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Brad McGuire's 20 Hole Weekend

Paul Morris
Treasure Island Media  
Alan Gregory , Brad McGuire , Chris Neal , Christian , Conrad Stevens , Dick Damonson , Franco Dax , , Ivan , Jason Tyler , Javier , JC Cole , Judd , Marcelo Masko , Michael Winchester , Pat Johnson , Robby Lopez , Shane West , Steve Gregor , Toby James , Toby Shelby
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Brad McGuire's 20 Hole Weekend

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Brad McGuire engineers a reverse gang bang

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

If you don't know what kind of movies Treasure Island Media produce then you probably shouldn't be reading this review (and it may be past your bedtime). Following on from, but inverting the tradition of titles like Dawson's 20 Load Weekend, director Max Sohl has come up with a novel scheme - employing one (main) top and over 20 bottoms - rather than one bottom taking multiple tops as is usual - in Brad McGuire's 20-Hole Weekend.

Brad McGuire (Breeding Season) is an established top, a masculine tatted skinhead with a goatee, and, as you'd expect for the star of a flick like this, he has an extra nice uncut cock hanging between his legs.

And it sees plenty of action over the course of the weekend.

A silent McGuire leans over a dungeon bench in a dominant shirtless pose, looking sexy and sultry, for the few introductory credits. Then almost at once his weekend kicks off with a (gang) bang in the first segment, "Thursday"

The first thing we see are some smooth bent over bottoms, asses pointing up, but framed in the centre of the screen is the real star of the show - McGuire's meaty uncircumcised cock - poking out the side of a hot red jockstrap, at full mast and ready to go.

Brad McGuires 20 Hole Weekend snapshotWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
A line of asses start McGuire's weekend.
After a quick fingering McGuire slides right on in to his first bottom, a naked and waiting Alan Gregory (Dungeon Gang Bang), the first of three hungry asses pointing up from beds in a hotel room (the subtitles throughout the movie keep a count of the holes for us from here on in) desperate for McGuire's raw cock. He gives Gregory some thorough barefucking, then moves right on down the assembly line of asses - from the smooth tight rump of JC Cole on to an eager Conrad Stevens and finally taking Shane West's open orifice, who turns out to be an extremely verbal bottom.

McGuire has a hot verbal style of his own which the sub guys clearly enjoy as he hops from one to another filling them deeply with raw flesh. Extreme close-ups afford us the pleasure of seeing McGuire's trails of precum as he slips in and out of theim. When he pulls out of West, Gregory's slutty mouth is already on hand, ready to suck on his glistening slimy cock. West and Gregory then make a double layer on top of each other so McGuire can move between their cumholes, and amazingly Cole becomes a third layer of a hot triple stacker for the stud's enjoyment. Shot from behind McGuire's huge meat moves up and down the trio from hole to hole to holeā€¦.

Brad McGuire Plays a Guessing Game

The four line up tightly side by side now Brad moves between them in a guessing game as to who will get his load a la' 2001's seminal The World's Hungriest Cumhole Contest. But McGuire is ultra generous with his spooge and each of them gets some of his seed where they want it in a must see dick distribution moment.

He then fucks each one of them in turn (or has them ride him) till each of the hungry boys spills their loads for him. And he's STILL hard at the end of it.

We rejoin McGuire on "Friday Afternoon" for a tête-à-tête encounter with handsome dark haired porn model Jason Tyler (Dungeon). Tyler affords him some oral pleasure before offering his ass (hotly framed in a jockstrap) for McGuire's tongue and fingers. That's all the coaxing Tyler needs, and he's soon feeling an uncovered prick pushing its way between his cheeks. Tyler starts off tight, but his top is a pro and works him open unti; he's vigorous fucking on all fours, moving him around to get in deeper, but always taking this boy from behind. Tyler's writhing butt works a huge thick load out of his top which finds itself getting fucked back into his hole. Nice stuff.

"Friday Evening" shows no let up on McGuire's busy sex schedule. Another group scene with TIM lustful regular Christian (Sperm Bank) and Pat Jackson bottoming for McGuire and his extremely good looking top pal Michael Winchester. With one top per ass to begin with, Winchester fucks Christian so hard he can't hold back his cum, and he ejaculates up inside Christian's hole with McGuire still plugging Jackson.

But we already know McGuire can satisfy four guys at once, and then some, so two is certainly no issue. With Winchester now out of frame Jackson climbs on McGuire's fattie, while Christian sucks him something chronic. Now it's Christian's turn to get atop the penis, and he gets an extra surprise when Jackson gets up there too and the duo stretch Christian into raw oblivion. Man his hole gets wide and sloppy and you can hear it. Christian takes a heavy duty slamming and at least three loads up it ("A hole full") by the time these men are finished with him. (Tumblr: Brad McGuire votes for Best Bareback Bottom)

"Saturday" begins with a TIM request fulfillment. Toby James had written in asking for an encounter with McGuire, and his wish is granted. McGuire uses clippers to shave his head, the scene and vibrations cause the pair to get straining erections. Both wearing white jocks, it doesn't take James mouth long to find McGuire's meat which he deep throats supremely.

