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Brazilian Cum Ons Vol 1 - Just Between Us

Alexander Pictures  
Antonio De Capos , Antonio Ramos , Castel Lorenzo , Denis Mello , Emilio Calvo , Felipe Herrero , Felipe Sainz ,

Brazilian Cum Ons Vol 1 - Just Between Us

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Antonio de Capos' Brazilian Cum Ons

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Brazilians are a beautiful people, it is little wonder how they create great porn effortlessly. The world's porn producers must be envious. Whereas minor distractions like bad audio, or missed ques hamper other films, with Brazilans it does not matter. Heck, President Lula could be dancing the bossa nova with his executive cabinet over in the corner of a meeting room, and viewers would still stay focused on the models' body parts and their movements.

Director Alexander is easily the most consistent high-quality director for gay adult in South America, unveiling another long film series unrelated episodes, this time titled Brazilian Cum Ons. All six volumes of the series provide hours of enjoyment, often causing the viewer to sit open mouthed at the activities these models perform on-screen.

Volume One: Just Between Us

None of the episodes really have any relation to the dvd titles, an unfortunate fact of life for most Brazilian flicks.

First up, Alexander regular Antonio de Capos (Brazilians Do It Better) awakens one late morning with the slightly hairier Castel Lorenzo. de Capos is always a very impressive top, equipped with his hefty uncut cock, as well as his masculine figure adorned with a scorpion tattoo. However here he gives up his beautiful, smooth ass to Lorenzo while clutching the metal gate of their outdoor balcony.

As an interesting set design flourish, a large framed portrait of an artistic poster for Grace Jones's A One Man Show peers down upon their activity throughout the scene, almost acting as another voyeur.

Brazilian Cum OnsWatch Now or Naked Sword
Castel Lorenzo behind Antonio de Capos
Next up has blatino cop Felipe Saenz discovering thug-looking Emilio Calvo. Calvo, a sex fiend, is masturbating with a magazine. Opting out of enforcing the law, Saenz opens his pants, presenting a giant cock that is completely wrapped up at the end with foreskin. A naked Saenz stands with his hand on hip as Calvo blows him.

After some delightful teasing around Calvo's ass, he tops him doggie style. Calvo does an impressive job taking the Man in Blue's thrusts; the bottom even stays nicely hard throughout. It is Calvo however, who gets the last word: shooting a money shot onto Saenz's bod that is at least twice as copious as the top's.

Scene three introduces one the film's true knockouts, Ramon Mendez. Handsome, broad shouldered and wearing a shirt that says soy loco por ti América, he is seduced by office co-worker Felipe Herrero, who bears a strong resemblance to Rafael Alencar.

Mendez is rather tradey, his straightboy sensibilities show as he grips the hair on Herrero's scalp whilst giving him head, and in the way he plows Herrero's ass. Both models perform looking as if they are a bit tentative. Nevertheless they are a pleasure to watch, and Mendez cums a lot.

The final scene shows blonde Brazilian Denis Mello getting frisky with the subservient cute boyfriend, Antonio Ramos. Ramos bends over so Mello can screw him doggie style with his uncut, pink manmeat. Mello is Matthew Rush-style beefy, adding a nice bit of color variation as Ramos grinds his smooth tan ass down onto his lap.

Mello milks out a big, gooey load as well. Their session ends the first part with nary any kind of conclusion. Each DVD in the series contains a great set of trailers for all six movies in the series, as well as a great photo gallery.

Alexander always gets in lots of great photos of his models. This film is a true delight for lovers of Brazilian boys.

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Brazilian Cum Ons Vol 1 - Just Between Us Photos:

Emilio Calvo swallows Felipe SaenzWatch Now or Naked Sword
Emilio Calvo swallows Felipe Saenz
Ramon Mendez in Brazilian Cum OnsWatch Now or Naked Sword
Ramon Mendez snags the attention of a kneeling Felipe Herrero
Antonio Ramos and Denis MelloWatch Now or Naked Sword
Antonio Ramos and Denis Mello

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