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Boys Night at the Baths 2

Steve Shay
Citi Boyz  
Blake Hunter , Damon Audigier , Eric Austyn , J.D. Hawke , Krist Cummings
Amateurs / First TimersBathhouse / Sex ClubInterracial SexLatinosOral SexTwinks, American

Boys Night at the Baths 2

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Erik Austyn's long, hard night at the Spa.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Cute twinks and enthusiastic sex come bristling in Citi Boyz's latest bathhouse brouhaha, the aptly titled Boys Night at the Baths 2. In many ways, this is hotter than the original mostly because the action is led by the strong, camera-loving top Erik Austyn.

Billed as Citi Boyz's new exclusive model, Austyn loves showing off his fucking skills in front of the camera, and the bottom boys relish in taking it, the first in line being the delectable Krist Cummings. The first meet in the spa's now infamous group shower room. Joining them is the lanky "towel boy" J.D. Hawke, who turns out to be the film's biggest disappointment. The guys start kissing, and after a little foreplay, Hawke leaves the two alone so that they can enjoy a hot one-on-one fuck on the floor of the shower.

Krist Cummings and Erik Austyn Watch on CitiBoyz or Watch VOD
Krist Cummings swallows Erik Austyn

Tight Ass Twink 2 blog
Eric Austyn, Bathhouse Denizen
Although the scene takes a little while to really get going, here is where it really heats up. Cummings is a very hot kid to watch get fucked, holding his own legs aloft in the air. He's a perfect match for Austyn, whose tall, thin and carries an impressive staff between his legs.

Austin's high powered engine fucks him to the sound of bottom's constant, thrilling moans. After this they stand up so that Cummings can get plowed bent over doggie style, one hand against the wall rail, holding himself up. Finally, Austyn pulls his giant cock out and enjoys a booming orgasm on the bottom's backside.

Cummings shoots his own big money shot, coating Austyn's smooth, hairless chest with big streams.

Both guys turn out to be pretty hot sex performers, leaving wanting to see more of both. Fortunately there's plenty more of both, especially Austyn. This guy tears up the bathhouse with two more guys. In the recreation room, he ends up fucking hottie Blake Hunter over the pool table. First, Hunter gets on his knees and gives him a great blow-job, working over his massive cock with aplomb.

Austyn appears to being enjoying his bathhouse adventure with fully shaved pubes.

Perching Hunter on top of the pool table, Austyn sucks on Hunter's own impressive dick followed by standing up and sliding his massive meat into the bottom's hole in one easy-looking move. Austyn goes to town in Hunter's ass, whose dick stays pointed hard for most of the action. In a hot visual, Austyn squirts a huge, hot multi-spurter into the bottom's mouth, covering his face.

A neat stack of Cybersocket Magazines stand alone in the corner of the room, watching in silence.

Interrupting Damon Audigier

Later, in one of the spa's more generous suites, towel boy Hawke walks in on Cummings and a new randy stud named Damon Audigier. (Playing with Fire 4: Alarm) Hawke spends some nice screen time slurping on Audigier's beautiful, big uncut pipe of a cock. The guys all suck each other taking us to another sizzling fuck scene with Cummings once again showing off his best talent to the camera - getting hammered.

With Hawke standing fore and Audigier driving in from the aft, they make a Krist Cummings sandwich. This culminates with the memorable visual of Cummings getting fucked on his back, with a very nice close up visual of Audigier slamming into him up to his dancing balls. The scene finishes with a crafty pull-out and cum shot of Audigier.

Eric Austyn: Round Three!

Eric Austyn fucks Damon Audigier at the baths. The movie finishes on a hot note, with the two hottest guys in the movie meeting up and screwing. Austyn and Audigier start the final process of fishing out their clothes in their lockers, calling it a night. But instead the decide to enjoy a final round of sexplay right there in the dressing area. (Which at most bathhouse is something not allowed)

Laying back on a bench, Austyn receives his second juicy blow-job during the film, making it very big and hard so that he can fuck Audigier's hot butt. Austyn pulls off his earlier patented move of opening up the bottom, presenting his erection and sliding inside in one easy stroke.

He drills the moaning Audigier on his back, his own dick hard giving the viewer once again the impression that this boy knows how to use his big dick. In a nice finish, Hunter appears at the very end to take the other two's cum loads.

Once again, Citi Boyz puts out a fun movie filmed at the Midtowne Spa in Milwaukee. Although these movies are not going to be classics, there are lots of hot moments. This movie in particular features some young studs who show real sexual pizzazz, giving us just enough of a taste that we want to follow them on some more sexy adventures.

Boys Night at the Baths 2 Photos:

Eric Austyn fucks Blake Hunter Watch on CitiBoyz or Watch VOD
Eric Austyn behind Blake Hunter
Damon Audigier tops Krist Cummings Watch on CitiBoyz or Watch VOD
Damon Audigier, Krist Cummings, J.D. Hawke

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