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Boot Black Blues

Kristofer Weston
Buckshot Productions  
Alex Chandler , , Danny Roddick , , Kyle Lewis , Lucas DiFubbiano , Nick Marino , Parker Williams , , Trey Casteel
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Boot Black Blues

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Danny Roddick's Got the Blues

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At the top of Boot Black Blues, Buckshot Man Danny Roddick, a spectacular new pony in the Buckshot stable, is down on his luck. Its hard to imagine someone with Roddicks rather obvious assets having to scrounge for cash, but here he is, offering his shoe shining talents (and other various services) at bargain prices.

Roddick sets up shop on a street corner with nothing but a simple placard (Boot Shine $2.00) and a smile. Whether its because of his great rate or his great looks, it doesnt take long for him to snag a customer (Josh Weston). Weston looks even more spectacular than he did in his Falcon Studio days, buffer and tougher.

He sets the tone with Roddick at the outset of the scene, taking a dominant stance the minute Roddick starts spit shining his boots. He eventually seduces Roddick into sucking his cock, peeling his tight jeans over marble-hard thighs while he gets head. Roddick also sheds his clothes, revealing a frame thats every bit as smooth and lean as Westons. Roddicks best feature has to be his lips.

Pink and full, they look fabulous sliding up and down Weston's pole. As is usually the case, Westons at his very best while hes getting his sexy ass sucked and rimmed. Theres something about the way he twists his back and hips that just sets the scene on fire. They move on to ass-fucking, Weston putting his younger fuck bud on his back for some incredibly deep dicking.

Trey Casteel and Danny Riddick Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Trey Casteel tastes Danny Roddick
Josh Weston fucks Danny Roddick Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Danny Roddick accomodates Josh Weston
After his encounter with Weston, our shoe shine boy has almost earned enough cash to buy himself some lunch. Without enough cash to buy a sandwich and a soda, he has to dicker with shopkeeper Simon Angel to get what he wants. They head to the stockroom where Angel takes his payment in trade. Angel, a slender model blessed with a monster cock, is seemingly almost half the size of Weston, and from the outset of the sex, Roddick assumes more of a top role. He starts on his knees however, giving Angel a drawn-out, sensually-filmed blowjob, perhaps the sexiest in Boot Black Blues. Roddick eventually gets the opportunity to show off his sexual versatility, sweetly fucking Angels ass on top of a stainless steel prep counter, then coating Angels thin chest with his second load of the day.

Colby Taylor's Hot Hook-Up

At a nondescript tearoom, Colby Taylor and Kyle Lewis (Bedroom Eyes) enjoy as anonymous hook-up inside one of the stalls. Taylor, a model who just gets sexier as he gets older, certainly doesnt make enough porn flicks these days. Lit by the glaring, industrial fluorescents, Lewis unleashes the beauty inside of Taylors jeans and gets busy worshipping. As filmed from below, Taylors prick looks even bigger, one of those pieces that would be easy to suck nonstop for days.

Its some heated oral sex, and just as Taylor is dumping his scum on one of Lewis meaty pecs, theyre interrupted by a highway patrolman (Buckshot Man Alex Chandler - Hard Studies). Taylor bolts but Lewis doesnt get off so easily, left behind to lick Chandlers boots from top to bottom while the cop rudely jerks himself off. Bald Chandler eventually strips nude in the stall, encouraging Lewis to do the same. Clinging to the stall partition for support, Lewis gets summarily used by the authority figure, fucked with mercy. This time however, Lewis gets off, splashing Chandlers boots with his cum, then dropping to the filthy restroom floor to lick his load back up.

Back to work hustling his shoe shine services, Roddick seems to be doing very well with muscle god Lucas Di Fubbiano seated comfortably in the chair. But before Roddick can offer additional services, theyre interrupted by Nick Marino (Brawlers), one of Di Fubbianos snubbed tricks. Roddick is pushed aside so that Marino can indulge in some heady revenge sex. After hes forced down on Marinos prick, Di Fubbiano is anally raped, first with a series of dangerous looking dildos, then with Marinos less than fabulous cock.

Danny Roddick's new client

Meanwhile, Roddick has picked up another eager client, Parker Williams (Trapped). The pair heads back to Williams place, Williams eventually opening the closet door to no less than 20 pairs of leather boots that need Roddicks expert attention. While Williams heads to the shower, Roddick sets about his sizeable task. Moments later, Williams regular fuck buddy, Trey Casteel (GRUNTS), drops by for a quickie. Casteel and Williams get it on in the next room, but leave the door ajar, Williams hoping that Roddick will take the sexual bait.

He does, and all three men start rolling around the bedroom, a heated three-for-all. Roddicks tight sphincter quickly becomes the center of attention, first rimmed then fucked by the trios host, Williams. Casteel later takes a spin on Williams rod, then gets a nice surprise when Roddick, looking very much the young stud, tags his ass and starts pumping. After all three have blown their loads, Boot Black Blues has a bit of a Cinderella ending, Williams offering Roddick a permanent spot in his king-sized bed.

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Boot Black Blues Photos:

Parker Williams, Trey Casteel, Danny Roddick Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Parker Williams, Trey Casteel, Danny Roddick
Simon Angel and Danny Roddick Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Simon Angel looks up at Danny Roddick
Danny Roddick in Boot Black Blues Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Danny Roddick peers down at Simon Angel

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