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Boys Night at the Baths (Citi Boyz 55)

Steve Shay
Citi Boyz  
Aaron Castillian , Brandon Cyler , Giovanni Summers , Jayden Grey , L.T. Mkay
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Boys Night at the Baths (Citi Boyz 55)

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Jayden Grey chillin' at the bathhouse

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

How was the Boys' Night at the Baths? It's got hot moments, particularly via the introduction of the young model Jayden Grey.

Fans of 18-21 year old American twink porn have found less and less available, nowadays crowded out by the older men and straight muscle guys. Coupled with recent lousy economic conditions makes it difficult for the small companies who are the traditional twink movie producers to stay in business.

Citi Boyz fortunately hangs in there with us. Over the years, these guys have discovered many hot young models, many have gone on to some significant careers in adult. Others are the sweet treats of the moment, hanging around just long enough to films a couple of naked movies before life carries them down stream. They live in the moment, and quickly move on. It's all good.

Jayden Grey and Giovanni SummersWatch on CitiBoyz or Watch VOD

Jayden Grey and Giovanni Summers

Boys Night at the Baths blog
Blog: Jayden Grey - Bathhouse Denizen/
In 2008, Citi Boyz filmed a very good movie at the Midtowne Spa in Milwaukee called Tight Ass Twinks, which was arguably the hottest twink film that year, and still worth getting your hands on. A year later, the studio returns to the Spa with a new stud in tow, Jayden Grey.

Grey is a tall, cool drink of water with steely eyes, strong jaw and big, beautiful cock. Grey clearly is one of these models who, if he wishes, could enjoy a long career in adult entertainment.

Watching the cast impale themselves in him is a truly rewarding pleasure. The first episode shows Grey in the Spa's weights area whereupon brunet L.T. Mkay starts riding him as he lays across a bench. Mkay is a lithe little guy, who Grey fucks all over much of the room's equipment, showing off all kinds of things the guests are not supposed to be doing around such machines.

There is some relief in the DVD extras. Jayden Grey does offer a chatty, sexy solo, interviewed behind the camera by Giovanni Summers while riding in the back seat of a traveling automobile.

Watching the bigger young man Grey give it to the smaller Mkay is one of the movie's high moments, and a great starter. Grey blows a great money shot too, sneaking in a "Hey, watch this!" glance to the camera right before he shoots a juicy multi-spurt load up his own orgasming body. Mkay silently coats his own baby smooth skin with his white cream.

Giovanni Summers Bottoms at the Spa

After this, we meet another randy rapscallion, Giovanni Summers. Through the course of the film, this kid turns into a very nice powerbottom. Summers gets frisky in the Spa's showers with Aaron Castillan, a tasty twink with a huge uncut sausage between his legs, and who actually bears a close resemblance to Summers, except with a giant penis.

Jayden Grey is a tall, cool drink of water. Castillan gives him a standing face-fuck, often slapping his meat on Summers' face. They adjourn to a large room where Castillan fucks Summers flat on his stomach leaving the door to the room open, which the bottom grips with one hand to steady himself so he's not knocked off the bed with the top's thrusts.

Castillian rewards the bottom by blowing his load on him, which the lurking towel boy uses for lube to jack himself off in the scene's big climax.

Citiboyz Bathhouse Orgy

The movie ends with a lengthy orgy where the cast assembles in a public lounge area where Romanesque murals of bronzed men wearing togas peer down in Bacchanal approval. The suck fest leads to the towel boy (Brandon Cyler) getting pressed into a tight fuck sandwich with Grey on his backside, and Castillan doing his face.

Meanwhile in a height of euphoria, Mkay decides to sit down on Summers' lap for a wild ride of his own. Summers gets sloppy seconds on the towel boy, who later becomes everyone's cum rag.

All in all, there's a lot to like in this movie. The film could have benefited from one or two additional models and scenes. Like many fun bathhouse visits, before you know it, time's up and everything suddenly feels abbreviated. Fortunately, from around the corner, comes the better follow-up Boys Night at the Baths 2.

Boys Night at the Baths (Citi Boyz 55) Photos:

Boys Night at the Baths OrgyWatch on CitiBoyz or Watch VOD
The Orgy Finale
L.T. Mkay sucking Jayden GreyWatch on CitiBoyz or Watch VOD
L.T. Mkay looks up from sucking Jayden Grey
Aaron Castillian and Giovanni Summers in Boys Night at the BathsWatch on CitiBoyz or Watch VOD
Aaron Castillian & Giovanni Summers
enjoy Boys Night at the baths

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