just the slightest bit, tilted to performance art. It's not just porn, especially on disc two with the unveiling and absorbtion of the frozen cum cube, a larger and healthier object than most root vegatables.

The first disc begins on a strong note with a new, hot bottom named Caged Chase. The segment's title is memorable: Roughfucking the Prettyboy. Steve Parker, Pete Venturi and Carl Burnes do just that. Parker immediately tears off Chase's jock to proceed with a long sequence of uninhibited plowing.

Caedon Chase gushes for the cameraWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Caedon Chase gushes for the camera
The guys all hold him face down to the bed, slam him hard and even spit on him. The guys rearrange Chase to their preferred positions like a ragdoll.

The highlight of this sequence shows the beautiful froth of white cum that glows out of his ass by the scene's end. The Prettyboy's time with Barnes is especially hot. Venturi climbs on for a finishing ride that celebrates the wonderful feeling of having an assfull of cum, as well as fucking one.

The second episode is a riveting display of hot, one-on-one passion. Austin Shadow takes on the submissive brunet bottomboy Christian, a real toyboy. This bottom orally swallows the full length of Shadow's cock to the hilt numerous times, which is no easy feat. Christian's ass is a beautiful object which Shadow takes time out to kneel before and prey with his tongue.

Their beautiful ritual is capped with Shadow releasing his load by sliding about 1/3 of his humongous penis inside the awaiting Christian, where the viewer can visibly see the spasms of his rod pump squirt after squirt of seed into his friend's ass. Next comes a satisfying pairing with the butch bottom Jon Eagle and the studly Matt Walker ( Dawson's 50 Load Weekend). Eagle is a very hot guy to watch get fucked, laying there on his back, keeping his legs back at the perfect angle.

The next scene brings back Christian, who gets tag teamed by Brad McGuire and Ben Archer (appearing fresh from Hole Milk). The real chemistry here is between McGuire and Christian. In fact, their lusts are so great, both guys earned the distinction of appearing on the DVD's boxcover. Christian has an amazing ass.

The Garage Slingfuck starring Nick Piston

Alan Gregory's ass (Barebacking with Jeff Palmer 2 looks great, and this is his Treasure Island debut. The tattooed, thick cocked Nick Piston (Plantin' Seed 2) has garnered a growing number of fans this past year. He's a true blue sex machine, able to handle whatever butt, cock or anal implement comes at him.

After lots of succulent ass eating, Piston fucks him in a sling and cums a big load before showing it back in again.

No list of crazed sex pigs would be complete without the uncut Ethan Sexxtin, whose beautifully shaped cock bred Dawson in the extras of (Plantin' Seed 2).

Nick Piston and Alan GregoryWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Nick Piston and Alan Gregory
Sexxtin naturally is a cum-crazed bottomboy, and he gets hammered and filled by Austin Shadow. Shadow certainly earned every penny of hard work for this movie!

The sex episodes on disc one is more than enough for a spectacular movie. Amazingly, that's not just the start. The second disc pulls out all the stops.

Breeding Season: Dylan

The film's second disc contains the movie's piece de resistance: a seventy-five minute exercise in injecting, soaking and bathing attractive brunet Dylan in as much manseed as possible. Dylan is certainly an enticing new discovery, reveling in his role as a sturdy cum sponge. He's active, writhing and moaning as his cum coated ass gets invaded and reinvaded by unrelenting cocks, bound and determined to deliver even more of the special hot seed that's collected in their owners' industrious balls.

The producers did their homework beforehand. They diligently collected 73 cum loads from 73 different guys, and froze them into a sturdy treat which they have coined a Devil's dick. This is essentially a delivery device of highly concentrated bottomboy fuel.

Steve Parker unwraps this frozen cylinder, sweet liquid drools off the botttom, which only excites Dylan even more in anticipation. This gets buried into Dylan's ass, nailed in there forever by Parker's hard-on.

More and more cum washes through Dylan's system, provided with sweat and verve by a collection of Treasure Island enthusiasts like Jay Taylor, Pete Venturi, Jake Ryan, Brad Stevens, Austin Shadow and the cute A.J. Long (who sadly wasn't on the screen very long)

Ethan SexxtinWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Ethan Sexxtin
Dylan wears a black jockstrap during this gangbang, nicely presenting to the world proper formal wear to be worn by slut-bottoms at such events. Amazingly, his jock doesn't seen to get gunked up with cum slopping everywhere.

Just when the viewer thinks there is enough, another top materializes to fill Dyan's hole. Typically, a second fellow appears to drop a load into the bottom's mouth.

Our favorite top during this sequence is Jerry Stearns, a long dicked, uncut Black guy who appears out of nowhere to slam Dylan's ass, pull out, drop a thick stream of seed out and reinsert for more cum-squishy ass slamming.

The thrill and comradery of everyone climbing aboard, ejaculating their love and experiencing their passions has rarely been so clearly captured. Jerry Stearns slams Dylan's ass, pulls out to drop a thick stream of seed, and reinserts for more cum-squishy sex.

The timestamps on this show that Dylan's gangbang orgy lasted in realtime a little over three hours. Redited to fit on a DVD, the results will blow you away.

Breeding Season DVD Extras

The extras on disc two include a breathless cumshot compilation distilling all money shots into one amazing non-stop sequence. There is also a very nice one-on-one scene pairing Austin Shadow with a very attractive bottomboy named Cole.

Cole is a very hot number, who easily takes Shadow's big cock and cum wearing his Treasure Island jockstrap. We aren't sure why this isn't in the main film but it gives you one more additional reason to purchase the DVD.

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Breeding Season Photos:

Brad McGuire behind ChristianWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Brad McGuire behind Christian
Steve Parker behind DylanWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Steve Parker behind Dylan
Austin Shadow poles DylanWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Austin Shadow poles Dylan

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