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Boy Watch 5: The Boys of Budapest

Marty Stevens
Bel Ami  
Adam , Alexandr , Attila , Charlie , Chip , Eddie , Ferenc , Freddie , Gabor , Gergo , Geza , Irto , Janos , Jeremy , Joey , Kristof , Krisztian , Laszlo , Nikolai , Peter , Roland , Sergei , Szabo , Tibor , Tony , Vinnie
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Boy Watch 5: The Boys of Budapest

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The popular model scout and interview series goes to Budapest, Hungary serving up thirty hot guys.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Bel Ami's Budapest Boy Watch

For Boy Watch 5, Bel Ami takes its entertaining model interview series to Budapest. If this edition is any indication, there is ample talent in this town. The boys of Budapest have never looked hotter. As it is solos only, the series is admittedly not for everyone. However, if you enjoy observing fresh-faced models, waching interviews and fine camera studies of the human male form, these examples are the best on the block.

As opposed to their earlier 101 Men series, they have learned that quality often surpasses quantity. The Boys of Budapest features thirty models, which still gets overwhelming. But, hey, what couldn't be better then spending the day boy watching?

Sergei - Burgeoning Bricklayer
Bel Ami is a Prague-based operation. However to feed its extensive empire, the studio also maintains a full time scout in Hungary's capitol city, Budapest. Interestingly some of these face have gone on to work since in the Hungarian Muscle Movie Machine (note Vinnie below). Boy Watch 5 contains numerous striking fellows in its collection.

One prime standout is Sergei, a fine brunet with strong facial features. He starts sitting in a red iron chair, looking around, tapping his feet. Soon his beautiful cock jutts straight up into the air through the metal bars of the chair. Like all of the models, watching these boys is made more interesting just to see their always sporty fashions: A & F, Diesel, etc. I wish I has someone around to dress me.

In a break from the morn, Sergei states in his interview that, rather then go to university, his calling is for a true blue-collar background as a bricklayer. His hobbies include sex and music. As with all the models in the film, he jacks off and then stands up to show off his glistening erection.

Next comes Vinnie, a strong, silent type. Tanned skin and brawny, he looks more mature then the others. He obviously spends most of his time at the gym. His arms are huge! Beginning his interview wearing in a form-fitting sleeveless shirt, he mentions that, amongst other things, he has an unspecific business venture, as well as the occupation of sports. Vinnie has gone on to do several very arousing j/o only scenes for Csaba Borbely (Construction Island).

He is clearly some hot material. Maybe one day he will take the great leap into some actual mansex.

Charlie, wearing his Indigo hat, billowy shirt and tiny shorts reminds us of Ion Davidov eight years previous. (Frisky Summer) His heavy helmuted cock also seems to bear a striking resemblance to the Bel Ami beauty form the nineties. His money shot is arguably the most powerful in the entire film, spraying spurt after spurt up his chest, and streaming down his smooth abs.

Fans of petite bottomboys will enjoy Freddie. Very thin and smooth, this tanned young thing twists his body freely on an open-aired balcony. His butt is bubbly and curvaceous. Freddie's face looks kind of like a deer caught in the headlights, which only exacerbates his charm. His money shot shows that this type of young gun is also full of cum, pumping out an impressive load from his uncut cock.

He says in his interview that he has a boyfriend, and loves sex.

Tony is one of the straight-boy models who has some all around good looks, and a fine example of Bel Ami's wonderful casting ability. He says in his interview that he likes bodybuilding and wants to ultimately become a millionaire.

The movie is filmed as the model also poses for the photographer. Bel Ami does well in keeping this series interesting. The models are all in different, colorful settings, not just the same old couch. Even when you first walk through their door, it is a world of bright furnishings, joyful whistling and happy futures.

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Vinnie - Bodybuilder Businessman

Charlie - the next Ion Davidov?

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