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Black Ballers 1 (Flex Deon Blake)

Rodney Strong
Pacific Sun Entertainment  
Bobby Blake , Flex-Deon Blake , Gino Gultier , Infinity , Ken Taylor , Mocha , Night Stick , Ricky Parker

Black Ballers 1 (Flex Deon Blake)

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Flex Deon-Blake is a Black Baller

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Flex Deon-Blake's body piercings always mesmerize me.

Two shiny nipple rings, both ears pierced, navel and, of course, the heavy PA on his big cock make this actor one of the baddet, butchest black tops in the business.

Black Ballers 1 is a simple, hard pounding flick featuring several interracial sex scenes, rife with dirty talk and lots of screwing around a pool that has become very familiar to viewers of the films of Rodney Strong.

In the first scene, Flex Deon-Blake totally dominates pony-tailed latin Gino Gultier. (Deon-Blake subsequently pounds the daylights out of Jeff Palmer in the memorable Barebacking with Jeff Palmer 2) Gultier follows every command, quickly getting upended and taking Deon-Blake's thick cock.

Gino Gultier
Gino Gultier is a hot pig!

I like Gultier for some reason. He has been showing up in several movies of late and appears to be a rather nasty top and bottom.

The following four scenes are variations of familiar themes. Scene two is between two black guys. The third scene has Bobby Blake getting a blow job by a small white guy. He soon fucks the white bottom.

Black Ballers Flex Den-Blake and Bobby Blake

The fourth scene is another black on black sex scene. The final scene is a three way with Flex Deon-Blake, Bobby Blake and the white guy from scene 3.

All in all, if you like black sex, or white boys getting plowed by big black guys, hasten to add this to your collection. The DVD version of this film is digitally remastered with a photo gallery and a chapter and scene index.

Black Ballers 1 (Flex Deon Blake) Photos:

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