McGuire eggs him on with dirty talk and gets the bottom to bounce up and down on it raw. James tilts his head back with eyes closed in trancelike fashion but he's acutely aware of the dream fulfillment taking place. And fill is exactly what McGuire does - he pulls out to cum, and his previous orgasm dribbles out of this amateur's well bred boycunt. This lad is full of McGuire's fluid and boy does the camera catch it in its gooey dribbly over spilling glory.

Brad McGuire and Jason TylerWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Brad McGuire tops Jason Tyler
But skinhead Dano does enter indeed, fucking that ass even as his cock sprays forth, jetting left, right and center, then moving aside for Short to get right back in for one of the noisiest cumshots ever preserved on celluloid.

Farrell is practically drooling by the time Sergio enters scene and ass. He's aware of this new top, but he's already been fucked into oblivion. The men just keep cumming, switching around and around with more and more cum for that ass. The sling has done him in - he's spooged.

Here director Sohl offers up instant slow motion replays of the best cumshots jizzing up Farrell's nasty asshole from different angles. In-fucking-tense.

Raping Brad McGuire's Cock

"Saturday Night" is subtitled Raping Brad's Cock and four power bottoms - Franco Dax, Ian Jay, the returning Toby James and hot inked stud Chris Neal (Meat Rack) "accost" McGuire in a hotel room and take turns riding him from above. Stocky bearded well pierced bottom Dax is first on top, soon shooting all over McGuire's chest, only to lap it all up when he climbs off. Neal is next on the raw rocking horse, encouraged by the other guys who crowd around the bed. He shoots from his tattoed tackle and rubs it over McGuire's prick as lube for the next guy (with Dax licking the excess of McGuire's chest as Jay climbs on).

Extra hot Jay (nose ring, goatee and youthful alternative looks) rides the star's tackle, now slick with Neal-cum, working out another load for hungry Dax. Dax climbs back on McGuire and James mounts Dax, showing himself to be quite the slutty newcomer. Not to miss a trick Jay follows James' lead, as does Neal, each shooting another load (as did this reviewer when he enjoyed this scorching scene). Brad is left on the bed, but still not spent.

"Sunday" almost doubles McGuire's tush tally, (and moves the hole counter neatly past the twenty mark) when a trip to a sex club nets him nine more fuckholes. This scene is a mini orgy worthy of a review in itself, so suffice to say the guys are lined up in a row, some with poppers on tow, and ready for a raw ride as the star works down the line. The bottoms here are a handsome and varied group of men, and consist of Christian, Dick Damonson, Steve Gregor, Ivan, Javier, Judd, Robby Lopez, Marcelo Masko (Sperm Bank) and Toby Shelby (Dawson's 20 Load Weekend).

Personal favorites include the boyishly good looking "anonymous" one named Ivan (he is hole fourteen, to those counting), thick dicked Gregor (who takes a nice creamy load) and the eager septum pierced Damonson, but there's men to satisfy every taste, and a variety of sex acts and positions within the group.

With more cumshots than a computer could keep track of we are presented with the final scene, and the last glimpse of McGuire's hot weekend. "Sunday Night" gives the stud two final partners - TIM exclusive Jay Ross (Barebacking With Carlos Morales) and Drew Peters (Storm Chronicles 3: Storm Surge) - for an explosive finale.

The trio is already naked when we join them - McGuire happily rims Peters' smooth ass while Ross sucks him. Peters' tattooed frame impales itself on McGuire's rod with barely any encouragement needed, kissing Ross during the penetration. Happy now, he dismounts and sucks McGuire some more, and Ross, pouched up in a black jockstrap, can't resist a bare bounce. Shifting around from position to position, with McGuire choreographing the action with his slutty inflated cock, orgasms abound, with Peters the last in the movie to get McGuire's sticky semen up inside his hole.

Final hole count? 22.

Brad McGuire's 20 Hole Weekend fits snugly into the Treasure Island Media canon (as does his cock in those 20+ holes). The movie is a refreshing change to the standardized insatiable bottom genre, although those are a hell of a lot of fun too. With a sexy hung leading man and a full spectrum of partners, you can't really go wrong with this erupting geyser of a movie. The DVD includes fifteen minutes of hardcore preview footage and a cum compilation that spans another quarter of an hour.

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Brad McGuire's 20 Hole Weekend Photos:

Brad McGuire and ChristianWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Brad McGuire tops Christian
Brad McGuires Busy 20 Hole Weekend Watch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Brad McGuire's busy Sunday

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