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Brawlers (Mustang Pac 076)

John Bruno
Mustang Studios   MVP076
Cal Speedy Reynolds , Jon Galt , Mark Slade , Matt Majors , Nick Marino , Ray Stone , , Tamas Eszterhazy , Tommy Blade , Trey Casteel , Tyler Michaels
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Brawlers (Mustang Pac 076)

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Tommy Blade and Cal Speedy Reynolds brawl big time.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Wanna join this fight club?

Better know the rules and be prepared to shed a little blood. Brawlers is a highly stylized, gritty sexflick that aggressively pits its models against each other. Mustang Studios gies full force with its new style (see Trapped Parts 1 and 2), giving Titan Media a run for its money when it comes to showcasing some exquisitely sexy male brutes.

Borrowing its premise from the mainstream movie Fight Club, Brawlers chronicles a group of men who meet regularly to duke it out in the hopes of winning a subtler prize. The added twist is what's called "the mission." If members want to keep their place at the table, they are charged with completing a sexual task. And should a member not complete his mission, the penalties can be especially swift and harsh.

Tamas EszterhazyWatch on Tamas Eszterhazy
Tyler Michaels' mission? Fuck Your Best Friend --- which can be particularly difficult when your best bud is built like a brick shithouse (Cal 'Speedy' Reynolds). Michaels hauls out a six pack to ease the way, but when he first puts the moves on Reynolds, his sexual advances are summarily rebuked.

Somehow Michaels, a powerful blonde, manages to get the upper hand, pinning Reynolds to the couch. Michaels' forceful kisses are soon returned and before you know it, these two are rolling around on the floor. The power struggle between these honeys is incredibly authentic. Make no mistake - neither one of these men are plucked or preened. They're hairy and they break a visible sweat when they fuck. The rimming sequences are especially graphic and well-done. Shane Rollins' task (to pick a fight in a bar) may seem more or less perilous, depending on your perspective. He gets the ball rolling by hitting on burly Ray Stone's less than delicate girlfriend. When Rollins knocks Stone out cold, he takes full advantage, pulling down Stone's drawers and sensually sucking his balls and rimming his nasty hole.

When Stone comes to, he has little choice than to go with the flow. One of the bar patrons, Tamas Eszterhazy, who also appeared in the excellent Hungarian gayporn reinterpretation of the same theme (Legion of Vengeance), sidles up and makes himself a part of the action, taking over rimming duties while Rollins gets a little head.

It's an excellent mix of body types - one bear, one Latin, and one traditionally lean stud. Rollins gives his usual stellar performance, somehow managing to make himself the sexual center of attention, spreading his legs wide as a bottom, then stepping up to do some hardcore topping with Stone playing the bottom bear. It's hard to get tired of Rollins who always gives 110% in his on-screen performances.

Hungarian Brawler Tamas Eszterhazy

Fuck Your Boss is something most of us have wanted to do at one time or another. And Tamas Eszterhazy, fresh from his encounter in the bar, is taking his objective very seriously. Mark Slade (who totes a straight porn and gay porn [West Hollywood Hope] past) is not exactly a mean-spirited supervisor, and when Eszterhazy puts the moves on him, he looks more stunned than pissed off.

The trick is conquering Slade's hole. Sucking your hetero boss off is one thing, cornholing him is quite another. It's an angle that director John Bruno never explores fully. One minute the co-workers are swapping blowjobs and the next, Eszterhazy is getting plowed. Slade's hot factor has little to do with his slightly pudgy body and more with the straight man mystique. This is really Eszterhazy's scene. He's got the bigger cock, the leaner bod, and a very nasty approach to fulfilling his mission.

The final scene is the obvious destination of Brawlers, a free-for-all that starts out with a vicious fistfight but ends with rough and tumble fucking.

Matt Majors Starts a Brawl

Matt Majors (Driver) has a bone to pick with Jon Galt (At Large). After he brutalizes him in a gorgeously filmed fight sequence, he brings it all home by fucking his opponent silly while Trey Casteel, Nick Marino, and Tommy Blade stand, cheer, and stroke. The predictable orgy ensues, but there are some nice surprises worth watching for. Make sure to keep an eye out for the moment Marino, Casteel, and Blade expose their holes for Galt and Majors. A rim feast is the result, followed by more intense fucking.

Trey Casteel (Hard Cops 2) steals the show, his pecs bouncing off the charts as he rides his buddy's cock. By the end of Brawlers, you'll be itching for membership. The DVD extras are just as fun as the film itself. Rod Barry steps from in front of the camera and interviews Mark Slade, Jon Galt, and Tommy Blade in rapid-fire succession.

The outtakes highlight the shenanigans that go on between the models while the next shot is being set up. But best of all is a fight montage showing these burly studs exploding with scripted volatility.

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Brawlers snapshot
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Brawlers snapshot
Watch Brawlers VOD
The Brawlers orgy
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The Brawlers Orgy in Full Swing

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