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Boot Boy

Chi Chi LaRue
Rascal Video   RV1116
Benjamin Bradley , Fredrick Ford , Marcos David , , Theo Blake , Tommy Ritter , , Troy Moore , Tyler Riggz
Daddy / BoyHunksMystery/Thriller

Boot Boy

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Benjamin Bradley putting the finishing touches on Matt Cole's shoes.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Taking her cue from director Joe Gage, Ms. Chi Chi LaRue slyly creates a little mystery from the outset of her latest endeavor, Boot Boy.

For the title role, she's snagged porn star Benjamin Bradley (Driver), a sex machine who barely has half a dozen flicks under his belt. It's good casting - Bradley's fresh face and sexual versatility certainly have industry tongues wagging. Can a Best Newcomer nomination be far behind?

He is Boot Boy, a slightly submissive worker bee who makes a point of giving excellent service. The conceit here has Bradley shining the boots of an unseen client, all the while telling salty tales about sexcapades he's either heard about or witnessed firsthand. Chi Chi keeps identity of the man behind the big, black boots hidden until the last possible moment. But until that big reveal, there's plenty for the eye to feast on.

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Bradley seduces his booted stranger with a tale of a naughty poolboy (Marcos David of Tailpipes) who crosses paths with two dudes sunning themselves (Fredrick Ford & Troy Moore). One look at David hard at work and neither Ford nor Moore are able to keep it in their swimsuits for very long. While David tends to his chores, his admirers whip it out and engage in some full-on stroking, hoping that David will take the bait. He does.

Moore becomes the group's default bottom boy, simply because he's outranked in size; Ford's cock is bigger and David is more muscular. Fredrick Ford (now a bona fide recording artist) is the one to watch here. He's lean, ripped, and blessed with a dick worth slobbering over. Moore takes Ford's pole for a test drive before this impromptu threeway ends in massive volleys of spunk.

Boot Boy starts polishing his patron's boots with his tongue, only stopping long enough to seduce with a story about a late night hookup between Tyler Riggz (Wrong Side of the Tracks) and Theo Blake.

Blake hasn't looked better since his appearance in Night Shift. He's the epitome of the over-sexed farmboy and he seems to have met his match with Riggz. Riggz may not be blessed with the biggest cock, but his plump pecs more than make up for it. This is where Blake focuses the lion's share of his attention, zeroing in on what turns out to be Riggz's joy button. The highlight of this scene is watching Riggz fawn over Blake's pretty hole, his cock leaking dick honey while he fingers his buddy, preparing him for a passionate fuck.

The biggest cock that Boot Boy reminisces about is swinging between the legs of Trevor Knight. Knight, a delightfully trashy workhorse, will forever be trying to outdo his tremendous cumshot in Cruising It. (If you haven't seen Knight's big explosion in this flick, don't wait another moment). Here, he tries out the persona of a hardcore master, lording it over submissive Tommy Ritter (Hole Patrol). Lest he get loose, Knight keeps his boy locked up tight in a cage which is precariously suspended from above by a few thin chains. Ritter doesn't even get to come out of his prison to get fucked, Knight powerfully doing the deed through the slats of the steel box.

Matt Cole fucks the Bootboy

And who is the man inside the boots? It's none other than Matt Cole (Trunks 2) a sex god who continues to shock and awe with each successive performance.

There's plenty to gush about here, but keep an eye out for the moment when Bradley "combs" the hair buried in Cole's gorgeous armpit with the rod of his cock. On the whole, Cole's armpits get plenty of attention in the film's finale, Chi Chi masterfully making the most of one of Cole's biggest assets. After indulging himself between the cheeks of Cole's bubble butt - the finest rimming sequence in Boot Boy - Bradley climbs aboard to partake of a well-deserved tip, slowly sinking down on Cole's rod, then bouncing. But even better, Cole flips around and opens up his ass for his shoe shine boy, managing to steal the scene, if not the entire film with his ravenous bottoming.

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Tyler Riggz fucks Theo Blake Watch on C1R - Watch VOD
Tyler Riggz tops Theo Blake
Trevor Knight fucks Tommy Ritter Watch on C1R - Watch VOD
Trevor Knight screws Tommy Ritter
Benjamin Bradley and Matt Cole Watch on C1R - Watch VOD
Benjamin Bradley behind Matt Cole

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