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Boys Fantasies (What My Parents Don't Know)

Robert Boggs
Pacific Sun Entertainment  
Adam Kubick , Dominik Trojan , Joe Donovan , Juro Mlynar , Kristof Cortez , Mark Zebro , Ondrej Sokol , Patrick Veselsky , Peter Novotny , Sebastian Stone
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Boys Fantasies (What My Parents Don't Know)

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Dominik Trojan's Sizzling Boys Fantasies

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Pacific Sun released the DVD Boy's Fantasies several year's ago, but it only just recently started playing streaming on demand. The film is very hot, making it even now worth talking about.

Around the time of filming Tales, director Robert Boggs went ahead and made this movie using many of the same actors. These guys have since become major, world-wide stars, such as Thomas Dyk, Mark Zebro and Dominik Trojan. The resulting film is erotically excellent, desipte the fact that North American distributor Pacific Sun tagged it with the non-sensical name Boys Fantasies (What My Parents Don't Know).

Boggs offers lots of bang for the buck by enclosing six full length sex scenes. Several of these are absolute must-sees, arguably capturing some of these model's finest moments on-screen.

The story of the film is about Trojan and buddy Sebastian Stone enjoying a fun weekend visit to Prague. After checking into their hotel room, the guys quickly get down to break in the bed. Honestly, the luckiest guy in this whole movie is Stone. This is because he has the pleasure of topping not only Trojan, but also the delectable Thomas Dyk in the subsequent episode.
Dominik Trojan and Sebastian StoneWatch Now
Dominik Trojan gazes up at Sebastian Stone
Naked and in bed, Trojan sticks his beautiful butt up in the air so Stone can lather it with his tongue. Stone drops his saliva in Trojan's hole, moving the liquid around inside his cupped asschecks. Following this come a glorious sequence of Trojan bottoming. He takes Stone's rock hard cock in several positions.

Stone always has been a great top, too often overlooked by other glamour boy Czech heavyweights. (Enjoy Stone also in the excellent (Bathhouse Boyz). To finish, he points his stiff cock into Trojan's face, who sucks him until cumming.

Thomas Dyk: Fantasy Emo Bottom

Later that evening, our tourist friends visit a local bar, which must be one of the most desirable places on Earth with patrons like Dyk and Mark Zebro. And to boot, movie star looks Adam Kubick (Robbie Masters) is the bartender! Here, Stone immediately hooks up with Dyk, who looks hot as Hell in his tight blue jeans and floppy Emo hair.

They adjourn to an overly decorated room in red. Dyk sucks on Stone cock, who turns his friend around to access his ass. Stone gives Dyk's ass another one of the film's hot tongue baths, as Dyk's pants get pulls down to his knees.

Stone follows through with another of the movie's sizzling screws, pumping Dyk's boybutt side saddle. There is a lengthy sequence showing Dyk bottomless getting fucked, still wearing his brown t-shirt. And this time, Dyk successfully pulls the condom off Stone's cock, and jacks him off.

Dyk sprays a ton of cum from above unto Stone naked chest.

After this the film moves to a tender affair that blossoms between tourist Trojan and bartender Kubick. They awaken in bed together the following morning. They kiss and adjourn to the shower to jack each other off. They proceed to enjoy a day of sightseeing that culminates with a visit to a green outdoor field where Trojan fucks Kubick's brains out.

In a hot moment, the fully erect Kubick rides atop Trojan, humping himself on his long uncut dick. It is in this position that Kubick paints a big, white load onto his new friend's body. Trojan shoots, followed by a second money shot from Kubick, who pretty much retired not long after this production; he's already being missed.

Dominik Trojan's fantasy four-way

After this escapade, Trojan's vacation frolic is not yet over. He bumps into three guys headed back to their place for naked frolic, led by the adorable Patrick Veselsky. In tow are Peter Novotny, who Veselsky tops, and Juro Mlynar, who Trojan bangs atop a glass table. The guys all suck each other, followed by everyone standing closely around in a fourgy frenzy as the guys screw. Their party culminates with Novotny throwing a hard, ass slapping fuck into Trojan and spraying big, creamy loads.

Veselsky seems half hard while topping, which is unfortunate. Trojan, on the other hand, is a fantastic fucker.

Dominik Trojan Four WayWatch Now
Dominik Trojan, Peter Novotny, Patrick Veselsky, Juro Mlynar
After this, Boggs returns to one of his favorite themes, rollerblading twinks. (see Skaterz) Dyk puts on an cute show of skating when he and buddy Joe Donovan (Army Fuckers) pick up Mark Zebro for a three-some.

Thomas Dyk bottoms for Mark Zebro and Joe Donovan in a fantastic three-way. Now, Donovan and Zebro have their own hot sex during their Alpine Sex Party, but despite this the threesome here in Boy's Fantasies in one of the film's high points. Why so hot? Both Zebro and Donovan take their excellent topping skills to Dyk's plump butt. Zebro seems to enjoy tasting the cum flowing out of his buddies' cocks.

The film ends with Veselsky returning for an extended, romantic one on one with the perfectly scrubbed Kristof Cortez. Divided into two sequences, they enjoy mutual blow jobs in an outdoor field. Veselsky's hard cock looks especially beautiful here.

They adjourn to the bedroom, where Veslsky's enthusiastically pounds Cortez in bed. The scene boasts lots of hot underwear foreplay and nuzzling. Unfortunately on our print of this film, it appears the lighting was off, and their scene is colored in a light red hue. This was distracting, which is unfortunate as it would have made a magical end to a magical movie.

Despite some technical problems, Boy's Fantasies contains well over two hours of hot sex with an all star cast of European hotties. The movie is subject to the slip-shod marketing that Czech imports receive by American distributors: The title has absolutely nothing to do with the story of the film. There are some mixed up credits, and some odd editing.

Despite this, the movie is a must see for fans of the Czech boys. Easily overlooked it will make for many enjoyable evenings.

Boys Fantasies (What My Parents Don't Know) Photos:

Dominik Trojan fucks Adam KubickWatch Now
Dominik Trojan fucks Adam Kubick
Kristof Cortez and Patrick VeselskyWatch Now
Kristof Cortez sucks Patrick Veselsky
The ejaculating Mark ZebroWatch Now
Joe Donovan and Thomas Dyk surround
the ejaculating Mark Zebro
Patrick Veselsky fucks Kristof CortezWatch Now
Patrick Veselsky fucks Kristof Cortez

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