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Brazilians Do It Better [Vol 1 and Vol 2]

Alexander Pictures  
Alvaro Ferraz , Antonio Correa , Chad Calvin , Francisco deNoronha , Jorge daPraga , Jorge Gomez , Laurenco Manhoz , Leon Pavia , Maunuel Jacques , Pero Boteino , Thomas Lourenzo
BraziliansTattoosGarage Mechanics/Plumbers/Repairmen

Brazilians Do It Better [Vol 1 and Vol 2]

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An Alexander Pictures Gay Porn Classic

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Brazilians Do It Better is a five volume set chronicling the marathon sex vacation of a white American traveller (Chad Calvin) in Rio de Janeiro. Our traveller get ravaged by hung, sexy, uncut Brazilians all day and night.

The movies are Alexander Pictures first releases. They are a little uneven, in that they could be edited better, and there is no background music. Also, the cast contains a wide array of jawdropping Brazilian guys. Most with regular looking physiques, from hairy to smooth, twink to straight-looking.

Unfortunately, the American star is okay looking, but his buddies clearly make up the difference. Consider Chad Calvin to be a quintessential everyman who vacations in Rio only to find days and days of funtabulous sex.

Volume One: Chad Colvin finds Antonio Correa on the beach

Jorge dePrada behind Chad Calvin Watch Now or Naked Sword Jorge dePrada behind Chad Calvin
Calvin meets Antonio Correa and blackstud Laurenco Manhoz on the beach. Back at his place, both the straight-looking natives take turns on Calvin's butt, which seems to take cocks of any size easily. Correa in particular, despite whatever his sexual orientation might be, seems to get off of hitting it here.

The second scene kicks things up a notch as Calvin picks up another pair from a cafe - latin Alvaro Ferraz and Pero Boteino, a hot, shaved headed, beautifully hung back guy. In this scene, the latino is the bottom. Ferraz gets this black howitzer up his ass, mostly by taking it on his stomach.

Afterwards, Boteino squirts out streams of spooge onto Ferraz's untanned buns. As an anal finale, Calvin goes around to Ferraz's backside for sloppy seconds.

Seducing the plumber. Picking
up more tricks off the street..
In the third scene, Calvin seduces plumber Jorge daPrada, one of the movie's youthful, hugely hung finds. dePrada has a boyish face and a smooth body. His big dick stands erect over a pair of low-hanging balls.

After sucking on dePrada, Calvin gets his hole stretched out with this South American weapon. dePrada known how to throw a good buttbanging, first slamming his on his fours and then missionary. Calvin shoots while getting plugged, and dePrada sprays a lot of his latin load at the end.

On Calvin's last day in Brazil, he picks up two smooth, slim guys from a sidestreet. The gets them to his living room couch. Out of their tight pants pop out two more big Brazilian dicks ready for servicing.

These boyish Brazilian studs proceed to make a Chad Calvin sandwich, and they take turns on his ass, which as seen before swallows them up to his balls.

Volume Two: Chad Colvin finds Jorge Gomaz on the beach

Picking right up after Volume One, Chad Calvin visits the beach where he picks up Jorge Gomez (a fun top from part 1) and the ripped Manuel de Bryto. deBryto's straightboy sensibilities look a little freaked out here. That however doesn't stop Gomez from going ahead and plowing Calvin's upturned ass full throttle.

Gomez is one hot guy to watch top a butt. The scene is also noteworthy by the long camerashot of Gomez's beautiful moving ass and thighs pumping away.

Jorge Gomez tops Chad Calvin Watch Now or Naked Sword
Jorge Gomez tops Chad Calvin, deBryto looks on
In the next scene, Calvin scores two more remarkable hotties. He discovers Louis de Pavia Jr and Manuel Jacques making out on his stairwell. Inviting them inside, the two skinny boys pull long, thick cocks out of their pants.

The screen ignites as Jacques teases Pavia's tight black hole, eventually filling it to the hilt. Pavia enthusiastically sucks Calvin, and grinds his own ass down onto Jacques. Pavia shoots an arc of cum up to his face while getting plugged.

The next day, Calvin and a buddy (sexy coverboy Francisco de Noronha) pick up Luis de Pavia, a broad shouldered muscular black guy. de Norohna boasts a strong, tall body, great uncut dick and shapely ass. He drives his manhood into dePavia.

Then dePavia shows his versatility by plowing Calvin's ass. dePravia shoots on Calvin's back, and de Norohna squirts out a juicy one as well.

Thomas Lourenzo Bottoms

The final scene introduces us to an adorable slim youth named Thomas Lourenzo, who fortunately goes on to also appear in volume three of this series. The smooth, hairless kid has an uncut dick that flops around hard as Calvin bangs his beautiful ass.

Lourenzo's ass is worth the price of admission alone.

Both dvd's are full of hot Brazilian sex. The star could be hotter, but he's surrounded by some great guys who just have to walk before a camera to look great. The bottomboy Thomas Louranzo is another great find as well.

An enjoyable fact of the series is that the models that Calvin finds, show up later as he introduces them to each other at subsequent sex sessions with new buddies. All in all, it is a vacation putting remembering.

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Brazilians Do It Better [Vol 1 and Vol 2] Photos:

Chad Calvin sucks Jorge GomezWatch Now or Naked Sword
Chad Calvin sucks Jorge Gomez [Vol 1]
Louis dePavia Jr sucks Manual JacquesWatch Now or Naked Sword
Louis dePavia Jr sucks Manual Jacques [Vol 2]

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