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Boys of Summer

Vlado Iresch
Beau Mec Entertainment  
Alex Stevens , , Denis Dymo , Jason Nicos , Jose Fernando , Leon Cook , Nicky Kulio , Scott Williams , Thomas Dyk , Thomas Wolf , Tony Koch
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Boys of Summer

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For fans of Johan Volny, Thomas Dyk and Tony Koch

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Eurocreme / Beau Mec Studios started their imaginative, well photographed movie line with the very strong films Boys in the Snow and Hard Riders, both led by the star talents of their new exclusive model, the handsome and very popular Johan Volny. For their third movie, Boys of Summer, the producers seem much less confident, producing a film that is much more typical of their other productions. It's good quality, using the same stable of models, but there is not that spark.

For example, one confusing point is that apparently the studio wanted to promote just-hired Alex Stevens by putting him on the DVD box cover, but he plays a minor role compared to several others. Of course instances of miscommunication between the marketing department and the director happen all too frequently in the movies.

Tony KochWatch VOD
Tony Koch
And we are here to actually talk about the movies, after watching them, so let's point out where Boys of Summer actually works. Actually, despite who is on the box cover, two prominent stars here are Thomas Dyk and Tony Koch. For Dyk, this was at the beginning of his career, and for Koch this was probably one of his last films.

Koch was never picked up for an exclusive model contract, so consequently he did not get cover star billing, but he also burned up the screen with his cute fuckable body and boyish looks. Koch ends up shining in two of the scenes for this film.

Dyk started about this time, really turning heads with his powerful sexuality which screams from the screen. In Boys of Summer, Dyk plays a lumberjack, leaping from tree to tree. Joining him cutting down trees and eating his lunch is the muscular Thomas Wolf and boy toy Scott Williams, who fans will recognize as the popular film bottom Alan Capier. (Alan Capier blog)

In the first episode, the lumberjacks start their long day with a sponge bath standing naked out in the woods. Opening shots depicting the guys gingerly bathing each other starts the movie off on a great note. Dyk and Wolf, in particular, display their round, heavy balls to the world.

This becomes foreplay to a sizzling sequence showing Capier bottoming for his wood chopping buddies. Wolf literally spooges in his condom, and then sticks it back in. Dyk shows off that he one fiery sparkplug of a top, culminating with Capier ejaculating a fabulous load into Dyk's mouth.

The guys depart for a long summer of axe work around the forest, leaving their remote home open to squatters, who are the stars of the movie: a singing and dancing cadre of twinks from the city, who journey out to the woods to discover themselves. These are obviously trying times in Eastern Europe.

The following four scenes are interspersed with some strange images showing the guys moving in a chorus line together out in the pastoral woods, dancing to the soundtrack of Felix Tau's unique interpretation of the 1970's ABBA classic "Dancing Queen."

After the initial joy of finding the empty house, followed by group dancing to music, Volny, Koch, as well as friends Jason Nicos and Cameron Jackson roast brat sausages before the campfire.

The following day, Alex Stevens inexplicably strolls by, where he gets frisky with Volny. After fondling Volny's remarkably long bratwurst, they are joined by the hunky Fernando. Here, Volny gives the beef injection to Nicos' solid ass while Stevens watches. The guys all blow hot money shots.

Tony Koch is one of the Boys of Summer

After this are two very nice scenes starring Koch, who is walking us through flashbacks from the days when he was a stripper. Koch always looks adorable, and here he never gets boring to watch. In the first sequence, Koch get ambushed in the dressing room by the tall, thin Jose Fernando. (Stevens gives the bareback beef injection to Fernando later on in Bare Reunion.)

After mutual blowjobs, Koch is aching to sit down on his new friend's erection. One he has a condom on, Fernando gives the little stud muffin a very hot ass plowing. He enjoys Koch's ass so much, he visibly comes pretty fast here, rushing to pull out and rip the condom off before he explodes. Koch beats his on meat cumming in Fernando's mouth.

Fun and games watching Koch continues with another cute scene - this time the kid has dozed off after the Fernando episode, and two sneaky fans (Leon Cook aka Leo Cooper and Nicky Kuilo aka Mikey Coolio) show up for autographs. The find Koch passed out and naked, but that does not stop them awakening him and enjoying a three way together in one of the film's hottest moments. Cooper tops Koch, followed by Koch strutting his own top man stuff on Coolio. (Bareback Hazing) Also, Cooper shoots an impressive high flying, long spurt of semen out of his fountainhead.

Frisky fans will do anything.

Boys of Summer
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Thomas Wolf, Alan Capier, Thomas Dyk

After this, the film returns to the Summer frolic at Lumberjack Hollow, where Cameron Jackson, sporting a fiery dyed blond hairstyle, gets fucked on an outdoor wooden table by a muscular stud named Denis Dymo. Bigger body-wise then the usual Czech twink, Dymo makes a nice contrast fucking the younger looking Jackson's trim, fit body.

Jackson explodes all over himself while getting fucked.

After some more line dancing, the guys put in an all oral episode where Koch slurps Stevens, as Fernando sucks Jackson, whose cock looks just as beautiful here as ever. They all eat each other's cum.

Thomas Dyk finds Johan Volny

The final scene heats thing back up again, when Dyk returns from his lumberjack sojourn to his cabin, where he finds Volny on his couch strumming a guitar. "What are you doing here? It was locked!" asked an incredulous Dyk. Dyk really does not have the kind of body at all for a lumberjack, but he certainly can wield his axe. And Volny is ready to sink his own battle axe into Dyk's sumptuous rump.

He and Volny settle down and get into a rousing one-on-one sex session that takes Boys of Summer to an extremely satisfying conclusion.

Putting Alex Stevens prominently on the cover is confusing. He's cute but his single performance is very limited in this film. The true stars of the film are Johan Volny, Thomas Dyk and the severely underpromoted Tony Koch. (Blog: Tony Koch and His Stripper Stories) With two full sex scenes, topping and bottoming, as well as the four way oral suck fest, this is his star vehicle.

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Boys of Summer Photos:

Tony Koch and Leo CooperWatch Now
Tony Koch rides Leo Cooper
Leo Cooper and Mikey CoolioWatch Now
Leo Cooper hoses down Mikey Coolio
Tony Koch in Boys of Summer
Boys of Summer Three Way
Tony Koch poises to sit on Jose Fernando
Jason Nikos in Boys of SummerWatch Now
Johan Volny, Jason Nikos, Alex Stevens
Johan Volny and Thomas DykWatch Now
Johan Volny tops Thomas Dyk

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