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Boytropolis (Parts 1 and 2) (Mans Best)
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W A T C H  Y O U R   F A V O R I T E    P O R N

Boytropolis (Parts 1 and 2)

Rolf Hammerschmidt
Mans Best  
H. Fischer , J. V. Huig , K. Karlson , Lukas Ridgeston , M. Brody , M. Brundel , P. Le Blond , P. Lucky , P. Mar , P. River , Peter Host , R. Spanks , S. Braun
Bareback SexTwinks, International

Boytropolis (Parts 1 and 2)

Lukas Ridgeston reigns in Boytropolis

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Boytropolis has an interesting little history. About one or two years after Lukas Ridgeston turned every head in the United States, essentially creating an entire new market for sexy movies from Eastern Europe, this film was found. Turns out, Lukas was not first discovered by Bel Ami Studios after all. And it turns out, he's in this boyfest, all-bareback movie. Keep in mind that bareback movies were not so run-of-the mill in 1996 as today.

This two-part German flick features Lukas Ridgeston clearly in his pre-Bel Ami days, looking every bit as alluring. And every fan of the stud, plus fans of young European models in general, have wanted to get their hands on this two-part discovery.

Boytropolis 1

Boytropolis is a mystical tale of a pretty, dark-haired guy (not identified) who discovers a sexual paradise high up in the mountains. At Boytropolis, a tribe of loincloth-clad youths drink off a magic green elixir, stay forever young and beautiful and spend their days and night screwing each other's brains out.

Unfortunately, if one of them is deprived of this potion, they vanish in a puff of smoke. (these Shangri-La references are references to the old movie Lost Horizon). Perhaps a message here is addiction of any kind leads to self-destruction.

When our visitor arrives at Boytropolis, he takes the elixir. What follows is a swirl of youthful sexual encounters, including solos, heated duets and hot threesomes. There's lots of boyjuice unloading on smooth faces too. Throw in a couple of good orgies for good measure, and we get a nice grab bag of sexual delights.

Who knew Lucas Ridgeston resides
at a bareback Shangri-La?
The Mens Best boys are all young, pretty, uncut and unshaved. Ridgeston doesn't do much in the first tape, his scenes lay in the second.

Boytropolis 2

The second tape begins as our visitor continues his tour of Boytropolis. The tribe gathers in the central room, and the viewer is treated to a solo jack-off performance by the artist soon-to-be-known as Lukas Ridgeston.

He swings and sways. His laser-beam eyes entice and moist lips beg to be kissed. The visitor is hypnotized, and they go to a private room. They kiss warmly, and the visitor takes Ridgeston's uncut boner in his mouth, sucking and chewing its entire length. Ridgeston then plows his new friend long, hard and bare. At the end, he produces his signature marathon ejaculation.

After napping, the visitor gives Ridgeston a nice blowjob, bringing his total money shots to three.

Gazing out the window, the visitor sees the ritual of the elixir taking place. One of the boys, deprived of the potion, disappears in smoke. Our visitor is disturbed greatly, running away, jumping in the car and escaping.

This double tape is a little bizarre. It's pace is slow, but there is all kinds of young sex throughout the films, and watching the infancy performance of platinum star Lukas Ridgeston is a definite must for any of his fans.

This two-part movie is available seperately on DVD, and it is also available to our European readers.

Boytropolis (Parts 1 and 2) Photos:

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