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Bone Island

Kristen Bjorn
Kristen Bjorn (Sarava Productions)  
Antton Harri , , Butch Blackmoore , Cesar Moreno , Craig Decker , Diego Pastores , Dirk Amsterdam , Edwin Frank , Fernando Neron , , Guillermo Pastores , Ivan Andros , Juan Jimenez , Juan Pauzao , Khieu Samphan , Matthieu Costa , Max Veneziano , Miguel Leonn , Pietro Rosselli , Sam Sun , Scott Duran , Sergei Jordonov
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Bone Island

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Ivan Andros frolics on an island of men

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

What separates Kristen Bjorn's movies from the niagara of other international muscleguy movies that rain on us currently from Europe and South America?

After watching Bjorn since my teen years, I can sum it up like this: Kristen Bjorn projects his romantic sensibilities into his movies. Unlike almost any other production company, where the director must make films in order to fulfill a contract, Bjorn obviously picks his projects, and fills them with not only the hot sex found in many other films, but elements of romanticism as well.

Bone Island contains two romantic themes used often in Bjorn movies. First, there is the ever present voyeurism - the art of surreptitious surveillance is arousing. The other romantic technique used here - at the film's end - are masks.

Masks always seem to pop up in Bjorn movies. As the saying sort of goes, what the costumes both hide and reveal is crucial. Potentially, that unknown masked stranger could in reality be the man of your dreams.

Ivan Andros and Juan Jimenez Watch on or Watch VOD
Ivan Andros and Juan Jimenez
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And Bone Island is a richly adorned dreamland populated here by twenty two perfectly muscled and scrubbed models, most of whom you cannot see beyond Sarava Productions.

The movie's star is porn star Ivan Andros, a black-haired masculine musclebottom with a smile that can melt the coldest heart. Here, he fills his life watching and secretly recording the sexploits of his island neighbors.

At the beginning, he spots Juan Jimenez, and immediately becomes infatuated with him. Jimenez is a built, mountain of a latino. [I swooned when first watching him as Antonio Marquez in the sensational duet with Trent Atkins in Desert Fire]

Throughout the movie Andros struggles to move from the surreptitious voyeur into the world of physical human contact. Weaved into this are the sensual, non-stop sex acts from a parade of beautiful men.

The first sequence is a forty minute three-way with Alex Leon, who snags brothers Diego and Guillermo Pastores off his porch for a series of endless triangle combinations. Leon (from Kristen Bjorn's two-part video Wet Dreams) has an astonishing ability to sexually work his perfect body. He skillfully works over these boys' smooth musclebutts with his mouth and cock.

Guillermo is wearing just his tight colorful "8" T-shirt as he sinks his ass onto Leon's lap. Diego pumps the bottom's mouth and they all continue a series of endless cumshots.

The three rain seamen throughout four separate areas of the home's spacious outside deck. Their endless three-man formations inspires wonder into the simple power of threes.

Arpad Mikos' Public Shower

After this, Ivan Andros moves on to another neighbor's house of fantasy. Bjorn veteran Arpad Miklos enjoys a public shower with one of the film's token white guys, Craig Decker, a nicely rounded muscle-pup.

Arpad Mikos waves Max Veneziano and Dick Amsterdam over for blowjobs. After coaxing a load out of the hairy Miklos, they draw the attention of two policemen - Max Veneziano and Dick Amsterdam. The two enter the house with full, upturned erections standing out of their uniform pants.

They wave the two guys over for blowjobs. The four guys suck each other off to more orgasms, culminating in the pairing off for anal action. Miklos slams his big pole into Amsterdam. Veneziano gets to saw away on Decker's bubblebutt. After they rain their money shots, they move to the couch so Amsterdam can get double dicked.

Compared to the searing first sequence, this comes off as a little flat. However, to do otherwise would be difficult. One nice touch: the tops during the anal sequence wear police handcuffs as cockring-style grips.

After this, Andros spies his dream man (Jimenez) entering a leather club. Following him inside, he finds a room full of leather boys dancing for a group of muscle studs. To get a good picture of the style presented here, think of Tom of Finland drawings.

Inside, Jimenez unexpectedly grabs Andros, and pushes him to his knees to orally service all nine guys present. He sucks them all. After most of them blow their loads on his face, Andros suddenly feels humiliated, so he suddenly leaves.

[So Andros could happily watch on film someone perform that identical role, but when performing personally he feels humiliated?]

Bone Island Leather Party

Now this leather group is catalyzed into several rounds of hot anal action. Ravenous sucking gives way to sensual topping. Filippo Romano gives it to the beautiful Pietro Rosselli, who has upturned his sexy legs and ass so the smooth Italian can pump him on a table.

Romano also tops the older Scott Duran doggie style. After sucking on Fernando Nerón's enormous black knob, Jimenez slides his titanic meat into the boyish, harness wearing Antton Harri.

With Matthieu Costa's big dick filling his mouth, Harri's ass is stretched to new limits by the latin top. They unleash their warm gooey loads at the end. I lost count of the number of money shots during this superbly choreographed nine-man orgy.

Ivan Andros finds true love: Juan Jiminez

For the final sequence, our two stars cross paths in the night. During the island's carnival, Andros strolls through the streets, enjoying the costumes. A masked mystery man pulls him aside to kiss.

Getting him home, Andros unmasks his guest, and happily discovers that it is Jimenez, his object of desire. Andros worships the top's huge, fat cock, which gets noticeably thicker just before the head.

Jimenez then turns the tables - he films Andros blowing him. Andros has moved from voyeur to participant. They proceed with twenty minutes of intense, multi-orgasm lovemaking, during which Andros' beautiful butt gets ridden and split open by his new lover.

The film closes with the two walking the beach together as compeñeros. Perhaps the two will someday show us more of the beautiful feats on Bone Island.

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Bone Island Photos:

Miguel Leon in Bone Island Watch on or Watch VOD
Miguel Leon between Guillermo and Diego Pastores
Juan Jimenez and Ivan Andros Watch on or Watch VOD
Juan Jimenez above Ivan Andros

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