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Breeding Ian Jay

Paul Morris
Treasure Island Media  
Brad McGuire , Champ , Dan Fisk , Danny , Darrell , , , Jerry Stearns , Marcelo Masko , Max , Roman Pearce , Wayne , Will
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Breeding Ian Jay

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Ian Jay: The New Breed

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Our nastier hardcore readers will know that Ian Jay is no stranger to the hardcore screen, having starred in such fast selling features as Brad McGuire's 20 Hole Weekend, and recently taking on his fair share of the suckery in Damon Blows America 10: Denver. But it's in Breeding Ian Jay that this hungry headliner really comes into his own, or at least allows plenty of other guys to cum into him, anyway.

Director Paul Morris says of Breeding's 20 year old cover star, "I made sure Ian Jay's hole ended up stretched and sloppy. Welcome to the big leagues kid!", and this bottom's first intense journey into Treasure Island Media's uniquely hardcore porno scene is exactly as the director intended.

The movie takes us through an ass-packed weekend as Jay is well and truly bred into the Treasure Island Media fold. Beginning on Friday afternoon with the much inked masculine TIM exclusive top guy Dan Fisk (What I Can't See 2), the semi-goatteed' blondie Jay is treated to a “warm up load” directly from Fisk's pierced ballsack, which is shot from Fisk's straining prick, right inside Jay's spread-wide boy-fluffy asshole as Fisk playfully chokes him and stuffs fingers into his groaning mouth.
Ian Jay Proves PopularWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Ian Jay Proves Popular
With the taste of slutsex firmly on both sets of lips now, Jay's weekend is moved briskly along to a hotel foursome. Here we find resident bearded sub-slut Will (Fearless) on his knees, sucking on the irresistibly ample appendage that belongs to that fine dark porn star Jerry Stearns (a popular Ass Stretcher top), while a grinning Jay and Brad McGuire (The Storm Chronicles 3: Storm Surge) watch on. Will is so dedicated to debauchery he's had Treasure Island Media tattooed on the back of his neck.

Slut-initiate Jay gets in on the action, and he and Will trade back and forth between the generous genitals of McGuire and Stearns. And for the extra twisted among you, look out for a finger-felching moment between Fisk's load (from scene one), Jay's ass, McGuire's digits and Will's always piggy mouth. It should satisfy the most craven of you.

With the attention now turned back to the 20 year old, McGuire stuffs his thick cock up Jay's beautiful fuckhole, with an intense relentless copulation that only breaks for his cock to be replaced with Stearns, until they are soon cum-fucking the lad, trading out again and again and adding more jizz to his ass until he is quite literally overflowing with their juices. Will is on hand to clean up any spills with his nasty pig-tongue, and the scene fades with him French kissing the cover star, cum oozing between them. It's all very nasty stuff.

Salt-and-pepper daddy top Derek Anthony has a one on one session with young Jay the following day, beginning with a gentle solid face-fucking that leads into a raw re-opening of Jay's rear. Anthony is not aggressive as such, but he doesn't miss a beat while fucking Jay's tender ass, and he spunks up a massively thick white wad over, and inside Jay's opening, continuing to fuck it inside as the pair take it in turns to wipe up the excesses and slip it in Jay's mouth.

Ian Jay Hits The Jackpot

As Jay's hole takes more and more spunk he gets hungrier and more debauched, and by the time scene four rolls around he has hit rock bottom (or the jackpot, depending on how you look at it). Jay is slung up for the entire duration of the scene and is barebacked over and over, by returning daddy Anthony, the punkish uninhibited Marcelo Masko (Fuck Holes 2) as well as 5 other newcomers – Wayne, Champ, Danny, Darrell and Max.

An oral Masko (with his thick gauged steel ear-rings) begins proceedings by rimming our slung up lad, and he doesn't bother to take off his bright yellow underwear, just pushes it aside, mounts Jay's ass and starts making like a human piston.

Jay is laid out on the sling so while Anthony re-familiarizes himself with Jay's raw hole, the bottom's mouth makes the perfect vessel for black skinhead Champ's absolute monster of a fattie, which Jay slobbers on long after Anthony has shot a creamy load in him, which white guy Wayne is now fearlessly fucking deep in his sloppy opening. As Masko feltches away, Champ's cock gives Jay's mouth a little something extra to taste on too.

Ian Jay Proves Very PopularWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Ian Jay Proves Very Popular
By the time the mustachioed Latino muscle top Danny sticks Jay with his dark brown schlong Jay is a sticky wet mess, and he's loving it. Masko loves it too when Danny slides out his glistening cum-drenched hard-on and feeds it to the slut-punk.

Amid the hardcore action there's more mouth-spooging from Anthony, and yet more raw cock for Jay's ass, by the likes of horny black giant (and his owner) Darrell, and the heavily decorated handsome buzz-cut Max who shoots an abundant wad all over, and in Jay's butt. Nasty Masko helps Jay clean up his stretched slick fuckhole in his own unique way.

Rightfully following a curved trajectory, the movie calms down a tad (and how could it not after an eight man multi-fuck fest like the last scene?). The penultimate sequence takes place between Jay (who is now sporting his customary nose-piercing), the afore-mentioned sex slave Will, and Roman Pearce, a stubbly fuzzy chested black dude with a nice dark cock and a taste for bare boyhole.

With Will and Jay fawning over his engored meat it's soon nestled deep inside the slutty cavern that Jay has been cultivating, and Pearce's eyes roll back in his head as Will nibbles on his cock while it slips in and out of Jay's used up cunthole. Finally switching between Will's mouth and Jay's anus Pearce opts to explode his seed in the cover star, as Jay is used for the last time (for now) and is left well and truly bred.

But it's not quite over yet. As an appendix to the tale we return to a sleeping and rightfully shagged out Jay, who is nonetheless woken back up by the hairy bad-pig Will. With his expert oral skills Will coaxes Jay out of a sleep and into a powerfully horny state of being, and with that Jay claims Will's ass, rocking him about like he deserves, and laying him with crazy buck rabbit vigor, Will grabbing onto his own feet for dear life.

And as Will now lays face down on the covers he's pounded noisily from behind as Jay grips his black jockstrap and thrusts harder and deeper until Will is left with the ultimate load from this multi-bred slut.

And just like Jay's ass is used again and again in the movie, we're confident that the quality of this release means your disc will also be put through its paces on many an occasion. So don't be at all surprised if Breeding Ian Jay leaves you tired and sated from an onslaught of top quality slutty bareback porn. Like our hero Ian Jay, this film only gets hotter the more times it's used.

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Breeding Ian Jay Photos:

Ian Jay topsWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Ian Jay Shows Off His Top Man Skills
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Ian Jay Rides BarebackWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Ian Jay Rides Bareback

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