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Steven Scarborough
Falcon Studios   FVP159
Alex LeMonde , , Barrett Long , Brad Patton , , Fernando Montana , Gus Mattox , Ivan Andros , Joe Sport , Kane O'Farrell , , , Troy Moore
Bathhouse / Sex ClubInterracial SexLeatherDaddy / BoyOrgyHorsehungDaddies / MenFetish: Jock Straps


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Matthew Rush and Dean Monroe lift themselves up by their bootsraps.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Clocking in at well over 2 hours, Bootstrap, a dark offering from Falcon Studios, is not the kind of film that one can sit down and devour in one sitting. This one's also got an extraordinarily diverse cast, many of them A-list porn personalities. And given the bevy of talent, it's difficult to pinpoint one standout performance as there are so many.

This is Falcon Studios after all, so a good time is all but guaranteed.

Alex LeMonde (The List), one of gay porn's unheralded gems, is unleashed into a seedy sex club to make a little mischief. LeMonde immediately crosses paths with blondie Troy Moore. And is there any happier place on Earth than at the feet of Mr. LeMonde? In addition to his lean, stunner of a bod, LeMonde is a master at the art of the tease. He skillfully and wordlessly puts Moore into oral service.

Matthew RushWatch on or Watch VOD
Matthew Rush
Not one to keep a good thing to himself, LeMonde leads Moore into next antechamber where Fernando Montana is also looking for a bit of boy worship. LeMonde shares his submissive, Moore getting passed back and forth between several men (Brad Patton eventually joins the party) until everyone gets off. This opening scene creates the world of Bootstrap, a place where horny men would rather fuck than idly chitchat.

Kane O'Farrell's Bootstraps

Thank goodness massive Matthew Rush has more than enough muscle to share. The next vignette begins with hotties Kane O'Farrell (Cross Country) and Ivan Andros, each stud clinging to one of Rush's mighty thighs. This is muscle worship to the nth degree.

The sparks really begin to fly the minute O'Farrell starts sucking at Rush's hole while Andros works the front end. And any fans of crisp, clean jockstraps will be in pig heaven here; none of the models are in a rush to strip out of their athletic gear, keeping their straps firmly in place, especially when cornholing. Ivan steps up to be the trio's bottom boy, O'Farrell warming him up before thickly-hung Rush dives in.

Arpad Mikos gets downright piggy. Probably the best moments in Bootstrap are to be found in the third vignette, a painfully slow, sexually-charged encounter between Arpad Miklos and Joe Sport (Born 2B Bad). Foreplay is an element often neglected in fuck films. Scarborough corrects the imbalance here, making the viewer wait while the two muscular men sniff each other out.

Anyone familiar with Miklos' work knows from the outset that he will not bottom, but even so, there are moments when it's not clear who has sexual dominance. Miklos gets downright piggy when it comes to sucking Sport's cock and munching his hole. But predictably, Miklos finds his way back to the driver's seat, using his cock to hit each and every one of Sport's joy buttons.

Between Barrett Long's incredibly long cock and Brad Patton's fattie, you'd think that Dean Monroe would be shakin' in his boots at the prospect of getting fucked. If anything, the prospect of sitting on both of these gorgeous tools makes Monroe excitedly froth at the mouth.

Scarborough dresses Monroe up in a fiery red jockstrap, symbolizing just how insatiable this British sexpot really is. Monroe is indeed a skilled bottom (as the Devil in Heaven to Hell) and he's more than able to handle the challenge that Long and Patton present. Patton's tree trunk of a cock gets buried to the hilt inside Monroe, and by the time Long climbs aboard, it's smooth sailing, both men tag teaming Monroe until everyone has a happy ending.

And if you still have energy, Gus Mattox, Shane Rollins, and a returning Dean Monroe close Bootstrap with a torrid threeway. Monroe's hole is itching for even more action. Not only does he gobble up some massive toys, he holds still while Rollins and Mattox give him the full DP treatment.

Bootstrap is perfect viewing for anyone with a leather or jockstrap fetish. There's monster cocks a-plenty (Patton/Long) and enough smoky tension to cut with a knife. Alex LeMonde and Arpad Miklos are the standouts here, and Scarborough does his level best to bring the viewer close enough to sniff the sweat on the models' balls.

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Bootstrap Photos:

Dean Monroe and Brad PattonWatch on or Watch VOD
Dean Monroe below Brad Patton
Joe Sport and Arpad MiklosWatch on or Watch VOD
Joe Sport sucks Arpad Miklos
Barrett Long, Dean Monroe, Brad PattonWatch on or Watch VOD
Barrett Long, Dean Monroe, Brad Patton
Kane O'Farrell, Ivan Andros, Matthew RushWatch on or Watch VOD
Kane O'Farrell, Ivan Andros, Matthew Rush

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