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The Boy Has Balls

Roland Dane
Studio 2000 International  
Gabriel Kardos , George Caesar , , James Jordan , Jose Ganatti , Pal Tengeri , Peter Balogh , Peter O'Farell , Robert Smiley ,
Euro-Muscle GuysLatinosOrgyWrestlingSex with the Coach

The Boy Has Balls

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Roland Dane's Boxing Sex Fantasy

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Movie star-turn-movie director Roland Dane has yet to create anything below par. His latest entry in a string of remarkable movies filmed in Eastern Europe is the oddly titled The Boy Has Balls. The movie is a boxing-themed video, not about soccer. The gyms of Budapest make for great on-location sets with these models, who never miss an opportunity to display their homosexual lusts in every colorful corner.

The film finely showcases the olive-skinned Jose Ganetti, who exercises his flawless looks and versatile assets throughout the flick. He's the perfect young latino boxer for this audience. After finishing some boxing practice, Ganetti gets down with boxing partner George Caesar (who performs as Ivan Cseska in Lucas Kazan's Journey to Greece). They suck each other's uncut cocks, which develops into a sixty-nine. Then Ganetti bends over, showing his smooth, perfect ass, which Caesar plugs up with his cock.

The Boy Has Balls snapshotWatch Now
High roller Pal Tengeri
tastes Gabriel Kardos
After a rousing doggie-style screw, Ganetti turns around to pitch his topman skills into Caaesar's bum. The masculine models ride sidesaddle until Casesar rides him to an explosive climax.

Luke Jarkal Has Balls

The second scene of the film pits the ever-expanding Giovanni Floretto with the rather diminutive Daniel Halasz. The result is a nice visual contrast in body size. Halasz's small, smooth frame is weighted down by a giant cock, making him one of the most interesting Euromuscle models to grace the screen.

Both make valiant attempts at deep throating each other's big dicks. In particular Halasz approaches his daunting job using his small mouth with gusto. In a hat tip to the director, these Studio 2000 International productions show the models displaying a good bit more interaction and relaxed enthusiasm then in their films with other studios.

Floretto is the usual voracious bottom, handling Halasz's hammer easily. They begin with the top easing in from behind side-saddle. They go through numerous positions until Halasz screws a gusher of cum out of Floretto. The top then stands up and releases his own gushing fountain of hot seed.

Meanwhile over at a local bar, Pal Tengeri seeks assurances that he can comfortably make some high roller bets on Ganetti. After receiving assurance that he can bet with assurance on the wrestler, Tengari motions two dancers (Peter O'Farrell and Gabriel Kardos) over for an impromptu three-way.

Watching Kardos get tag teamed by the other two is wonderful. They sandwich him together from both ends. Next Tengeri gets behind O'Farrell, who is still banging Kardos. And if that was not enough, Tengeri takes a ride on O'Farrell's huge cock. The two dancers proceed to hose Tengari down with their money shots.

Jose Ganetti Leads Five-Man Orgy

The movie comes to an explosive conclusion with a five man orgy in the wrestling ring. Ganetti and Caesar spar in one ring, while Robert Smiley and Euromuscle veteran blond James Jordan (Garcia Udulo) go rounds in the other. Thickly-hung coach Peter Balogh moves them all together so they can get their clothes off and their cocks in each other's mouths.

ManAtPlay image European men in the office. Sex in the sharpest suits.
Francesco D'Macho, Ted Colunga, Jean Franko.

Passions explode wearing coat & tie.
It appears that Ganetti has won the EU Middleweight Title, so there is much cause to celebrate. The scene is a beautiful assembly of erections, and director Dane expertly films them receiving blowjobs. Caeser also gets another turn at Ganetti's sumptuous ass, while Casesar tops Balogh. The bottoms both fight over who gets to suck Jordan's cock.

In a high moment, as Smiley sidesaddles Balogh, an amazing gyrating pyramid forms with Caesar sitting on Ganetti, who is sitting on Jordan. This vertical fuck-chain has to be seen to receive the full, lasting effect. Simultaneously taking a big cock while shoving his own into ass is a skill that coverboy Jose Ganetti seems to be easily blessed with. Good reason to see why he is such an enduring screen presence.

This frolic ends with everyone getting their turn on Balogh's meaty ass, and they all shoot their loads onto him. Caesar wins the Copious Cumshot Award with a hefty six-spurt release. The other's aren't lightweights either. The movie ends with everyone thoroughly satisfied with the boxer's performance, and so are we.

The Boy Has Balls Photos:

Jose Ganetti in The Boy Has BallsWatch Now
Jose Ganetti grips the punching bag as George Caesar adjusts his aim

The Boy Has Balls OrgyWatch Now
Five-Way Orgy: George Caesar behind Peter Balogh
Robert Smiley behind Jose Ganetti, James Jordan center

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