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Boys in the Snow

Vlado Iresch
Beau Mec Entertainment  
Alex Duno , Andy Cole , Bill Brown , Billy Jay , , David Dave , Jay Gregory , Johan Volny , Karel Gross , Phill Sardou , Richard Said , Rocco Ulm , Sebastian Smith
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Boys in the Snow

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Phil Sardou leads this romantic gay porn tour de force.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Before too long, twink films begin to blur. The first reason for this is simply because of sheer quantity. Twink films are the most popular genre, so producers see fit to meet the public's demand. Numerous studios in Central Europe alone make seemingly dozens a month, all using the same pool of models. Coupled with the unfortunate emphasis by distributors on packaging DVDs so that they look like everybody elses, it is easy to miss something different coming down the pike.

Vlado Iresch and his associates sometimes get a bad rap for flooding the market with forgettable twink movies. To these critics, Beau Mec Entertainment shows a different tack. The studio's first feature Boys in the Snow sports several new faces, who are of very high caliber. And to those wishing more story and intimacy in their twink flick, this movie has it.

Another difference, in Beau Mec films the models use condoms. Some have described the Beau Mec line as a competitor to the very well known, glossy Bel Ami. We are not so sure about this, but we do know that more movies such as this keeps the quality bar raised high.

Boys in the Snow (a terrible name, by the way) introduces us to the foolish, lovelorn Phil Sardou. Over six smoldering sex scenes he narrates his story of finding true love with Johan Volny, eventually losing him and everything he has. It's truthfully not that dramatic, but it is a nice narration that is complemented with nice filming.

Phil SardouWatch Now
Phil Sardou
Phil Sardou and Bill BrownWatch Now
Phil Sardou sucks
Bill Brown
Sardou himself is a true hunk. The dark haired newcomer stands tall with a broad frame and shoulders. His cock is big and beautiful, and his ass is perfect fucking material. He has a solo on the DVD extras which alone is enough to get the viewer off.

In his scene with Volny, their lovemaking quietly burns up the screen. Watching Sardou getting plowed by the smaller Volny looks extremely masculine, intimate and sexual.

For the second episode, Volvy stands outside in the freezing cold, peering through a window to watch mountain boys David Dave, Alex Duno and Rocco Ulm burn things up inside with a fantastic three way. All have great dicks which get interchangeably sucked, followed with Ulm getting his hole rimmed. Dave sits on Ulm, followed by Ulm getting a piece of Duno's bootie as well.

All three guys shoot big wads, Ulm's nicely coating Duno's cheeks in visible thick streams.

Volny's solitude continues as he relays another hot scene of two lovers making love: Karel Gross (Bareback Twink Pack) and Sebastian Smith. Young and smooth, these two are boy-delights, and they fuck like rabbits. Not only is their sex hot, but so are their tasty oral cumshots. These guys know how to take a load in their mouth. Everyone seems to be enjoying intimate friends but our poor narrator!

Volny eventually restarts his life by finding work as a model. Needless to say the photoshoots are a gas. During one, Andy Cole and Richard Said repair to a bedroom where they have an intimate one-on-one encounter. Cole has a hot cock, and watching it plunge into Said's perfect ass is memorable.

Their sex continues in several positions, culminating with breathless money shots, and post orgasm kissing.

Billy Jay bottoms for Cameron Jackson

The photoshoot - turned - sexual tryst (if only real life photoshoots were so leisurely) continues with blondie Cameron Jackson expertly working over the hot ass of photographer Billy Jay (Raw Meat). Jay pouts his lips and keeps his thick, purple headed cock hard while Jackson screws him with vigor on a chair, and ultimately the floor.

Jackson masterfully uses his top man skills here, pulling out and shooting a hot multi-spurter on Jay's pubes. Then he uses his hand to jack a hot load out of the moaning bottom.

Sardou explains that going into modelling and meeting new boys has turned him life around. He's now in love with the shy, but very well-equipped Bill Brown. Slipping into his bedroom, they relax and after some spiritual meditation, Sardou slides his cock inside, topping him in several positions. In a hot finish, Sardou pumps Brown from behind, reaches over, and jacks the bottom at the same time.

As mentioned before, Sardou has a body of potential superstar quality. First on bottom, and now on top. he's a real stallion. We hope Sardou is not just a one film wonder, but as of this writing, he has yet to appear in additional films.

So, do not miss this opportunity to see hunky Sardou, as well as Beau Mec's excellent opening salvo: an easily overlooked twink flick with a touch of class and lots of passion.

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Boys in the Snow Photos:

Cameron Jackson and Billy JayWatch Now
Cameron Jackson behind Billy Jay
Richard Said and Andy ColeWatch Now
Richard Said (foreground)
Andy Cole (background)
Karel Gross and Sebastian SmithWatch Now
Karel Gross and Sebastian Smith

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