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Born 2 B Bad

Chi Chi LaRue
Falcon Studios   FVP156
, Cade Devlin , , Joe Sport , Kane O'Farrell , Pierre Fitch ,
HunksSex with the CoachIncest / BrothersVoyeurism

Born 2 B Bad

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Kane O'Farrell and Pierre Fitch cross swords

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Bobby Williams is the kind of young punk that you want to throw over your knee, then give his perfect little bubble butt some hearty smacks. What attitude! You know the type - self-proclaimed bad-asses who blow off class, hang out at the 7-11 and are addicted to video games. In Falcon Studios' Born 2B Bad, Williams and his slacker buddy, Pierre Fitch (Through the Woods), get what's coming to them.

Playing Williams' older brother is Rod Barry (certainly no stranger to gay porn). And when Mommy and Daddy go on a road trip and leave the house in Barry's care, Rod is quick to lay down the law. But little brother is having none of it. The little shit turns tattletale and weasels an invitation to the 'kegger' that Barry is throwing for the team.

Joe Sport and Jason AdonisWatch on or Watch VOD
Coach Joe Sport swallows
player Jason Adonis
Left alone in a big, empty house with a bunch of older frat types is just what Williams has in mind. But until the party cranks up, he decides to pass the time with a porno, seducing an exceptionally dopey Pierre Fitch into some mutual masturbation. With only a few coy come-ons, Williams skillfully manipulates Fitch into blowing him. Both guys have lean, boyish frames and adequate cocks, but what gives the scene its sizzle is Williams' spunk.

The hottest moment is undoubtedly when the boys 69, giving us our first glimpses of both of their holes. Once Fitch gets his first whiffs of Williams' very pink pucker, he dives in, sucking that hole with fury. This is one of the most sincere and passionate rim jobs I've seen captured on film, the intensity nearly doubled when Williams returns the favor.

Born 2B Bad is one of the first porn flicks for Aussie model Kane O'Farrell (Cross Country). If the sounds of his hushed baritone doesn't make you throw a rod, wait until this beauty gets undressed and starts whacking off with teammate Cade Devlin. These studs are responsible for lugging the keg, and with mission accomplished, polishing their poles is a welcome break.

O'Farrell (who in later DVD pressings of this flick bumped Williams for the cover model slot) steals this scene - and inevitably the film. Even before he lays a horny paw on buddy Devlin, O'Farrell's smoky eyes devour him whole. Devlin makes his move and licks O'Farrell's cock, desperate for approval. Before long, these two are tongue kissing and groping while little brother Williams spies (and whacks off) outside.

O'Farrell sensually sucks one of Devlin's nipples, then quickly starts giving head, jerking his own uncut meat while he enjoys his work. O'Farrell is also a hearty rimmer, holding Devlin's cheeks apart for deep lickin', Devlin standing on the couch over O'Farrell's face. Check out O'Farrell's cock giving involuntary little jerks while he eats ass, the perfection of his armpits and his meaty biceps, bulging as he supports Devlin's weight. And all this nastiness is before the fucking even begins.

Rod Barry's Sex Party

The party underway, Rod Barry plays the happy host, humpy athletes strolling through the house with beers in hand. Jason Adonis - here looking almost too muscular - enlists the Coach's help (Joe Sport), and the two of them stumble off in search of the bathroom. When Adonis finds some Spanish Fly and chugs it, Coach has an opening to make a play.

A drugged Adonis, moaning and bitching about his swollen prick, soon learns that Coach's wet mouth on his burning dick is, well, really soothing. Joe Sport quickly strips, revealing a body ready for serious bodybuilder competition. Adonis coyly smacks Sport's prick around before taking the plunge and sucking it. Sport, another Aussie, gives Adonis plenty of verbal encouragement, spewing a stream of throaty dirty talk.

Teaching Bobby Williams a Lesson

The final scene finds Bobby Williams passed out on Mommy and Daddy's big ole' bed. Rod Barry (Forced Entry) enlists the help of Kane O'Farrell and Cade Devlin, planning to give the little smart-ass a very rude awakening. The guys get their dicks hard, then smack them lightly but persistently on a drunken Williams' chin and lips. Is Williams playin' possum? Could be, but before you can say '4-way', Mom and Dad's bed is rocking with all-male action, including a little fraternal lovin'.

The Calvin Klein underwear (standard attire for Falcon models) goes flying and every single one of these studs gets to show off his cocksucking skills. When the three teammates snuggle up together against the headboard, Williams shows them that he was indeed born to be bad, moving down the line, using his mouth to give pleasure.

The group finale is the longest and sweetest segment of Born 2B Bad, concluding with a round of fucking that will no doubt starch the shorts of even the most jaded porn connoisseur. And just who fucks who? Rest assured that Williams gets some of the sass pounded out of him- the cornholing captured here is to sweet to spoil with a description. I'd start with this scene and work backwards.

Get the cumrag ready. When all is said and done, Born 2B Bad is really all about Kane O'Farrell's explosion into gay porn. Again and again, I found my attention drawn to his every move. Falcon doesn't disappoint here, delivering consistent excellence and even testing the waters with a little deviance. Not since Brothers Should Do It has brother-on-brother action been worth watching.

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Born 2 B Bad Photos:

Pierre Fitch and Bobby WilliamsWatch on or Watch VOD
Pierre Fitch kicks back for Bobby Williams' tongue
Kane O'Farrell, Cade Devlin, Rod Barry and Bobby Williams in Born 2 B BadWatch on or Watch VOD
Kane O'Farrell, Cade Devlin, Rod Barry
with Bobby Williams (lying foreground)

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