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Brazilian Cum Ons Vol 2 - Doing the Trick

Alexander Pictures  
Antonio De Capos , Antonio Ramos , Diego Lozano , Diego Velasco , Felipe Herrero , Juan Pene , Pepe Numez ,

Brazilian Cum Ons Vol 2 - Doing the Trick

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Fine Brazilian Sex from Alexander Pictures

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Director Alexander is easily the most consistent high-quality director for gay adult in South America. He unrolls another long film series unrelated episodes, this time titled Brazilian Cum Ons. All six volumes of the series provide hours of enjoyment, often causing the viewer to sit open mouthed at what these models can do on-screen.

With the six volumes of this series, a good idea would be to watch them all at your leisure in our movie theater.

Volume Two: Doing the Trick with Antonio Ramos

This DVD volume, titled Brazilian Cum Ons 2: Doing the Trick, is blazing hot. It starts with Antonio Ramos and Felipe Herrero, both from Vol. 1: Just Between Us, getting it on. Here they play boyfriends, and they perform the first flip-flop of the series. It's a scorcher. Sweet-looking Ramos gets horned-up reading a gay skin magazine. Big dicked Herrero, a Rafael Alencar double, gives it him on their black leather couch.

After a bit, Ramos turns the tables, demonstrating on film that he knows how to use his cock very well on an ass. Herrero, who looks a lot more comfortable here, ends up cumming a big white wad on the dark couch.

Antonio de Capos and Ramon MendezWatch Now or Naked Sword
Antonio de Capos and Ramon Mendez compare erections
The next scene brings together two more models from the first episode, Ramon Mendez and Antonio de Campos. Mendez here seems more at ease, obviously enjoying the ass-fucking he gives to de Camops. This is probably because de Campos is such a happy-go-lucky versastud. They first compare the sizes of their erections with measuring tape. This leads to them giving each other blow-jobs, followed by de Campos receiving a fine plowing doggie style.

Mendez also rains down an impressive money shot, followed by de Campos's own juicy goo.

The third scene starts with youthful looking Juan Pene sitting around looking innocent, until he attracts the attention of Diego Velasco. Velasco's appearance here marks the introduction of this film series's major attractions: his uncut beercan cock. This slightly-curved missle looks about as thick as a wrist.

Velasco quickly takes control of the situation, and after some impressive jaw-boning, Pene bends over to take it. Wearing a rubber that looks like a shiny skin tight diving suite, he gives the boy a balls-deep plowing. Hats off to Pene for his endurance and stamina!

(However, Pene does not appear in other episodes, so who knows, perhaps Velasco hit an upper body organ)

Velasco shoots his load as if he is milking out a tube of thick, white brilo cream. Watching this scene is certainly one of the high points of the series.

The DVD finishes with a hot coupling between the studly Pepe Numez with the smooth and slim Diego Lozano. Both guys have amazing bodies, and Lozano stays hard throughout his riding of the beefy Numez's flagpole.

Doing the Trick is entertaining throughout, but the handling of Diego Velasco's Titan missile has to been seen to be believed.

The DVD includes trailers for all six volumes of the Brazilian Cum-Ons series, as well as a photo gallery. Alexander always gets in lots of great photos of his models.

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Brazilian Cum Ons Vol 2 - Doing the Trick Photos:

Antonio Ramos services Felipe HerreroWatch Now or Naked Sword
Antonio Ramos services Felipe Herrero
Diego Velasco and Juan PeneWatch Now or Naked Sword
Diego Velasco prepares to invade Juan Pene
Pepe Numez behind Diego LozanoWatch Now or Naked Sword
Pepe Numez behind Diego Lozano

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